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Kareena perfect to play Spy Princess-Shyam Benegal

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Posted: 10 years ago
Shyam Benegal doesn't want to put his dream project, based on the famous woman spy Noor Inayat Khan, on the backburner. The director has already made up his mind about whom to cast as Noor. The actress is no one else but Kareena Kapoor.

Shyam Benegal is a trailblazer with terrific films like Mandi, Trikal, Sardari Begum and Zubeidaa under his belt. He has more than 20 films in his filmography and is now looking forward to direct a biopic based on the life of the well-known woman spy, Noor Inayat Khan.

Talking about his film to a daily, Shyam Benegal explained why Kareena Kapoor suits the role of a spy princess to a T.

According to Benegal, Kareena looks a lot like Noor as the actress is beautiful and slender.

"Working as a counter intelligence person, Noor first escaped to Paris, only to be captured and finally killed at a German concentration camp. So you may well gauge that the project needs to be canned in a proper epic form and deserves to made on a big scale," Shyam is quoted
as saying.

The director wants to make the film on a big scale as the plot mostly unravels in places like Britain, France and Germany during World War II.

Kareena Kapoor has acted in spy thrillers like Kurbaan and Agent Vinod.


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