Arhi TS : Seashores and Seashells [ Completed ]

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Posted: 9 years ago

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Posted: 9 years ago

The Author of this post have chosen to restrict the content of this Post to members only.

Posted: 9 years ago
I love the Seychelles, Mints...
Not that I have ever been there, Winkbut the pictures and the stories I hear make me want to run...ooops, sorry, fly there quickly 
Lets vacation there together, girl!!!! Whenever!!!!Day Dreaming
I am absolutely loving the backdrop of this story...loved it
The images are perfect and actually help with imagining the beautiful resort Arnav is at...
I have always loved the visual imagery, your words evoke...of places, of scenes, of the characters themselves...
I cannot wait to
What a lovely story to start the new year with!!!!
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Posted: 9 years ago
Mints! Why did I wait so long to read this? are brilliant my darling...never forget that...

I loved it. 

Arnav and his loyalty and love for his family yet his compulsion to run away from them having being forced to settle down and get married. An institution that has left him bitter seeing and witnessing the outcome of his own parents relationship . So beautifully described. 

I loved the glimpse into his life, his past and his present and his characterisation...and him in a black vest...

Loved the descriptions of this magical island you wrote about the images and the ambience toy ceased I felt I was right there listening to the sound of the waves and the balmy breeze hitting my face. 

Loved how your wrote how seeing her made him feel, his unexplainable response to seeing her, taking him by surprise and a sense of desire strong enough to evoke a feeling of jealousy in him as her meeting with someone else...

Loved the details ...her clothes and her description and the way her simple gesture of brushing away her strand of hair did to him...I could feel his anxiousness and his pull towards her. 

I loved that they both are here on their own but some how together and were able to talk to each other so comfortably opening up about their reasons to why they se here...

Loved how he looks at her later in the day and how is thrilled...loved how they are going scuba diving was just wonderful and perfect...

Thanks for the dedication my darling...I am blessed to have you in my life...

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Posted: 9 years ago
Hum bhi!!!


Why is everyone going to Seychelles. Earlier Khushi was taking Arnav there in Kalyaani's OS and now you too albeit separately but to come back home together. Wink
I want to go there too.
I loved the pics and the place in your description. Both Arnav & Khushi came on this trip for same yet different reasons. Arnav came to take a break from all the pressure and the emotional blackmailing. Khushi came here after accepting the fact that her life is going to change soon. The key factor which drove both of them to this trip is marriage.
Arnav has started feeling the attraction, electric joltsWink, jealousy and little sadness for she will marry someone else.
The waters are deep, lets see if he will swim with the flow or not. Wink
Bring on the next part soon Mints!!
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Posted: 9 years ago

Sorry for being this lateTongue
I have told you already but still mentioning, you write exquisitely! I felt that I was there, in Seychelles, watching everything which was unfolding in the TS through your writing. You have created an imagery! 

And now coming back to them, I am sure the girl is khushi, and the guy is arnav, whom their respective families want them to get settled with! 

And I can see the sparks already flying, as khushi said 'What is life without risks?', I am sure arnav will deffo take the risk of falling in love with herBig smile I am sure, khushi tool will. Because they are meant to be, together-forever.

PS. Meko bhi Seychelles jana hai Ouch
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Posted: 9 years ago
Love part one! A completely different Arnav in my opinion that you've shown. Waiting for part 2Edited by areeba_blossom - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
What the! Mints !! Did you forget to mention that you are writing this TS with me in mind as Khushi? Its okay, it happens to an operated brain. I understand. I know you love me !! Hug
Its time we re-wrote some standard proverbs.
First one that comes to my mind is "An idle mind is an Angel's workshop". Only an angelic mind can produce such supercool, romantic, feel good love story.
Why TS? What's the hurry? Turn it into a SS. Bas !! 
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