Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 1st January 2014 Written Episode

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Posted: 10 years ago

- Happy New Year to all. 🤗

The episode starts with sanjay pulling the lab assistant's collar and asking him to tell why did he change the reports. Then he tells that prabha had offered him money to do this and in greed of money he changed the report. Sanjay is shocked to learn that prabha can stoop so low. At home prabha is waiting for shurti and sanjay to come. They come and then prabha starts her drama that how can Shruti be so shameless that even after having AIDS she can enter the house and she then says that now if Shruti stays in the house she won't stay and saying so she goes in her room and gets her bag and says that she is leaving the house. Then she is thinking to herself that why sanjay or anyone else is not stopping her from going and then she says that she is going and again speaks ill about shruti. Then sanjay asks her to not speak a single against Shruti n he won't tolerate if she now speaks a word against Shruti. Then he tells about what she had done in front of the family and then tells her that he will leave the house and go away. Then sanjay's dad also says that he also can't stay in the house with prabha and so he will also leave the house.

Then when they are leaving Shruti stops sanjay and says that he will not leave the house and says that she will leave the house with her kids and says that she couldn't win his mom n so she will leave the house as prabha hates her. Then prabha stops her and apologises to her and asks her to stay n not leave the house and apologizes her for the mistakes she had done. She also apologizes to Ami n then Ami says that elders shouldn't apologize n younger should apologize n then she apologizes to prabha n sanjay also by addressing him as dad. Everyone gets happy and the screen freezes on shruti's face.

Precap:- Ami and khushboo say that Sanjay n Shruti r the world's best parents n so they want to give them a gift n then Trisha comes and says that she has planned a gift for them.



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Posted: 10 years ago
Happy New Year and thnx :)