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Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse



Prologue: Page 1

Part 1: Baarishon mein behdarak tere naachne se

Part 2: Kabhi to nazar milao

Part 3: Tumhe baarish pasand hai?


Sitting at the bar in the Entertainment Room of Kapoor Mansion, Ram Kapoor cursed his destiny. Every time he thought that finally there would be some happiness in his life, his destiny had other plans for him; plans that didn't have any space for this happiness. As he picked up the nearly empty bottle of his favourite beverage, he said to himself... "Tumne hi toh kaha tha na Priya, buri aadat ko chodne ke liye ek acchi aadat ki zaroorat hai... Tum thi meri acchi aadat!... Lekin ab, jab meri acchi aadat ne mujhe chod diya... aur koi rasta nahi hai mere paas... Iss aadat ko bhulne ke liye yehi tareeka hai... At least yeh toh mujhe chod ke nahi jaa sakta tumhari tarah Priya."

He poured the remaining liquid from the bottle into his lavish crystal glass... "As unhealthy as this is, at least it won't walk away from me" he slurred as he picked up the glass and swirled the whisky for a few moments. He then brought the glass to his nose, inhaling the rich, intense aroma of the liquor. At once, he emptied the glass with a gulp. 16 years ago, before the addiction started, he was like most people; he liked taking his time to savour the flavour of the whiskey... But as time went by, he'd gotten familiar with the taste that now it didn't make a difference to him- he would just down it- all at once. Now he was more interested in quantity... Why waste time with one drink when he could have multiple drinks in the same amount of time. 

Again, he grabbed the bottle, only to realise he had emptied the contents of it in such little time. In anger, he slammed the bottle on the Bar. He then pulled out a cigar, placing it between his lips; lighting it, as he slowly lifted himself off the bar stool. Staggering behind the bar, to get another bottle, he poured himself another drink. But this time, he wasn't so hasty to consume it. He left the glass on the table for a little while... Taking out his phone, he unlocked it and placed it on the bar in front of him... He leaned forward, placing his elbows on the bar; he took the cigar from his hand, and held it between his two fingers... "Why do I still miss you Priya?" He said, looking at the picture of her on his screen as he put his head in his hands. A tear escaped from his eye, and rolled down his cheek falling onto the phone... "Why can't I forget you... I can't stop thinking about you, wondering where you are, who you're with, what you're doing... do you still think about me?" He said as he wiped the tear drop from his phone, his thumb lingered on the screen for a few moments as he stroked Priya's picture lovingly.

"Drowning your sorrows again, Ram... How long is this going to go on for?" 

Ram looked up, with his bloodshot eyes, at the source that interrupted his nightly alone time... 


Priya walked to the fridge in her luxurious, lavish London penthouse... She poured herself a glass of orange juice and then headed towards the sofa; picking up the remote to her iPod Dock, she felt like she needed to wind down after a long day... As she put her feet up she looked at her phone... "Priya you're crazy, you're expecting the most stubborn, ziddhi man to call you... He won't ring... Aur kaise phone karega... Uske paas number bhi nahi hoga..." She thought to herself...

She placed her phone on the arm rest, leaning her head back against the sofa, she closed her eyes, listening to the music she played... "I miss you Mr. Kapoor, aaj kuch zyaada... Aaj aapko meri yaad aa rahi hai?" she thought. 

Suddenly her phone began to ring, her eyes shot open, hoping it would be Ram... She looked at the caller ID and sighed... "You're mad Priya, of course it wouldn't be Ram"

"Neha, hi... How are you?" She asked

"Mai teekh hoon, tum kaisi ho? You sound a bit..." Neha asked worried, as she knew what today meant to her... 

"I'm okay Neha... Don't worry about me, tu bata... Sab kaise hai vahaan?"

"Sab, matlab Ram?" Neha asked, knowing that Priya was indirectly only enquiring about Ram.

"Neha, pata hai, toh kyun puch rahi ho? Haan mai Mr. Kapoor ke baare mei baat kar rahi hoon... Aaj ek saal pehle... Humari pehli mulakaat huyi thi... Mai jaanti hoon ki meri tarah woh issi ke baare mei hi soch raha hoga..." Priya said

"Priya, itni chinta hai, toh khud kyun nahi baat karti Ram ke saath? I have a better idea... Why don't you just come back here and speak to him... Get back together... Resolve all the issues between you." Neha said

"It's not that easy..." Priya told her... "It's more complicated than that..." She continued

"Your ego is complicating things... It's simple agar tum apna ego ko chod de" Neha stated 

"Nehaaa... You know I think about him 24/7... Not a day goes by where he isn't on my mind, I'm constantly thinking about him, what he's doing, how he's coping... Whether he's forgotten about me..."

