Ye Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2014 Written Update

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Ye Hai Mohabbatein 18 March 2014 Written Update

Raman and Ishita comes home and sees a doctor with Mr Bhalla and Mrs Bhalla. Raman gets worried. Mrs Bhalla has a fracture. Mrs Bhalla says its nothing I will sit at home play cards and drink cola with Mr Bhalla. Rumi comes home. Raman asks Rumi to take care of Mrs Bhalla. The doctor leaves. Rinki says Mihir has come.

Raman asks Mihir did you write these chits because I know its your handwriting. Mihir says yes I wrote it to Mihika these chits. Ishita asks Mihir why did you write them, it means you love Mihika still and then why are you going to go meet Trisha? Raman says tell me because this lady (Ishita) tells me Im some hitler controling your life. Ishita tells Mihir to say his decision to Raman. Raman says you don't want to meet Trisha? Mihir says no I never refused you in anything and I didn't say I don't want to meet Trisha. Raman says to Ishita see he still respects ans understands what I say or do for him. Raman leaves.

Mihir says sorry. Ishita is like why does this always happen to me. Mihir tells Ishita I cannot even explain my relationship with Raman to anyone. Mihir leavea. Ishita atarts thinking and says I can't believe this and what about Mihika now and cries.

Ruhi cries and says I won't sleep without Ishita. Mr Bhalla says she will come soon, don't cry.

Raman comes home and says what happened? Rinki says we are not sure about Ishita and she isn't taking our calls. Raman tells Ruhi go to sleep and I will bring her home. Raman promises Ruhi. Mr Bhalla says maybe there is some emergency case. Raman says she is a dentist and she cannot even pick up one call? Mrs Bhalla comes and asks what happened did Ishita come home? Rinki says no. Mrs Bhalla says Ruhi is still crying and Rinki says don't worry we put her to sleep. Raman calls Ishita at her clinic and comes to know she isn't there since afternoon. Raman goes over Ishita's Amma Appa to see where is Ishita and if they know anything.

Mihika asks Bala about Ishita. Raman goes out to find her and everyone is worried at home. After awhile later, Ishita walks home and Raman stops her asking her where were you till 3am? Ishita says nothing and continued to walk. Raman says I asked you something and answer me. Ishita gets angry and says when you come home drunk and how come no one asks you where were you and I don't need to tell you anything. Ishita goes in her room. Appa starts yelling at Ishita saying everyone was worried. Raman apologizes to Appa and Amma goes to sleep.

Morning, Ruhi asks Ishita where were you gone? You will leave me like Shagun mumma too. Ishita says no baby, I will never leave you, you are my life. Me and your papa loves you lots. Ruhi asks where is papa? Ishita says here on the couch sleeping. Mrs Bhalla makes breakfast and Mr Bhalla says why are you up? Mrs Bhalla says Dont stop me today its a big festival today. Aditya's birthday today. Mr Bhall says did you talk to Ishita? Mrs Bhalla said no, Let Raman and Ishita talk. Raman wakes up and comes in the room and sees Ishita is still annoyed. Ishita gets ready for clinic and Mihika calls her saying I got a job interview and I have to go. Ishita says congrats. Raman tells Ishita good way to blackmail me but it isn't going to work on me. Mihir will go die but will not go against me. Ishita leaves.


How can I forget today's date? Its Adi's birthday. Shagun & Ashok planned a big birthday for Aditya. Ashok says it will be a big great birthday for Adi.

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thanks for the amazing wu Big smile
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thanks so much! 
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Tnx for the written update dear
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Thanks for the written update.
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Big smile  Thank You  Big smile
Big smile  Big smile  Big smile Seems To Me That Ishita Went To Meet Aditya, Arrange A Party Perhaps Big smile
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Thanx for the WU !!!
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thanks for the update...
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