ATTN:Revised CC Rule/ Amendements - MUST READ (April 3, 2014)

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Posted: 9 years ago

Hello Friends,

Chat Clubs forum is a place where people can interact and have discussions about several different topics. Members are requested to comply with these guidelines to ensure that the forum runs smoothly.

1. Criticism and Bashing: India Forums is a platform to allow everyone to express their opinions freely within the COC and respectable limitations. Constructive Criticism is always welcomed. However bashing is not part of constructive criticism. Things can be said in a more civilized manner rather than being brutal.

Please know the difference between bashing and constructive criticism. Constructive Criticism is when a member voices his/her opinions in a civil manner, without using derogatory words and phrases to prove his/her point. He/she is also able to state [without subjugation and with complete objectivity] as to where have they derived their opinion from. Having said that dislike, disagreement or contradiction is not considered bashing.

2. Name Calling: While criticizing something, there are times when members tend to go overboard and use certain derogatory and downright offensive words which shouldn't be used for any celebrity/member/DT member. Please remember that any derogatory references, comparing celeb/member to animal or name calling any person [celeb/member/DT member] is against forum rules, and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it. That being said, we do allow pet names and jodi names for the celebs, as long as they're not offensive to anyone.

3. Hate speech:
India-Forums members are allowed freedom of speech & expression, however please ensure any discrimination, racism or hate speech is not advocated. Refrain from posting any content which might incite/promote hatred towards any member/religion/Nationality/Race or minority communities.

4. Visual Content:
Members are allowed to post images - spoilers related to a show, pictures of a celebrity, signatures, videos etc in the  CC . However this does NOT include any members personal pictures which would violate one's privacy. Also please refrain from posting fake or morphed images intended to defame/ ridicule /abuse any celebrity &/member. This includes posting animal images with the intent to be sarcastic and bash any member/celebrity.

While posting signatures/videos ensure that none of the content carries any hate speech towards member/celebrity/Nationality/religion/race/community.( At all times rules will apply towards any creations)

4. Stalking/Reporting: Chat Club is a huge forum. It is not possible to keep track of each and every post/CC hence members are asked to report the thread with reasons so that DT can look into the concerns/complains and do the needful. However as per forum rules stalking is not encouraged either. Members stalking and misusing report feature with intention of closing down other CC will be dealt with severity.

CC members should refrain from drawing attention to their CC by labeling other fan groups/CC members stalkers when ever they get a note and thus provoking a cycle of fan wars thorough reporting/counter reporting. If your CC is issued with note/warning doesn't imply it was stalk/reported by members of other CC/fan group.

5. Discussing DT Notes/Decision and Forum Issues: Discussing decisions taken or warnings issued to a thread and issues pertaining to any forum is strictly prohibited. You have concern/query regarding a warning or forum , kindly contact the section DT about the same. If any members are found doing so action will be taken accordingly. Even after continuous reminders/warnings if members fail to follow the rules it will lead to closure of the thread.

6. Discussing and Mocking Members/Fan Groups: Discussing non CC member/fan group is NOT allowed. Refrain from pointing fingers or taking direct or sarcastic digs at other fan groups . Fans can be passionate towards their favorite celebs, but it does not mean they can be judgmental towards other members/fans. Calling other members/fan groups haters, bashers or "real fans" in a snide manner is also provocative and comes under fandom attack.

Don't say other fan-group/members were mocking us and what you did was in retaliation to that. Your CC will be judged on an individual basis and not relatively. Being part of a CC you are responsible for your own actions and the circumstances are insignificant there. If you have any issue with regards to any member contact the section Dev Team. There is absolutely no need to discuss/talk about members/fan groups who are not part of your CC.

7. Plotting/Planning Against Forum/Members: It has been observed that members use Chat Club to plan how to create ruckus in forum and/or target members. Members giving dare to their friends, challenging them to create problems in any section leading to fan wars/fights thereby disrupting the peace of the section will not be tolerated.

India-Forums grants its members privilege to make a Chat Club. We expect members to utilize it in a right manner and take responsibility for their actions. Using an IO CC and its exclusivity to plot/instigate against fan groups /members in CC/other forums resulting in chaos will be severely dealt with.

8. Discussing Actors Personal Life and Link Ups: Any chat club threads that revolve around rumors and/ or promote baseless assumptions in terms of non-existing relationship about two co-stars will be strictly prohibited! For example, any particular Chat Thread that links two actors in real life without proper official source/confirmation, when they are simply co-stars/professional colleagues will be immediately locked down. However, you are more than welcome to discuss the characters and the actors with respect to the show and their roles thereof, without breaching the boundary.

9. Invites Only: It will be mandatory for every Chat Club  to make a  current list of members of their CC on the first page. Members who are not part of the CC are not supposed to post or like posts in the thread.If you want to join the CC contact the admin of the CC for the same. Unless you have been invited or granted permission do NOT post or like posts in the thread. If found doing so you will be getting a warning raise without question.

10. Opening New CC Under Lock Down: It has come to our notice that members open a new CC or reuse an old CC thread in Chat Club/Other Forums to circumvent , while the current one is closed down for review. In such case the CC will be given penalty which would lead to thread being locked further 48 hours.