"You know he will never forget you, you're his life... The only woman he's ever loved... The only woman who was able to break down his walls" Neha interrupted

"He had a funny way of showing it..." Priya responded

"Priya are you still going on about that?" Neha asked

"Obviously, do you know how much it hurts to know that he didn't trust me enough to tell me what was going on in his life... He kept secrets from me, he was hiding things... Made it seem like he was having an affair... And when I confronted him... He still kept quiet... you know, I still don't know what was going on with him" Priya complained

Neha had heard this all before... But for the first time she commented... It had always been like this... Vikram would always take Priya's side and Neha would always take Ram's...

"So you just walked away from him, from your relationship, from your love?" And just like that, Neha thought Priya was wrong for walking away, whereas Vikram thought Ram was wrong for not stopping her. 

A tear fell from Priya's eyes... "Neha, haan, I walked away... Lekin Mr. Kapoor ne bhi mujhe jaane diya... He didn't stop me... Ek baar bhi nahi kaha ki 'Darling rukh jao'... Mere peeche peeche nahi aaya, aur mera haath apne haath me lekar, he didn't stop me... He didn't pull me back; not even once" She cried.

"Kyun? Tumne palat ke dekha? Nahi! Tumne nahi kiya, toh kaise rokh sakta tha tujhe?"

"He didn't call my name for me to turn back, toh kyun peeche dekhthi?"

"Priya you're mad... You walked away from him, and now you're blaming him... You decided that it was best to walk away... Why would he stop you when you called the shots?" Neha shouted through the phone

"Neha, I expected him to stop me, to fight for me... Is our love not worth fighting for?"

"It is baba, lekin dono ka kaam hai... Tum dono relationship mei the, so you both had to fight to make it work... It's not just one person's job." Neha explained.

"Neha you know... Mai Mr. Kapoor ko bohot pyaar karti hoon... Aur humesha karungi, humesha mere kayaalon mei rehta hai... Mere dil mei, lekin I always think about what happened that night... I felt like he didn't trust me enough to tell me what was going on... And it kills me everyday knowing that he kept quiet, knowing that he didn't stop me, he didn't want to fight for me... He just let me go..." Priya cried "but you know something Neha... No matter how much he hurt me by doing that, I love him so much, that if he was to call me I'd come running back to him in an instant... I'd forget everything; I'd drop everything, and get the first plane back to India and run into his arms... Give our relationship another chance... One phone call that's all it would take for me to come back to him." 

"Tum nahi call kar sakti?... You walked away from him and you expect him to call you and ask you to come back..." Neha said 

"You've always had a big ego Priya... But in matters of love- I didn't expect you to let your ego come in the way..." 


"Vikram, mera dost... Aa beht mere saath... Have a drink with me" he said in a drunken manner... 

Vikram took a seat on a bar stool as Ram poured him a drink... "Ram I haven't come here to drink with you, I don't want to entertain this silly addiction of yours..."

"Pee le yaar... It's just a drink... Kya bigaar sakta hai? Pata hai Vikram... Love is worse, this isn't a silly addiction- love is. If the love of my life can give me so much pain by leaving me... Yeh drink toh kuch bhi nahi hai, kuch bhi nahi kar sakta, relax, chill." 

Vikram looked at his best friend... The pain in his eyes was unbearable... But since Priya left, sirf dard dikhaye deta tha Ram ki aankho mei... Aur koi kuch bhi nahi kar sakta, nothing would lessen the pain... Not even the immense alcohol consumption... Yet he still drank, with the hope that one day, the drink will make him forget his pain even for one second.


"...I was so attached to Priya, Vikram... Bohot pyaar karta tha... Karta hoon mai usse, aur ab voh mere saath nahi hai, toh ab meri attachment iske saath hai" he said as he picked up his glass of whiskey... He took a sip from it... As he knew he'd have to manage with this one glass until Vikram leaves... There was no way Vikram would allow him to pour another while he was there... 

"Vikram, aaj se ek saal pehle, I met her for the first time... Uss waqt mujhe nahi pata tha ki voh mere liye itni important hogi... Kuch dheer ke liye, since that day, meri zindagi badal gayi thi... Aur ab dekho... Mai waapas wahi aagaya hoon... Jahaan pehle tha... Life is back to how it was before... without Priya..." He said as Vikram looked on at him silently... 

