Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 20th January 2014

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Episode starts with Raman asking Ishita if her deal is done and for how much she sold herself.. Ishita taunts him saying not everyone is weighed in terms of money and that she thought of telling him how much Ruhi missed him but a selfish person like him who only knows revenge wouldnt understand.. She continues that she doesnt want to get face to face with him when he walks away.. Mihika is blabbering to herself of how she misunderstood mihir when Romi comes and she asks him why he lied.. Romi cooks up that all he did was to handle the situation and that she can speak to mihir right now if she wants.. 

Mihika says she needs to apologise to Mihir when Romi asks her to wait for a day till matter cools.. She goes inside and Romi to himself that he would never let the two come together.. Ishita is blabbering and driving when her car goes over the divider.. Inspector on duty thinks she's drunk and asks her to show license.. He says being doctor she's drinking and driving which makes her angry and she blasts him on what he thinks women are..

Raman sees them arguing and comes asking what happened?? They have an indirect argument taunting each other and inspector who is caught in middle asks them to keep their husband wife fights at home.. Ishita clears that they aren't a couple and that she drives well enough.. Raman leaves and inspector asks now who will push the car when Ishita tells inspector to do it..

Ishita reaches only to find appa waiting outside for her.. He gives her shawl and they play a game which she used to play as a child.. Ishita asks him why the need for the game and says she knows he wants to talk to her and says sorry for not telling them about it.. appa says he trusts her for he knows she would never do a wrong thing..

Ishita tells that its a normal thing to have lunch and hang out with dad but for Ruhi its not normal and so i lied just to give her one normal day and make her happy..Appa agrees but says that its not easy to make people around us understand the same.. She asks him to trust her and he says he will if she has his hand made coffee.. they laugh out..

Mihika rings door bell which Mihir opens and she hugs him and says sorry saying she got to know about truth.. Mihir asks her not to worry and that he'll sort out this matter and also explain to Raman what he feels about her..They says ILU to each other and Romi wakes up from his dream..Romi says to himself that Mihika isnt his even in his dreams and that if she tells Mihir everything then bhai would kick him out of the house.. Romi decides to do something and sneaks into Mihir's room and takes his mobile.. Romi searches the phone to find a video of mihir and mihika's love confession and them getting closer.. Romi transfers the video and morphs it..

next morning, ishita wakes mihika while amma comes with coffee.. she says appa told me everything..ishita asks her not to worry and says she's started to understand a mother's feeling after meeting ruhi and that a mom thinks from heart.. she goes to have bath while amma wakes mihika asking if she spoke to bhallas? mihika asks her not to worry..

Raman asks his dad about his mom and asks mihir to talk to lawyer as he doesnt want any goofups in the court..mihir tells that lawyer will come in sometime and so Raman goes to attend his meeting.. mihika calls mihir asking if they can meet and says she will message him time and place.. Romi here is showing his friends the edited video and says Raman slapped me for him, now see what i do..

mihir is beaten and brought home.. ishita tells Raman he is supporting him rather than being shameful and says that a girl is being defamed.. Ishita says she will bring their true faces out in court..

Backing up for hrideyy today..

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Thanks for the WU!Smile
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Posted: 2014-01-20T20:57:00Z
Thanks For The Written Update
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Posted: 2014-01-20T21:49:44Z
thanks preetz...
didnt liked the epsd tatmuch
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Posted: 2014-01-20T22:47:48Z
thanks for the update...
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Posted: 2014-01-20T23:44:37Z
thanks for the written update! :)
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Posted: 2014-01-21T01:44:50Z
Welcome everyone Big smile
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Posted: 2014-01-21T01:46:28Z
Originally posted by Nichuss

thanks preetz...
didnt liked the epsd tatmuch

neither me.. the only worth watch part was the inspector scene.. bechara LOL
and i seriously wanna slap that romi Censored
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