11. Profanity and Foul Language: Please refrain from excessive swearing or using profanities by misspelling or letter substitutions to bypass censoring . Do not post lewd or offensive content, or links to any such content. India forums is a family friendly forum and impressionable young minds visit our website.

12. External Forum Issues/Promotion: This is hence keep external issues out of this forum and do not drag in fights from Facebook/twitter/etc over to this forum. We are not interested in demeaning anyone here neither are we interested in those fan wars so whatever happens on Facebook/twitter or other sites should be dealt there only and not here. It may sound harsh but that's how we operate here.

Do not promote other sites/forums on I-F. You want to share link of the site with your friends you can do it via PM. Any site or blog demeaning the celebrity and link given to the same in the signature or on the forum is NOT allowed. For more information refer-External Content from Social Networking Sites

13. Multiple ID's (MID): Refrain from creating MID's purposely to cause chaos and instigate members. If any member is found doing so the original ID will get a warning level raise and MIDs will be banned without further question.

14. Spamming and Quoting: Do not spam with just emotions/numbers/gibberish to increase post count/pages. However since it is a CC and members don't feel too restricted we would be allowing maximum 20 pages of spam across 150 pages provided rest has some meaningful content or conversation. Do not quote long quotes. You can quote three posts maximum and they should be small.

15. Sharing Personal Information: This has been brought up time and time again. Do not share your personal information with others on the net. If you are sharing any information with an unknown person you are doing that at your own risk. The conversation that takes place in private messages, face book, messenger between two people is between them and not to be shared in open forum.

16. Report Button/Response Time: Please keep in mind that the Moderators are also members like yourself. We would also want to have the time to make posts like yourself and discuss with our friends; and we also have a personal life. Meaning, we cannot be around to babysit the forum 24/7. Please allow a reasonable time frame of 48 hours before creating a hullabaloo and/or escalating the matter to the CMs/GMs. We try to address issues and respond to PMs and Reports as soon as we can get to them, but we request you to grant us some leverage as well. Instead of mass PMing it would appreciated if one person PM's the concerned DT with regards to the issue.

Global Moderator(s):

devashree_h , -Deepzz-


In addition to the above mentioned section guidelines, at all times Participation Guidelines & Rules  will be in effect.

We hereby hope that all of you will abide by these newly implemented rules as well as the previous set of rules-
* Chat Clubs Rules & Regulations

We hope to have everyone's understanding.

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Posted: 9 years ago

Hello Friends,

This is to inform all members of the Chat Club Forum that lately this  forum has been flooded with many spammer threads. As a result,as per guidelines stated  in one of the Global Rules Announcement by our Admin ( Participation Guidelines & Rules  ) & the Amended CC Rules (ATTN:Revised CC Rule/ Amendements - MUST READ (April 3, 2014)) its been decied that all such threads will be thrashed without further question (as per the excerpt below):

Spamming to Increase Posts: Lately, we have come across way too many spammer CC threads that simply promote spamming ( posting emos, writing gibberish , numbers , alphabets ,multiple self quotes - anything which does not constitute meaningful content or any discussion) with an intention of raising member's number of posts. All such threads will be trashed without notice and with immediate effect .

We want to remind everyone that as of April, 12th, 2014, all the spammer threads on CC section will be locked! Any new spam threads that get created will simply be trashed without further notice.

We hope to have everyone's understanding.

Thank you, Best Regards,

CC & IF Development Team

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Posted: 8 years ago
Attention ChatClub forum Members : 

The following update is being made to the current rules & regulations of the CC forum.(ATTN:Revised CC Rule/ Amendements - MUST READ (April 3, 2014))
Members are requested to read and get familiar with the penalties one may encounter upon breaching the forum rules. 

Though this has been the norm in lockdown process in the recent times , we are making it clear & official since many CC's continue to violate rules and the severity they may face as a consequence. 

If rules are breached in a ChatClub depending on the amount of legitimate reported posts and forum violations following actions will be enforced : 

First time : We sent PM warning(s) to the relevant members/individuals informing the violations and the impact of subsequent breaches. 

2nd time - Warning Note . 
The CC Admin(s) are informed of the same as a courtesy as they are expected to warn their members about the official warning they have gotten thus giving them a chance to correct themselves.

3rd time - Another Warning Note with a notice of impending closure next time. 
4th time - CC Lockdown for 24 hrs (1 day) 
5th time - CC Lockdown for 72 hrs(3 days) 
6th time - One week lockdown 
7th time - Permanent Closure 

At certain times, when there is lack of manpower or more time to deliberate is needed , CC Lockdown time may be extended to complete the review . Members are requested to comply and be patient in such instances.

If there are any concerns during lockdown , rather than mass PM same query by various CC members to the DT , any one member or admin can represent and seek clarifications. Bombarding the Dev Team with PMs will not rush the process , rather it may delay the process due to diversion. 

Reminder :   While under Lockdown ChatClubs cannot open any new CC thread ( same series or a new sub CC) , reuse any old thread and/or  Rename the CC and try to circumvent the violations. 

ChatClubs who wish to rename their Series , should seek approval of DT prior to making any changes . 


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