They Were Real Foes Or Friends As Foes ??

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Who Is Your Favorite Hero-Villain Jodi And Why

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Krishn-Vaasudev Paundrak
Devi Durga-Mahishasur
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Posted: 2014-03-24T02:37:07Z
Hello Friends,
Welcome To This Poll, Where Heroes And Villains Are Fighting Together Against Each Other !!Shocked (No No, I Mean, One Pair Of Hero And Villain Is Fighting Against Another PairWink) !!! So Please Vote For Your Favorite Jodi, So That The Most Popular One Can Be Identified And May Win !!
I Think Many Of You'll Want To Know Why Krishn-Shakuni Even As They Never Fought Openly. Well, That's 'Dimaag Ka Maamla' As Both Of Them Were The Most Important 'Buddhidaatas' On Each Side Of The Kurukshetra Battle.LOL
So, Here You Go !! Happy Voting Everyone, And Don't Forget That "Why" !!!!Wink (I'm Really Eager To Know Your Opinion !)
By Mistake, Multiple Votes Option Got Pressed, So Be Good, And Don't Vote Twice.
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...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2014-03-24T02:43:15Z
My Vote Goes To Krishn-Kalyavan !
Why ? : I Love The Tricks Kanha Used In SK (Specially) And All Other Places...And Their Real Good Enmity And Kanha Don't Care Attitude Was Adorable !! Swapnilji Played His Part Too Good !
...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2014-03-24T05:59:39Z
My vote goes to Durga and Mahishasura.
Those two were real foes. Becase Durga Devi was already in a wrath and Mahisasura further infuriated her. Mahishasura initially.. how to put it.. ah, Mahishasura initially had a crush on Durga but that vanished the moment she vaporized Dhoomralochana and killed Canda-Munda. So Mahishasura was a real foe to Durga Devi.Smile

Why I didn't choose any Krishna options? Two reasons:
1. I don't like to think that Krishna had any enemies; for me, only the asuras and evil kings hated Krishna, but Krishna knew his avatara's purpose and therefore was actually granting them moksha, so no enmity there!
2. I don't really trust Krishna in the matter of enemies. Like for example, in the Garga Samhita, there is a chapter, where Krishna tells some devas and some asuras to be born as wicked men... for example, he asked Kalipurusha to be born as Duryodhana, and Dwapara-Purusha to be born as Shakuni and also told Siva to send his partial incarnation to earth as Ashwatthama... so..
(But this can also easily be justified that Krishna sent these devas to earth just so they could bring all the evil forces onto one battleground, making it easy to defeat them).
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Posted: 2014-03-27T00:52:46Z
Proteeti, Very very Creative poll Dear Clap Clap, never thought about such a topic Big smile , enjoyed all the jodis Big smile
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Posted: 2014-03-27T04:40:28Z
Beautiful poll
My vote goes to Durga Devi - mahishasur 

Gosh I am listing on this forum after such a long time 
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Posted: 2014-03-27T04:47:06Z
Originally posted by Nandiniraizaada

Beautiful poll
My vote goes to Durga Devi - mahishasur 

Gosh I am listing on this forum after such a long time 
Reasons please.Tongue
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Posted: 2014-03-27T04:51:36Z
The story of Durga Devi slaying Mahishasur is such beautiful . If you read Durga saptashati Devi who is actually ajanma and ayonija gets created on earth  by the power of combined tej of all devtas. Unified force of good to Slay the evil is what makes this story unique and hence my favourite 
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Posted: 2014-04-03T03:21:14Z
I voted for Bheem and Duryodhan.
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