Ram looked up at him... Vikram's eyes conveyed a message to him... "Arey yaar, don't worry about me, Isiliye aaj kuch zyaada pee raha hoon... I don't drink like this normally" 

"Jhoot mat bhol Ram, mai jaanta hoon tu kitna peeta hai... I see you in this state every night Ram, and it kills me every time I see you like this, every time I look into your eyes... Stop doing this to yourself! Ram tujhe pata hai? You're slowly killing yourself with this... Dheere dheere apne aap ko maar raha hai" 

"THIS is not killing me Vikram... Priya is killing me, uski yaadien mujhe maar rahe hai, joh dard deh kar chali gaye thi... Voh mujhe dheere dheere maar raha hai, Vikram she walked away from me yaar... Just like that. Itni aasani se kaise usne mujhe chod diya." He paused for a few moments...

"Vikram, not a day goes by where I don't think about her, where I don't miss her, how she made me feel... Since the first day we met... All I could think about was her... Aur phir pyaar hogaya, aadat ban chuki thi voh meri... Aur aaj bhi, hum saath nahi hai, lekin phir bhi... Sirf uske baare mei he sochta hoon- she's on my mind every second of every day!..."

"Priya tumhari pyaar thi, ya sirf aadat?" Vikram questioned...

"Vikram you know the answer to that, so why are you asking... of course she was my love... I loved her, but her love was my aadat, I was addicted to the way she made me feel... I was only able to stop this habit because of her, and now look- because of her, because she left me... I'm back to square one." Ram said.

He was about to puff on his cigar, when Vikram pulled it out of his hand and snubbed it out in the ashtray next to him...

"Vikram yeh tumne kya kiya... You're not supposed to snub a cigar" he picked it up and looked at it "yeh toh karab hogaya..." 

"So? Chuck it..." Vikram said 

"Aise hi? Just like Priya... Usne bhi itni aasani se mujhe, ek cheez ke tarah phenk diya tha at the first sight of trouble, she gave up on our relationship... No, she didn't give me the chance to salvage our relationship... But I can still salvage this... Kuch nahi hua isse..."

"Ram yeh aadat ne tujhe pagal kardiya!" Vikram exclaimed

"Nahi Vikram, Priya ne mujhe pagal kardiya, uski yaadien... Not a moment goes by where I don't think about her, about our love, voh lamhe joh humne saath bithaye the; and when I think about those moments I'm fine... Lekin phir, mai uss din ke baare mei sochta hoon... The day she walked away from me... And It kills me every time I think about it... knowing that she walked away from our relationship so easily, knowing that she didn't think for once that we were worth fighting for... Ek baar bhi nahi socha... She just... She just walked away from me... Like that" he said clicking his finger...

"Tumne bhi toh usse rokha nahi" 

"Kaise rokhtha? Usne palat ke dekha bhi nahi meri tharaf... She just carried on walking" Ram said trying to justify himself.

"Tumne usse bhulaya? Nahi na, phir peeche mod ke kyun dekhthi? Tumne uske peeche peeche jaa ke, ya haath pakad ke usse rokha? Nahi na? So how did you expect her to stop... You didn't even try once, you didn't even think once to stop her, to make her change her mind... You are equally to blame for this Ram... You didn't fight for her either... Maybe she wanted you to stop her, to fight for her" Vikram said...

"Haan, Sab kuch meri galati thi..." He said sarcastically.

"Sab kuch nahi... Lekin if you just told her everything, instead of keeping it all a secret, she even asked you but you didn't say anything... That is the reason she walked away... she must have felt lik you didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth, toh tu bata... Take that into consideration and tell me, kya woh galat thi?"

"Galat thi! Woh galat thi Vikram! Tu jaanta hai ki maine usse sab kuch kyun nahi bataya... For her own good, her own safety... It was better if she didn't know... Okay I was wrong for hiding things from her... But still regardless of that... She walked away from me, Vikram, she walked away... ek mokha bhi nahi diya mujhe to sort things out..." 

They stayed silent for a few moments...

"Pata hai Vikram, mai iss aadat ko chod sakta hoon... Aur takleef bhi nahi hogi, kissi ko bhi nahi... na mujhe na isse... I can easily call the shots with this" Ram said, picking up his glass of whiskey... "Lekin jab Priya ne mujhe choda... takleef sirf mujhe huyi! Aur woh jaanti thi ki mujhe kitni takleef hogi... Yet she still did it... Meri acchi aadat. She walked away from ME." 

"Takleef usse bhi huyi thi Ram..."

"Kaisa takleef... She decided to walk away, she called the shots... So kaisa takleef?" He questioned... "I always think that I shoould try to contact her, to speak to her... Lekin phir sochta hoon ki kyun, kyun baat karoon? She left me"

"Yeh tumhara ego hai yaar! Tu yeh baat handle nahi kar sakta ki ussne tujhe choda... You're ego is stopping you... You've always had a big ego Ram, lekin pyaar ke maamlo mei, I never thought you'd let your ego come between you and your love." 

