Ye Hain Mohabbatein Written Update - 29th March 2014

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Episode starts with Simmi and toshiji talking about the party where simmi tells that she missed a great party and that vandu had bhaang and danced.. They have a laugh on that.. Toshiji asks about Adi and Simmi tells that he was there with Shagun.. Toshiji is upset thinking how she lost her adi and accidently ends up saying that they cant have a grandson anymore for ishu cant be pregnant.. ishu hears this and gets upset.. she leaves to her room and cries.. Ruhi comes and finds Ishita crying and thinks to herself that if papa gives her a gift she wont cry.. they hug..

Raman in his office is thinking what to gift and thinks of calling mihir but then drops the idea.. He surfs on the net and finally places an order thinking that she's a dentist, so this should be perfect.. Mihir and Trisha come to restaurant where she orders for spicy food but starts coughing after eating.. Mihir asks her why she had when she cant take.. Trisha says because of him.. Mihir asks who told about it and Trisha says that Mihika only said he likes spicy food.. Mihir gets angry..

Raman calls and asks about delivery.. Simmi finds ishu made south indian food and asks about it when ishu tells she only said she wants to have.. Simmi laughs and says she might have said in bhaang effect and that she doesnt want to have it.. Parmeet says he likes and asks simmi to have but she refuses.. Raman comes and asks them to stop the drama and have it.. Ruhi asks Raman about the gift and makes Raman give it to her..Ruhi tells that papa doesnt know to say sorry so he bought this.. Raman says sorry and ruhi asks ishu to open the gift.. Ishu opens it to find an electronic toothbrush.. everyone laugh when ruhi asks not to for atleast her papa took some effort.. raman says he got this since she's a dentist..

Finally ishu also laughs and thanks him.. Ruhi thanks and says she's no more angry and raman smiles.. Raman comes to take his file when ishu also comes and he asks her not to thank him for he did all for ruhi.. Ishu says that they need to continue with the acting that they are a happy family for ruhi and that they need to take her to parks etc.. Raman gets annoyed with her yapping and says he should have gifted her a tape for she talks so much.. they have a nok jhok and leaves saying go to hell..

Raman gets call from adi and asks if he will do what he says.. Raman promises and adi asks him to meet him and asks to bring someone.. Raman shocked but agrees and says that after this, he needs to trust him and call him papa.. adi ends the call and smiles while ashok and shagun are happy hearing everything.. ashok says what we couldnt do, Adi will do..

Parmeet asks Ishu for her laptop and says that he was thinking of searching for a new job.. Ishu asks him what's the hurry and to enjoy for a few days but Parmeet says he cant stay in this house for long and so needs to find one soon.. Ishu suggests to work in Raman's office and that Raman can trust him for he's family.. She says she will talk when parmeet holds her hand and says you did a lot and so did Raman and he cant take more.. Ishu asks him to relax for he's family when simmi comes and parmeet let's go of her hand and tells about ishu's suggestion.. Simmi thanks her..

Ishu comes to ruhi with juice and sees her working.. Ruhi asks her to help in project.. Raman comes and tells Ruhi that she likes chinese food so they are going to chinese restaurant today.. Ruhi asks if only them 2 and Raman points to Ishu.. Ruhi gets super happy while Raman walks off and thinks about Adi's words..

Raman asks Mihir why he's here when Mihir tells about trisha being unwell so he came to take chaas for her.. 
Bala asks Ishu what happened and she asks him to come out and she will tell everything..
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Thanks for the WU! Smile
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thanks for the update...
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Thanks for the update
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Thnx for the update.
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Thanks for the Written Update
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Thanks for the update...
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Thanks for the Written Update
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