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Posted: 10 years ago

 - So curtains fall as final act is done .. What a show it could have been .. had the makers stuck to the main plot of this show.

Last 3 episodes were so much sugary sweet .. 😲  Too much diabetic for me .. 😆 Not that I enjoyed the torturous saas bahu track. 🥱😆

Ah well ... So Goodbye folks. 🤗 Had nice time giving WU's for this show. 😊

The episode starts with sanjay entering the room and then he sees that the room has been decorated as a room should be decorated for one's honeymoon. Then he goes and asks dad that does he know who decorated the room? Then dad tells that he does not know and then he tells to ask someone else. Then sanjay goes out and then dad smiles from behind. Then sanjay goes and asks parul that who decorated the room? Parul says that she does not know. Then ami comes and gives sanjay the card and then he opens the card and reads it that it is written that they are the best mom and dad in the world. Then he gets happy and then he hugs her. then he asks ami that does she know that who has decorated the room, then she tells that she knows that it is that person who has her hand behind everything. then from behind prabha comes and then she gives a gift to sanjay and then tells that she has decorated the room and then suyash comes and gives sanjay gift from him and parul to sanjay and shruti. Then sanjay says that the gift is empty and then parul and suyash tell that they have bought tickets of paris for him and shruti. Then parul tells sanjay that he can open the box. Sanjay opens it and then sees the tickets in it. Then prabha tells that he has some more surprise in his bedroom in his room and then she tells him to go. Then sanjay goes.

Prabha goes In her room and then sees that the lights are off so she switches on the lights and sees that the room has been decorated with lightings. Then she gets happy and then thinks that who has done this? Then dad comes and tells that he has done it. Then he tells her to notice something. Then prabha is not able to notice anything so dad tells her that he has done the exact decoration as it had been done on their suhaag raat. Then prabha blushes. Then dad tells that the atmosphere is very romantic and that this is the perfect time for them to repeat their past. Then prabha tells him to keep quiet and they both smile at each other. In ami's room ami is reading a book when a photo falls down and she picks it up. It is harsh's photo and ami starts crying and then tells that sanjay has been a very good person towards her even when she was rude and he also loves shruti a lot. Then she tells that he saved her in that party and that she realized that he is exactly like harsh and that he saved from all troubles but she did not behave nicely and did not talk nicely. Then she tells that he is the best papa in the world and that she loves him a lot.

In room sanjay enters and sees that shruti is sitting there covered under a saree. he then goes and sits on the bed and tells that he waited for this day since when and he knows that even she waited for this day since when. Then he talks with her some romantic sentences and then he tells that he is now thinking that how beautiful must she be looking everyday. Then sanjay sleeps on the persons lap, it is shani then he takes his hand and tells that now she does not need to do any work at home and her soft hands...then he sees the hand and then sees that it is a man's hand and then he gets up and then he removes the ghunghat and sees that it is shani. Then sanjay gets angry and then shani gets up to run when sanjay removes his boot and hits him and then shani shouts loudly and then parul,shruti,riddhi,yogesh and suyash come. Then sanjay sees them and everyone is laughing. Then shruti tells him to leave shani. He leaves him. Then sanjay tells that why did they do this joke. Then he tells shruti to come in and then tells them all to go out. Then shani tells that what will happen of him. Then sanjay runs him away and everyone laugh and they go out. Then sanjay tells shruti that now she has listened everything and asks her that does she want to say something? Shruti says yes and then she tells him in his ears "I love you" then he tells her I love you too and then picks her up and the serial ends.

Precap: the serial in place of khelti hai zindagi aankh micholi is Aur pyar ho gaya...the serial is starting from Monday and is being promoted by shruti. 
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Posted: 10 years ago
Shweta once again thanks a lot for carrying the entire update baggage on your shoulders 🤗.. really appreciate 👏👏👏
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Posted: 10 years ago

Originally posted by: jyoti06

Shweta once again thanks a lot for carrying the entire update baggage on your shoulders 🤗.. really appreciate 👏👏👏

Your welcome, Jyo! 😳
It was a pleasure knowing u via Zee Tv shows .. 😃😳
Will continue doing EMA WU's till I can do it. 😊
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Thanks Shwetha. Pity that this good show has ended whilstt bakwaas shows like PRcontinue to drag on into infinity.