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Posted: 6 years ago
Hello everyone,

Today I bring to you a new set of rules. The reason I bring to you a new set of rules is because the new changes of cast in CID have changed quite a few things in the forum. I hope that everyone will follow these new rules. This is a compiled list of all the rules since the beginning of this forum. A big thank you to Visrom for the basic rules.

Forum Information - Please check the CID Archive Mansion. This contains all the important information about the forum.

New Topics - Before posting a new topic, please check the first 2 - 3 pages to see if there is a topic on the similar subject. If there is one then please continue the discussion in that topic. Posting multiple topics on the same subject wastes forum space. For the past few months, I have been combining several similar topics.

Polls - A poll opened on an important issue to get the views of members of the forum is fine, but opening polls everyday about the same thing "Who looks better", "Who does _______ (character) look better with", etc. These polls will no longer be allowed as they just lead to fights and hurt the feelings of members of the forum. We, the development team, request that you open interesting discussion topics which generate more interesting discussions and less fights.

No Caps - Posting in capital letters is not permitted. This represents "shouting" on the internet and can be viewed as offensive depending on the comment. In order to stress a word or a couple of words that can be written in capitals or in bold, but please DO NOT write the whole post in capitals or bold or large font size.

No Personal Attacks / No Bashing - Bashing is NOT allowed here!!! Up to now we haven't experienced any bashing, however, with the new entries and the absence of some characters, bashing has begun as people take out their anger on others. That goes for all members, actors, characters, and development team members. Please keep in mind that when you bash a character or an actor as it may hurt the feelings of members on the forum. Please remember especially not to bash the new entries. Criticizing something or making a comment on something is allowed, but when you start taking a personal dig at the actor, character, member, or show then it becomes bashing. If you feel a comment is wrong, then please report it and if you have to comment then keep your comment within the limits of IF COC. Some of you are starting to break the IF COCs, however, there will be no action taken on them. Any comments after this point that will break the IF COC will have action taken on them.

No Advertising - Advertising is strictly against the IF COC. Advertising other forums through video links is considered as spamming. Such topics will be trashed and a warning PM will be sent to you right away. If you choose to ignore the warning, your warning level will be raised.

Bashing Dev. Team Members - Remember bashing development team members is strictly against IF COCs. Warning levels will be raised of members found bashing the development team. If you have an issue with any thing that a development team member says or does, please PM that development member and sort it out with them there. Do remember that development team members are humans as well and have feelings that can be hurt by bashing.

Privacy - Posting email addresses or private information about the cast or members is not allowed. The internet is a useful but also a dangerous place. Giving away your email address or personal information could create problems for you.

No Comments - Please do not post comments with "No Comments" unless it is a WU or contest entries. They will be trashed by the development team and you will be sent a warning PM and by the 3rd time your warning level will be raised to 20%.

Tellybuzz Articles - Do not copy and paste a Tellybuzz article. Simply provide a link.

Tellychakkar Articles - Up to now TC articles have been allowed and will continue to be allowed. Simply remember not to post a link to a TC article.

Fan Creations - While making siggies and avis do keep in mind the contents of your signature do not offend a member or does not criticize an actor in anyway. Also remember not to crop or claim another person's work as your own.

Comparison Topics - Please refrain yourself from creating topics that may lead to fights. Such topics will be closed down and the topic maker will face severe action.

No Chatting / Spamming - Apart from the General Discussion thread, please avoid chatting or spamming in a thread. For example, ATs are created to discuss an actor and their character. Similarly, a discussion topic is started to discus that topic. Pleaes try to stick to the topic when posting in a thread. Some chatting is normal, but if 50% of the thread becomes chatting that topic will be closed immediately.

Expectations - It is understandable that at times the story may not go according to our wishes or the actors that do not perform as per our expectations. Every member has a right to express their views, express them and move forward, instead of holding yourself to that one point, try to enjoy the serial as a whole. The forum is open for expressing views and expressing a view is absolutely fine, but please remember to word your view in a manner that no one is hurt. Just because a member may not be commenting on a thread that does not mean that they aren't seeing your comments. For example just because a Kavin fan isn't commenting in the EDT does not mean that they are not reading the comments. Or just because a Daya fan hasn't been around for a long time doesn't mean that they won't go back to see a topic. These are just two examples and are not meant to set the guidelines.

Remember - CID is a crime show and not a daily serial. You might see some small crushes or small love stories between characters, but the main function of CID is to fight crimes. Therefore when you are discussing or writing a fan fiction please do keep this in mind.

Queries - Please remember that there is a CID Help Desk that has been put up in the Important Topics. Please post all queries there.

Outdated Posts - Please avoid bringing old, outdated posts to page 1 or to another thread. You can go through old posts as much as you like, but remember that if it was in the past and someone felt offended they probably reported it.

Forum Activities and Responsibilities - All forum activities and responsibilities are being updated here If you would like to host an activity or join a responsibility then please sign-up here. A member of the development team will approve it and then you can go ahead with it.

Bashing - Please avoid bashing any character or actor, even the new actors and characters. Expressing displeasure is fine. Because yes a lot of people are displeased. But let's avoid hurting any fans and keep our comments to the track or the character assassination. You can express displeasure over something in terms that are not bashing.

Fan Comments - Please do not take every person's comment as an attack. Yes, people are displeased, but so far no one has bashed any actor (and I hope it stays that way). They have expressed their displeasure over the way a character is being portrayed as well as the romantic track. Also, please remember that simply to show another actor or character in a good light, do not attack the character or actor. Yes, commenting on something you didn't like or expressing displeasure over something is fine and good. That's what the forum and all our EDTs are for, but when you start making comments that can hurt another you are bashing.

