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Episode starts with Romi leaving as ishu and bala are there..  Ishu and bala have a discussion about Raman's behaviour where ishu is telling that Raman doesnt care about mihika's feelings but Bala explains her that Mihir is also equally at fault and that if he loved her truely, he would have supported her..Romi tells his friend that his bhabhi and her jiju are there so they will meet professor another day.. Doc is checking Raman and asks if he drinks and screams a lot? Mr bhalla says he does with ice while Ruhi agrees to the latter saying on ishima.. Doc advices him that he shouldnt scream on his wife and gives him medicine saying voice should be back in 2 days to a week..

mihir asks doc to give medicine that will bring his voice back immediately as they have an auction to attend but doc refuses asking him to rest.. Mihir asks Raman to write which he will read..Raman writes which no one understands and Ruhi also teases him saying bad handwriting..Ishu comes home and asks what happened when Ruhi tells her that papa is on silent mode today.. Ishu manages to lip read what he wants to say and thinks and mihir suggests to take her to the auction.. Ishu says she will but only if Raman says please.. Everyone request Raman to say please and finally he writes it on paper but she doesnt accept that.. Raman throws the paper and ishu says this was from heart and agrees to come..

Trio reach auction venue and ashok seeing ishu there calls shagun.. she refuses at first but getting to know about ishra being there, she agrees.. Mrs Bhalla is checking her weight and thinks she lost but simmi tells her that the machine is not working and teases her saying her weight has increased only.. Amma comes with vada and toshiji hides the machine.. toshiji says she cant eat as she's on dieting and simmi and amma make fun of her and amma shares some tips to reduce weight.. Amma asks her to join her for jogging once she's recovered and leaves.. 

Ishita meets Mr Goyal and tells she came with her husband.. she tells Raman about Mr Goyal being her regular patient.. Mr Goyal announces that bid will start post lunch.. Raman asks ishu to call Trisha but she just ignores him.. Shagun comes there and ashok asks her not to have lunch for they will head to 5star after the bid and that they will buy land on adi's name..Ishu tries comforting Raman when Mihir asks them to come for lunch.. Shagun tells Ashok they need to win this bid.. 

Ishu talks to mihir telling that Mr goyal who is her regular customer did share some things with her and is about to tell when trisha comes and hugs mihir.. Raman says that he called Trisha.. Shagun is annoyed seeing Ishita while Raman is teasing Ishu in the name of Trisha.. Ishu bends to pick something and sees trisha holding Mihir's hands and she leaves saying she didnt like the food so will have desserts only.. Mihir leaves behind trying to explain but ishu tells him off that its better he be with trisha as that's better for mihika.. Mihir tries explaining but Ishu asks him not to..

Bidding starts with 20 crores.. Raman asks ishu to bid and she tries explaining that its not the worth but he insists and she says 35 crores.. Ashok says 40.. Raman makes ishu bid for 45 and Ashok bids for 50 crores.. Raman asks ishu to bid more but she just stays mum and finally Ashok wins the bid.. Raman gets angry and mihir tells her that she should have done as per what Raman said as it was important for them..Ashok taunts Raman about how now his business decisions will be taken by his dentist wife.. Ashok further taunts that Ishu purposely made him lose and that he had to win as Raman's luck Shagun is with him.. Raman leaves angrily..

ishra fight.. Raman is drinking while Ishu tries stopping him as his throat is bad.. Raman asks her why she did all this?? Ishu asks him to take of his throat first and then the company which angers Raman more

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Done Updating!
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thanks for the update
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Thanks for the WU!Smile
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thanks for the written update...SmileSmile

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thanks for the written update! :)
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Thanks for the Written Update
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Thanks for the Written Update
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