OS #2: She is mine!

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||She is mine||

It's been 3 weeks since Rudra and Paro was staying at the Ranawat Mansion for the sake of Paro's safety. Paro and Rudra both lived on the right side of the house and rest lived on the left. Both of them stayed there hearing all those taunts passed by Rudra's aunt; which surely made Rudra's blood boil in anger yet he managed but this one particular day his aunt just crossed her limit and taunted him about how his abandoned him and his father for some other man. Everything has a limit and that day Rudra's patience reached it's peak and left the Ranawat Mansion hoping to get some peace at Laila's place.

Despite knowing that his younger cousin, Sumer had an eye on Paro he left and that mistake was probably the worst mistake ever. The other members of the Ranawat family wasn't allowed to enter the right side of the house as it was divided by a line of rope. Since it was Tuesday, aunt and her daughter-in-law went to the temple to perform some veneration. Samrat and his father went to their respective work place leaving Paro and Sumer back at house. Paro always noticed Sumer's lust towards her but she thought since Rudra is beside her he wouldn't dare to cross the rope but little did she knew that thread like rope couldn't stop Sumer that day.

It was half past noon and one was there at the house except Paro. Neither there were any servants. Sumer entered the house and as per the guards information right now only Paro was in the house. An evil smile crept through his face. But then suddenly he remembered that Rudra always locks Paro in his room before leaving. He went towards the room where Paro was kept locked but today Rudra forgot to lock the door. Seemed like luck was in his favour and it was a golden oppurtunity for him to get Paro and he wouldn't let this chance to slip away from his hands. He carefully and silently crossed the rope making sure that Paro doesn't even get to know about his presence in Rudra's territory or else that would've alerted her.

Paro wasn't feeling good thus she closed the door (It wasn't locked) of her room and went to take a quick nap. Sumer opened the door of her room at once so that it wouldn't make that creeky noise and entered the forbidden place not knowing what consequences he can face.

Rudra drove off to Laila's place and Laila was trying to make him feel comfortable yet she failed. Rudra's mind was filled with those harsh and painful taunts of his aunts. To get his attention towards her, Laila tried to kiss him but then Rudra moved her away with a jerk saying, "I left her alone!" Saying that he quicky took his jeep keys and left for Ranawat Mansion leaving a furious and a slightly shocked Laila behind.

"She looks like an angel!" Sumer thought with a creepy smirk. "Even a fairy's beauty would be nothing in front of your beauty." Sumer praised her looks and Paro woke up with a jerk. "You?" Paro was shocked. She never thought he would have the guts to enter her room. "Yes me. Who else were you expecting? That good for nothing Rudra? Oh please trust me I am better than him." Saying that he winked at her. Paro moved away in disgust. Such low mentality and narrow minded he was. "Look leave this room right now or else I will scream." Paro tried to put up a brave face but her fear was crystal clear on her face. "Scream? Ok fine scream. Oh but let me inform you that there's no one to save you. Not even your Rudra." Sumer said. The word "your" made Paro feel something weird but nice but she didn't get it. 

"So let's cut this crap and get into business. What say?" Sumer said shamelessly making Paro scare. "Please go away!" Paro pleaded. "Are you crazy? I won't get this golden chance everyday. Just once after that I won't even look at you. No one will get to know even." Sumer whispered and advanced towards her making Paro go backwards. It didn't look like Sumer would let her escape. She felt like a tissue paper. Once used and then thrown away. She tried to run away but Sumer caught her stole and ripped it offand threw it away. Within a flick of second she covered herself with her hands. "Not so soon" Sumer said. "Please.. let me go.." Paro was crying by now. Sumer pulled her towards himself and was trying to force himself on her. "Paro tried her level best to push him away. To some extent she was successful but her strength in front of Sumer's was nothing. How she wished Rudra was here.

And er wish was granted. Rudra showed up and he threw away Sumer from her. He thrashed him up black and blue. All this time Sumer tried to say that it was Paro who lured him but Rudra's anger knew no bounds. He beated him up till he lost his conciousness. He ran towards Paro and saw her shivering and covering herself with her arms. Sumer's fingerprints were clear on her delicate arms. He just couldn't control himself and he hugged her. Paro cried her heart out in his arms. Somehow she left comfortable within his arms. "I am sorry I left you." Rudra apologised and Paro tightened her grip on his arms like she never wanted him to leave her. Rudra felt a different emotion by feeling her within his arms. "I will never let anything happen to you. No one can touch you! You are mine only." RUdra said unknowingly not regretting his words for the first time nor Paro was shocked by his words. Seemed like it was new journey for both of them.
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good one

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awesome beautiful os
loved it 
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Originally posted by starsarun

Nice OS. :)
Thanks dear
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It's such a beautiful piece of work!! The last paragraph was like a treat.
I loved it!!!! Do write some more OS, you have an amazing writing style and expression :)
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nice os... i liked You are mine only... awww cho cute...
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Originally posted by Annarichard

It's such a beautiful piece of work!! The last paragraph was like a treat.
I loved it!!!! Do write some more OS, you have an amazing writing style and expression :)
Thanks alot dear!
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Posted: 2014-02-01T02:08:28Z
Awsome os
N thanx for the pm
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