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Hai c:
How are you guys!?! I bet all of you are crazy over Rang Rasiya. Even I'm restless for the next episode. Everyone ready for Laila? Well, I'm back with an FF. It's a tinsy bit different to how Paro gets married and all, but nothing that drastic. So...I hope you all enjoy it!




Chaos erupted, bullets piercing the air along with several frightened screams of fear and loss. He spun around quickly aiming his gun at another being. Freezing on the spot, his body went numb once he had spotted her standing at his gun point, fear and pain evident in her eyes. He couldn't shoot her. He didn't know why, but he just couldn't. Instinctively he snaked his arm around her waist and spun around with her in his arms. 

A bullet shot past them missing it's target, and in revenge, Rudra's arm aimed out and killed a man. With one arm wrapped around Paro's waist and the other holding a gun firmly, he shot one after another. 

The noise slowly died down and vanished into the dreadful air. The BSD officers glanced around and widened an inch to see the bride - now widow - protected by their field boss.

"Sir, should we kill - ", One of the officers spoke.
"No", He instructed sternly. "We'll take her in custody", He explained and nodded curtly dismissing the conversation.

Paro's eyes fluttered open and gazed up at the man who had killed her husband. Her grip on his t-shirt loosened and she stumbled back out of his grip. She looked in to his eyes entranced by the pain, hatred and anger based in them.

She gazed around taking in the dead bodies. One of them being her husband. She was supposed to be in pain. Her husband had just died, why wasn't she crying? 

It may have been true that she was married to the man bleeding in the desert, however, it was also true that she had no wishes of being married to him. He was a terrorist.

 For a moment, she felt relieved that she won't be forced to spend her life with a terrorist but the minute she glanced at the man staring at her the relief disappeared. Fear pumped through her veins rushing to her head making her feel light headed.

He was about to walk away, he wasn't going to leave her there obviously. The plan was to let his men bring her to custody, but the instant he saw her go tipsy from his periperal vision, he ran towards her just as she crashed into his arms.

Mezmerised by her beauty, for a few moments he stood there, her body limp in his arms. He wouldn't have said she was the most gorgeous woman out there, but he knew for sure, she was one of the most beautiful. 'Beautiful woman are no one's. No their family's, not their husbands nor their children's'. His eyes squeezed shut remembering his father's words. Instinctively, his arms gracefully lifted her up, carrying her towards his jeep. 



What'cha all think? Don't forget to hit that like button and leave a comment. If you want PMs, add me! c: And...should I continue or not?

- Kashish Tongue

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Prologue - Scroll Up

Chapter 1



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Oooh interesting...
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I was waiting for any stories on Rang Rasiya...thanks for starting one...Very intense fight...her husband died and she is feeling relieved as he is a terrorist and she need not spend her life with him...but she is captured by BSD and she has heard worst stories about BSD people...very interesting...please continue...thanks for the PM
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Awesome prologue wicked start can't wait to read more thanks for the pm congrats on the ff .
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Posted: 2014-01-05T17:44:19Z
Great start can't wait to
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Posted: 2014-01-05T18:24:12Z
Wow the first story I am reading on Parud, I'm so excited to read further.

The prologue was absolutely amazing and simply brilliant,

Love the way you wrote out the most awaited scene from the serial, written perfectly and exceptionally well.

Love the way you described Rudra's emotions and feelings when he realised the girl was Paro, 

Please continue this as I would love to read how the story unfolds, 

Thanks for the PM,

Eagerly waiting for the next part xx

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it was an amazing start! Continue soon please!
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