"Chod Vikram, tu nahi samjhega..." 


"Chod na Neha, you won't understand..." Priya said.

"Ram ko batadun? Ki you're waiting for that one phone call from him..." Neha asked

She looked up... She smiled slightly at the familiar man walking towards her... She noticed that something wasn't right, the look on his face conveyed to her that he wasn't didn't come for a friendly chat... "Listen Neha, hum baad mei baat karenge... Kuch kaam hai, mai woh karke tujhe call karungi phirse, bye" she said and quickly put the phone down without giving Neha the chance to reply.

"Tum, yahaan? Kuch baat karni thi?... Aur andar kaise aaye?" She asked the man...

"Don't worry about how I got in... I just came to tell you..." He said telling her what he needs from her.

As he spoke, her expressions changed... She was shocked to hear what he wanted her to do...

"Aur agar maine na kaha toh, manna kardiya toh?" she said, raising her eyebrow...

He handed her his phone...

"Speak to him..." The man said

She put the phone to her ear... "Priya..." 

After hearing the voice on the phone.. She stood, in shock... Dropping the phone on the floor... The man looked at her with a smug smile...

A few moments later Priya said "why are you doing this?" 

"Because I can, and you're the perfect person for this..." He said before walking off, as he got to the door, he turned back and said... "We're leaving for India tomorrow... Make sure you have your bags packed... 'Mrs Kapur'..." he said as he winked at her.


"Ram..." Vikram began to speak, but the sound of his phone ringing interrupted him... "Neha ka phone hai..." He said

Ram nodded, and smiled...

"Neha, kya hua... Mai Ram ke saath hoon" 

"I know, aur abhi abhi meri baat huyi thi Priya ke saath... And you know what, she said?" Neha said excitedly... "Ussne kaha tha ki, she will come back... But only if Ram calls her back, agar Ram ne Priya ko waapas bhulaya, phir who instantly aajayegi... Vikram do something... We have to get them back together, they're both hurting, and they're egos are not allowing them to make the first move... Priya ziddhi hai... But Ram can be persuaded. Give him her number... And get him to speak to her... Woh maan jayega, aur phir Priya bhi maan jaayegi... She'll come back to him."

Vikram excitedly put the phone down...

"Tu bohot kush lag raha hai... For the first time, after you've spoken to Neha... You're not stressed." Ram teased.

"Baat hi aisa hai... Pen aur paper hai?" Vikram asked

Ram handed him a pen from his shirt pocket and a notepad. Vikram quickly wrote down Priya's number and handed it to him.

"Yeh kya hai?" Ram asked, confused.

"Tumhari kushi ka number" 

"Kushi kaun hai? Mai koi kushi ko nahi jaanta..." Ram said.

"Arey yaar... Priya ka number hai" 

"Toh? Mai iske saath kya karoon, she didn't give me her new number for a reason, so I don't want It." 

"Arey? Yeh ego wego chod, and speak to her... Pata hai Ram, she wants you to call her, she said to Neha that if you were to call her back, she'd come in an instant... She'd come back to you... She wants you to bring her back, bring her back Ram..." Vikram ordered.

"Tu jaa, Neha tumhara intezaar kar rahi hogi" Ram said... 

Ram picked up his glass and walked towards the window... 

"Ram" Vikram said, causing Ram to turn back... "That is your last drink for today" Vikram said sternly... "Oh and you might want to sober up and then call her in the morning..."

"Who said I was going to call her?" Ram said as he turned back to look out of the window again... He looked on at the rain... "Ek saal pehle bhi, issi din pe... Aise hi baarish ho rahi thi... And I met you Priya, aur aaj phir baarish ho rahi hai aur tumhara number mujhe mila..." Ram thought... He opened the window, and felt the cold breeze hit his face he lifted his hand to feel the cold rain against his skin... For the first time since Priya left... Ram enjoyed it, he felt free... As if with the rain, all his pain was being washed away...

Vikram smiled, he knew his friend too well... "You'll call her, I know you will" Vikram thought... He picked up his phone from the bar, accidentally pressing the play button on the remote lying next to it...

"You hurt me so much Priya, why should I call you? Why can't you call me... You've distanced yourself so much from me, and you expect me to be the one to call you, and get you back... How did we end up here, like this Priya?"

