Ye Hai Mohabbatein 6th February'14 written update.

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@bhallas, all r practicing dance and discussing abt sangeet.Mrs bhalla stops mihir frm going office and ask him to stay there.romi dnt like this.Mr bhalla comes there and tells this time they r going to perform on south Indian songs, all r shocked LOL
Shagun s making ruhi's hair and she s excited to meet ishita aunty.ashok came there and tells ruhi in few days he s going to b her dad.shagun says she s happy that now he starts to like ruhi. He says its nothing like that if raman loves her then I wont b loving her.its his bad luck that m getting his all things.shagun says they r not a thing.he then tells he after he becomes her dad they' ll hav fun and he will send her n a good school n America, ruhi s sad and says she wont go.he says then he will make her super hot model.shagun s annoyed with his talking and ask what he s telling. He says he s showing her dream as he did to shagun. Then he asks abt ishita's groom.he taunts her when she said he s a simple middle class boy.they leaves to drop ruhi@Ishi's place.
Ishita, mihika, vandu and their friends r practicing bharatanatiyam.Mrs iyer gets emotional that ishi s getting married.her sister cheer her up.
All bhallas r having fun.raman goes outside .ishita comes there and ask why he called her.he said he forgot to buy ring yesterday. she says its fine this ring s perfect. raman tells ishita that they r going to take her wedding dress.and ask her to come with them if she want because there s parking problem. She says she will manage and he leaves. Ashok saw them talking and tells shagun what they r talking. Shagun says nothing they r neighbours. Ruhi calls ishi and huggs her.shagun askd ishi what was raman telling to her.ishita sends ruhi to her home .ishi tells shagun its nothing to discuss.shagun says she jst wanna knw if he s troubling her.she saw his family n her engagement. Ishita s surprised and ask if she came to her engagement. Shagun made excuse that she came near market to buy fish and saw engagement board. She says she heard that raman got engaged. And she dnt care abt it.
All r happy to see ruhi.shagun says she saw her fiancee. Ishita understood that shagun mistaken bala as her groom.shagun continued that she heard raman changed court date but she dnt care as they will get ruhi's custody coz ishita s with them.then she tells her to ask for any tips as she hav experience. Ishi tells fine and she will drop ruhi.
mihika shows raman to her friends frm their balcony. Ruhi s sad that Ishi s getting married. Seeing ruhi sad ishita tries to make her happy.while het friends were teasing ishita ruhi leaves frm there.she thinks she should talk to ishita aunties dulha uncle. She comes to downstairs where raman s talking. Mistaken him as ishi's dulha uncle she request him not to marry ishi and cries.if he marries ishi and takes her away frm her she will b alone.he feels sad to hear this.he turns and ruhi s surprised to see him.raman tells ishita wont go anywhere, instead now she will come closer to her.ruhi asks how he knw that.raman tells her ishita aunty s marrying him.she s happy to hear this and dance n joy.he smiles seeing her then ask her promise not to tell anyone abt it.she assures him and hugga him & kiss . Seeing her mole he feels uncomfort.he asks her how she came there.she tells ishita calls her for party. Raman tells ruhi, u knw which ring I gave ishita aunty, then tells to check it herself. So she runs upstairs.
Ruhi comes to ishita's home and dance then runs to ishita.ishita s sitting with vandu and mihika n her room.ruhi cries seeing her.ishi asks why she s crying. Ruhi calls her 'ishita mumma' .hearing this ishita had tears of joy.ruhi again calls her ishita mumma.ishi huggs her and both cries (tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai song n bg).both vandu and mihika s happy.
At night ruhi s telling party stories to shagun. She tells her to sleep.ruhi asks shagun if she hav any secrets. Shagun asks why she s asking.ruhi replies she hav one.shagun tells her to tell abt her secret.she says no she had promised and goes to sleep .
Raman and his mom came to shopping. Manager welcome them.raman goes out when he gets a phone call.Mrs bhalla meets shagun's friend. She said she came to do shopping for raman's wedding. Shagun's friend leaves. Mrs bhalla asks raman how s her dress.he said nice and tells her to complete shopping in 40 mints as he hav to attend a meeting. He thinks where s she.ishita came there and s tensed as there s no place to park her car.shagun's friend met shagun@that same shop.she asks about her divorce. Shagun says she got it.her friend asks with whom s raman getting married. Shagun says dnt know, then ask how u know that raman s getting married. Her friend said her ex MIL s there to do shopping for new bahu.Shagun thinks poor new bahu! Epi ends showing oneside ishita, raman n center, and shagun n other side.
Precap: manager tells ishita that raman left his credit card there and tells her to pay for her dress frm his credit card.shagun hears this and thinks why raman left his credit card for ishita.Edited by Asharkibiwi - 2014-02-06T12:46:43Z
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OMG! I can't wait to watch this episode but I have class this evening :( 

So sad :(
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thanks for  wu
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Thanks for the WU Hug

What a beautiful moment between Ishita and Ruhi!   I love the bond between the two. 
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Thanks for the update
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thankuu everyone. ..m not using like button coz sometimes it hav problem. if I press it 2 Times it wont work 3 rd thankuu all Smile Embarrassed
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