Issues With a Post - In the past few weeks if anyone has had an issue with a post they have replied to it and made it go on. Please avoid doing that. I want this fight to end once and for all. Simply pressing the "Report" button or PMing KhotaSikaShreya will do. I have received several PMs in regards to posts, but I also see several people replying to these posts which then entails going in, deleting the posts, and undoing the damage, which isn't always easy.

Bringing Another Forum's Matters to CID Forum - Remember. What goes in one forum stays in that forum. Do not bring matters from another forum into this forum to create problems. If you have problems with what is going on in another forum, press the "Report" button or send a PM to the mods of that forum. They will take care of the matter.

Bashing Another Member - Please do not bash other members of the forum, either directly or indirectly. If you think another member is making fun of you or an actor/character then once again, press "Report" or PM KhotaSikaShreya with a link. I will look into the issue.

Please do not take any of these rules as being personally directed at you. I'm simply posting these based on what I have seen since about December.

Please remember that while I'm a huge fan of CID as well as an active member of the forum, I'm also the Viewbie of the forum and that means that you can PM me or report a post. If ever you feel that I have not taken action properly then please feel free to PM one of the GMs (Aahaanagk_09, or *Shruti*) and they can handle it from their end.

These rules are basic guidelines and are on top of the IF COC. To revise the IF COC please visit - Participation Guidelines & Rules.
Edited by KhotaSikaShreya - 6 years ago
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Posted: 5 years ago
Hello everyone,

Please note that for the past while I've been noticing that there have been several problems arising on the CID forum that I'm sure many of you have noticed. Due to this the following rules are coming into effect starting today for ATs. It is my attempt to bring the forum back to normal. I know that you can all easily move to the FCs and continue there, but I hope that you will also help out in bringing the forum back to its original state.

Chatting - Please note that chatting will no longer be allowed in the ATs. For this purpose please use the General Discussion thread. All discussions must be around the actor or the character only.

Spamming - This is different than chatting. Spamming comprises of posting one liners like "TFS" or "I love abc" or simply posting one picture in each post. You can continue to post pictures, but please post at least 2 or 3 pictures together. Also post the pictures in the Picture Gallery and if they are from current episodes then post them in the current EDTs as well.

Bashing - Let me repeat that bashing will in no way be tolerated. I have taken action in the past and I will continue to take action against comments. But do not bash actors, characters, or forum members in the ATs either. This hasn't happened yet, but this is just a warning to not do it.

Discussion of other topics/ATs/AT members/Forum members/FCs - No discussion will be allowed on other topics, ATs, AT members, forum members, and FCs in the AT. Only discuss the actor and character the AT revolves around.

Quoting - Quoting of more than 3 pictures and creations and long posts is NOT allowed. Other smaller posts can be quoted for a maximum of 3 times, but use the @ symbol for other posts. This allows people with slower nets or logging in from their phone/iPad/etc. to see the page properly.

If the DT see more than 3 people breaking these AT rules constantly for a week, the effects of violations will start, which go as follows:

First violation - Warning note
Second violation - Another warning note
Third violation - Last warning note
Fourth violation - AT will be closed for 24 hours (1 Day)
Fifth violation - AT will be closed for 72 hours (3 Days)
Sixth violation - AT will be closed for 1 week (7 Days)
Seventh violation - The AT will no longer be allowed in the CID forum
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Posted: 5 years ago

Hello everyone,


It has been brought again and again to our attention that new members are not feeling welcome and feel that if they say something they might be sidelined.


Not only that but recently a major issue was shared publicly when it should have been dealt with in a private manner. This led to numerous violations of the IF COC. We would like to remind all members that if you have a problem you should be reporting it to the DT. That could be myself or one of the GMS (*Shruti*, Aahaana, gk_09). Do not go about posting screenshots of the problem or sharing the problem publicly as it only inflates the matter.


Also please do not bring personal issues onto the forum rather deal with it in private via PM. Refrain from pointing fingers or taking direct or sarcastic digs at other fans & fellow members.


Because of this we would like to implement some new measures to assist new members in feeling welcome to the CID forum and becoming included:

  • If you have a problem with something someone has said, report it and leave it. Do NOT reply to it. Replying to it will bring you under the radar as well. I know there's a time difference, but give me 24 hours from the time of your report to look into the matter, before escalating it.
  • If you don't like what someone has written or created, you are welcome to provide constructive criticism to help them improve, but please don't make comments that would make them feel unwelcome such as "no one's going to like that".
  • All CID forum members please feel free to PM me with any issues. I'm an active CID forum member, but at the same time I'm the viewbie of this forum and always approachable for everyone.


We hope new members and older members of this forum will feel welcome to discuss whatever they want without having to deal with repercussions of any sort.



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Posted: 5 years ago
Please read the below. While the once in a while scenes in the EDT are still allowed, during contests nothing can revolve around the actor and writing a FF or OS or SS. We shouldn't have too many problems, but this is just a FYI. Smile

Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

The Fan Fiction Rules have been updated! Please do read through them. 
Click The Link. Also, Rule #4 regarding Real Person Fiction is a new addition as requested by several DT members of show forums.

Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

Real Person Fiction is a type of Fan Fiction that is written on thecelebrities essaying characters in a show or movie instead of the characters. [For example: A fan fiction written on Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani instead of Arnav and Khushi

. The Fan Fictions Forum will not permit such fan fictions on the forum.The forum is a platform for creativity, not a platform for fan wars and conflict. Such stories can be posted in your own personal blogs. 

Anyone found to have violated this rule (any threads posted after February 5th, 2015)will face a 20% Warning Level Raise and the thread will be locked permanently. To finalize this, the rule applies to ALL forums on India-Forums. 

-Fan Fictions Development Team
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