Pehle kabhi na tune mujhe ghum diya... Phir mujhe kyun tanhaa kar diya... Guzaare the joh lamhe pyaar ke... Humesha tujhe apna maan ke... Toh phir tune badali kyun adaa... yeh kyun kiya?


Priya walked to the bar in her penthouse... She went to pick up a bottle of Ram's favourite whiskey... But she stopped as she remembered Ram's words... "Priya, mere bina please, please don't drink... I'm not stopping you from drinking... But I don't want you to drink when I'm not with you... I don't like the idea of you being intoxicated when I'm not around to look after you... You know alcohol makes you vulnerable... I don't want anyone taking advantage of you in your drunken state..."

"Ram, even without being intoxicated, apparently I'm still vulnerable... And HE'S taking advantage of me now... And there's nothing I can do about it..." She thought as she placed the bottle back in its place... She headed towards the door to her balcony... Feeling suffocated, she opened the door... Hoping that the breeze from the rain would stop her from feeling so suffocated... 

Ram and Priya both took out their phones, scrolled through their pictures and came across a picture Vikram had taken of them dancing together in the rain... Vikram had taken it so that he could tease them... But this was the most beautiful picture they had to date... 

Ram looked at the picture then he looked at her number and smiled.

Priya looked at the picture and cried, bringing the phone near to her heart... 

Kabhi jo baadal barse... Main dekhun tujhe aankhein bharke... Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki dua... Tere pehlu mein reh lu mai khud ko pagal keh lu...Tu ghum de ya kushiyan seh lu saathiya

"I'm so sorry Ram, I know Neha must have told you by now, lekin phirse kismat ne aisa khel khela... Aapke paas aana chahti hoon, but as destiny would have it... It looks like that won't be possible... This is going to hurt you even more now... I'm so sorry"



uff kya kahun, yeh maine kuch mahine pehle likha tha... I wrote a few parts, I didn't post it because I couldn't think of a name, and then I heard Shreya Ghoshal's Heart Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse and thought it was perfect... but then because of certain circumstances I stopped writing ROFL and then I forgot about it and started writing something else... but then yesterday's episode of Priya walking away from Ram reminded me of this story I had started...

Anyway, as you can tell, RaYa are not together... but this is the present track... next update (if you want me to continue) will be a reverse leap ROFL, so Part 1 will start with the love story... and then a few updates into this will be the present track... but don't worry I'm not Ekta... so they won't really be apart for long Smile...

Hope you enjoyed reading this... please let me know if you want me to continue... and let me know if you'd like a PM or add me to your buddy list if you'd like a PM whenever I update... I'm not going to force you to read it though ROFL


Bohot bakwaas hogaya... bye ROFL

Part 1: Baarishon mein behdarak tere naachne se

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what a pleasant surprise Big smile
 i wanted to force you to write something but tumhari health dekhte huye nahi kiya Tongue
chalo bina bole hi start kiya, like kiya hai par padha nhi hai LOL
kal padhungi Tongue
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continue soon 
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lovely start
interesting story!!!
continue soon

plz pm me next time...
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hi Smile
i know kaha tha k kal padhungi but control nahi hua toh padh liyaLOL
after reading few lines, i thought k tumne kal ka episode dekhkar hi likha hai aur shayad wahin se story continue karogi LOL
but yahan toh ulta nikal..tumne pehle likha aur cvs ne baad mai dikhaya ROFL
kash tum likhti k Ram Priya ko rok leta toh atleast Priya serial mai bhi nhi jaati ROFL

coming back to update,
 Clap Clap Clap Clap
beautiful...i so loved it, Ram's pain N Priya's pain reached heart
zyaada Ram ka pain pahoncha may be wo drink kar raha tha isisliye ROFL
tumhari senti story mai mai comedy kar rahi hoon...sorry for that LOL
kahin ye rajat toh nhi jo Priya ka faida utha  raha haiShocked
atleast mujhe toh PM kiya hota Unhappy
ab next tym se pm nhi chahiye ROFL
continue soon
many ppl will like it so you have to continue, agar koi continue na karne ke liye bhi kahe na...i'll not leave you ab mujhe poori story chahiye Tongue
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Originally posted by peeyara

what a pleasant surprise Big smile
 i wanted to force you to write something but tumhari health dekhte huye nahi kiya Tongue
chalo bina bole hi start kiya, like kiya hai par padha nhi hai LOL
kal padhungi Tongue

Uff next time health ko goli maaro ROFL... agar aapne force kiya hota i would have remembered about this... LOL 

without reading aapne like kiya ROFL itna bharosa hai mujhpe ke kuch accha likhungi?

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Originally posted by dilini2

continue soon 

Thanks for commenting Big smile
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Good start...
Continue soon..
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