24th April - Written Update - RangRasiya

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Part 1

Drunk Paro tells drunk Rudra have a fun thot ..! She says what if i stayed back with u in the bus.. we did play chor-police with each other . . i did hide and u did seek me.. like u do now! She says then i would ask u ..how u got hurt aka the cut on the forehead (she touches his forehead) and u did ask me.. how i got hurt (in the heart)! Rudra looks at her..! Paro says as such we played chor police as adults too .. i ran and u found me..! She says now chor is at polices place! Paro says am nuts.. why was i running when i had to come to u ..? She says. destiny .. my destiny ..! Rudra says when u lauf .. cant hear any noise.. ! He says if i cant hear .. how will i know .. that ur laufing in happiness or just to hide ur grief? Paro says to understand me .. u have to work very hard ... u have to go deep in my heart .. but remove ur shoes first! She lauufs! Rudra says stop laufing..! Paro says .. stop laufing.. get up .. sit down .. look at me..! I will lauf.. what will u do? Paro splashes water on Rudra and he says stop .. stop and then grabs Paro ..! PaRud are very close...and Paro says dun come too close.. i cant breathe..! BG- Bol na halke halke..! 

Rudra is moving closer and Paro puts her hand in between them and Rudra kisses her hand and her hand is touching her lips ..! Both close their eyes..! They move apart.. and keep looking in each others eyes! Paro gets up with a start and walks off! Rudra follows..! 

Part 2

Paro says .. look how ur tailing me like the pearl of a necklace..! Rudra says.. its needed.. wherever u go.. u create some mess! Paro smiles and then passes out..and Rudra holds her in time.. ! He picks her up in his arms and takes her to the room! Paro says this is not our room .. what if the owner comes? Rudra says dun care! He says if u want go stay in ur room ..as such ur too heavy ..get down! Paro hugs Rudra and says no . .am staying with u ..! Rudra smiles! He puts Paro down on the bed and she extends her feet and Rudra says . wow ..kicking me.. and he pushes her on her side..! Rudra lies on the other side ..! He covers Paro and himself with the blanket! 

Rudra turns to move Paro from his hand and realizes she is asleep holding his hand! BG- RangRasiya..! He lies on his back and pulls the blanket to cover Paro but she holds his other hand and finally Rudra closes his eyes..! 

Next day morning, Maithli returns and runs into Mohini ..! She asks brought prasad? She says must have gone in jagrata..! Maithli is panic stricken! Mohini asks where had u gone? She calls Samrat! He comes..n asks the matter? Mohini says.. ask ur wife..! Samrat asks and Mohini says.. ur wife was out of home the whole nite..  ask her where she had gone? Mohini asks Maithli .. are things messed up in ur married life? What happened? Maithli says.. saw u giving money to that lady .. was wondering why she came ..! Mohini says she is a labor .. asked money .. i gave her..! Mohini says wanna make excuse of that? Were u tailing her? Mohini says.. this means two things... one .. u r doubting ur mother in law? and second ur making an excuse of this to wander ..! Mohini tells Samrat .. she wandered a lot.. go press her legs! Samrat fumes and asks Maithli to come in the room! 

Rudra wakes up and sees Paro and wonders what she is doing there? Paro keeps holding Rudras hand ..! She opens her eyes and sees Rudra and is panic stricken..! She forgets her ear ring on bed..! Rudra takes it..! Paro is perplexed..! Paro wonders why she has a headache? Rudra says ..coz u got drunk! He asks her to drink a juice and Paro says its bitter! Rudra forces her to drink ..! Rudra says if u had not made a fool or urself after drinking ..this wont have been needed! Paro asks what? Rudra says... so much that u can take a bath in it..! U were doing such things..! He shows her the bed and room and says..why we came in someone elses room ? Whole nite u created drama..! He says u pulled Geetanjali mams hair..! Paro is shocked..! Rudra smiles and says. u snatched her glass and drank .. ! Also u sing terribly ...! Paro asks then? Rudra says brought u in the room ... u kept blabbering .. u wuldnt have quietened if ..and Paro asks if? Rudra remembers PaRud almost kiss ..! 

Part 3

Paro asks what if? Rudra says dun remember! He says lets go ..servant will come for cleaning  ..else we have to answer them why we are in someone elses room! 

Samrat asks Maithli .. why did u go out at nite? Maithli says saw someone earlier too and since she asked money from Mohini .. wondered the matter! Samrat says she was a labor. .asked for money .. so? Maithli says felt strange.. so and Samrat says left home in the middle of nite? Maithli says.. felt something was wrong . but maybe i was thinking wrong? 

Rudra wonders where is Paro ...and he asks a servant and describes Paro to him! He says downstairs..! Paro seeks forgiveness from Geetanjali for her misbehavior ..! She is in tears and says first time i was drunk .. dinno what i was doing.. just dun punish Rudra..! Geetanjali asks who told u all this ?Paro says Rudra and she says .. u din do anything! Rudra comes and is smiling ..! 

Precap -- Paro asks Rudra for u truth is everything then why did u lie to me? Rudra says only joked with u ..! Paro says.. for u. .but for me.. i thot i wuld be reason for u to lose ur job and i culd have died.. n this wuld be a joke for u..! She says.. dun wanna talk to u .. she walks off! Rudra is worried..! 

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Thanx for Supersonic speed update
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Thanks so much for the fast update!
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Many thanks for the fast WU
Interesting episode - Still 4 hours to go before I can watch it on tv
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thank you so much Smile
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Thank you very much for the translation! it's very nice of you!
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