Ye Hai Mohabbatein 13th February'14 written update.

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Wedding rituals starts according to south Indian traditions. Ishita raman exchange garlands (title song n bg) Bala's mum comments to her husband that ishita's weddings r always entertaining, with twists and guests dont get boring. Raman ties mangalsutra around ishi's neck.simi puts toe ring on her toe fingers.ruhi s happy to see all this.Mrs bhalla calls ruhi to tie gadbandhan, and she does.ishita s very happy.then as per pandit ji's instruction raman walks holding ishita's toe finger.seeing this simi and mrs bhalla taunts abt that ritual.vandu replies back to them. (Bandh gaye yeh bandan, ek hui do dil,sajgaye yeh mehfil song plays/another version of title song) they took saathphere.and wedding rituals r done.ishra took their parents blessings. Mrs bhalla told ishita's parents that whatever they heard abt raman, she wont explain, but sends off ur daughter happily. Then she tells to play music and they dance. Mrs iyer stops them and ask them to have food.simi, romi and Mrs bhalla r commenting abt south indian dishes.bala and mihika makes raman eat more foods.ishita smiles.
Shagun s happy that she stopped raman and ishita's wedding and tells now ruhi s her.Ashok tells her now they will yearn to meet ruhi, and they hav to call me to request but I never receive calls. He says he loves this.shagun asks him when r they getting married. He said why ur talking abt this stupid thingd.u have kids and our lives r perfect. She feel bad hearing this, but he consoles her saying he was kidding.
Ishita's bidaai.
Mr iyer gets emotional saying now how he will hav his morning coffee without her . Mrs iyer says she s going to our neighbours, so dont worry.mrs bhalla tells if she screams they could hear, mrs iyer replies they always do hear it.Mr bhalla assure mr iyer thatb ishita will b their daughter and they will take care of her.mrs bhalla says they r getting late for grihapravesh.she bids goodbye to all and bhallas with ishi leaves to there home.mrs iyer pacifies mr iyer.
Mrs bhalla tells simi to cover ishita's head, so she covers Ishi's head with her duppatta. Mrs bhalla explains ishi that, now she s a Punjabi bahu and they hav to cover their heads while doing this rituals.mrs bhalla does aarti to ishra. She tells ishi to kick kalash and tells ishita raman to come inside together.but raman gets a call frm his office .he scolds them and tells he s coming. Mrs bhalla asks him how can he go to office without completing all rituals. He tells he s done with all Punjabi madrasi rituals.he tells them to finish all soon. ishi does grihspravesh rituals..raman goes to change his dress. Ruhi asks ishita that now if she will b staying with her always.ishi said yes and tells her now for a day she hav to go back to shagun's place and after thet they will b bhalla tells ruhi not to tell anything to shagun, she promise. Romi goes to drop ruhi.Raman gets ready to go to office. Mr bhalla asks him why he going to office now, then he tells simi to tells raman abt evening programs.simi tells they hav booked a suite for their first night n a hotel. He s annoyed with this and leaves to his office.
Mrs bhalla makes ishita wear red bangles.and tells her to wear that for a month.mrs bhalla s excited that shagun will get shock seeing that red bangles, on ruhi's mumma's hand.ishita smiles looking@her bangles.
Mrs iyer comes to ishita's room.she take muthu and gets emotional remembering ishi.Mr iyer comes there He consoles her.they praises abt ishi and prays to keep her happy always.
Ishita reaches@ hotel. Receptionist welcomes her and does her aarti. She asks her to sign on paper. She s surprised to see her name as' ishita bhalla' .Simi calls her mrs bhalla. She tells she will drop her@ lift .
Raman s at hotel room.he goes to toilet coz he had eat so much food.he s tired of going to toilet so many times. Ishita& simi s waiting at lift.Simi said she hav bought a lingerie for ishita and tells how she celebrated her suhaagraath in that hotel with her so romantic husband, she gave so many tips to ishi for her suhaagraath, even address of d shop where she will get nighty on 30% off LOL she teased ishita abt her big night and tells her to finish their every problems tonight. ishita asks simi if she can go now.simi says ok.ishita comes inside of lift. She s irritated with Simi's tips .epi ends showing one side irritated ishita and tired raman other side LOL
Precap: hotel boy gives ishita a packet and tells raman ordered for this.she give tips to him .she opens the packet and is shocked to find condom! ROFL


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Thanks ..I have been watching this awesome show from the beginning ..
But still time problem here in Canada ATN Canada brings it when my husband is watching news Confused..I hate watching on line ..

Beside the lead I love Ishta's mom 
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Thanks for written update. Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-02-13T17:01:24Z
thanks for the lovley update 

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Thanks for the update!Smile
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Thanks for the Written Update
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Posted: 2014-02-13T23:37:34Z
amazing precap...ROFL
thankiu for WU
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