Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 25th December 2013

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Episode starts with drunk raman entering Shagun's room and sees all the photos of her with ashok.. Mihir comes in time and asks what he's doing here and takes him away.. Ruhi is coughing badly irritating Dimple and she makes her drink cough syrup.. when Ruhi doesnt stop coughing, dimple makes her drink the whole bottle.. Ishita hears Ruhi's voice and wakes up.. she decides to check on ruhi but holds back seeing the time and thinks that prateek is right.. Ishita goes back to sleep thinking that she is fine with her grandparents.. Ruhi sleeps..

Ishita again wakes up thinking about ruhi and decides to check.. She opens her door when Raman is trying to get inside his house.. Raman drunken state asks her what she's doing outside his house and if she came to say sorry.. Ishita says she feels Ruhi isnt fine which angers him and moving towards her asks if she's planning to get into his house? Raman asks if she's planning to trap him which angers Ishita.. she says she would have slapped him had he asked her this any other time but now she's worried about Ruhi..Raman taunts her and gets angry thinking about shagun.. He asks if she needs money and is to give her when he falls.. Ishita takes him inside his house and makes him sleep on the sofa and also keeps his award on the table..

Ishita hears Ruhi crying saying Mumma and checks on her.. She gets shocked seeing her condition and asks Ruhi what happened?Dimple is sleeping.. Ishita sees the empty cough syrup bottle and asks Ruhi how much she drank as its adults cough syrup and thinks Ruhi has had an overdose.. Ishita takes Ruhi to the hospital and admits her..The doc thinking Ruhi to be Ishita's daughter asks her what's the matter and Ishita tells cough.. Doc questions her further and Ishita calls raman but realises he's drunk.. She calls on the landline.. Mrs Bhalla wakes up and is about to pick when it ends.. She sees Raman on the sofa and the trophy and wonders that may be because of Dimple in his room, he is sleeping here.. Mrs Bhalla comes to Raman and says that Dimple has come into his life erase all the troubles Shagun gave and also be mother of Ruhi..She leaves to check on Ruhi and is shocked to find her missing..

Ishita asks about Ruhi to doctor and he scolds her for being a careless mother and giving expired cough syrup and that too full bottle..He says they need to pump the syrup out and asks her to sign consent papers.. Ishita wonders how she can sign it and says she'll be back in a minute.. Mrs Bhalla wakes everyone up including dimple asking about Ruhi.. Dimple says she doesnt know and heads back to sleep.. She wakes Raman up asking about Ruhi when Ishita calls on landline which Dimple picks from the room..Ishita thinking it to be Mrs Bhalla informs that Ruhi is with her in the hospital as they gave expired Cough syrup and asks them to come soon as its emergency.. 

Shocked dimple check the bottle and wondering what to do calls simmi..Dimple comes to them worried.. Mrs Bhalla finds a bracelet and asks whose's it is? Raman looks and remembers gifting to Ishita and tells her.. Rumi who had left to check comes back saying guard said he saw Ruhi with Ishita..Mrs Bhalla cries saying she kidnapped Ruhi..

Ruhi is being treated.. She vomits and Ishita helps her out and also makes her have medicines.. She wonders why no one is here yet and sees the time as 4am.. Ishita calls Amma to inform them but they are in temple doing puja in Ishita and Prateek's name as today's their engagement.. Amma picks up and asks where she is? Ishita asks them to start puja and that she's in an emergency case.. Ishita's battery dies and the call ends.. Bala says we will do the puja on Ishita's behalf. They start doing the puja. Raman gets up and goes to Ishita's house but finds it locked and is shocked.. He thinks if Ruhi is with Ishita, I won't leave her.

Ishita has to sign the consent form and she thinks of meeting Shagun remembering Dimple's words.


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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for the updates... just started watching the last 3 episodes and have fallen in love with the story. Will be doing my catch-up marathons soon... Embarrassed
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks much for the WU, Preetz! :D 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for the update.
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Posted: 5 years ago
thnx for WU dear :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks For The Written Update
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Posted: 5 years ago
Big smile  Thank You Very Much Big smile
Big smile  Big smile  Big smile A Case Of Kid Confused Confused Napping LOL LOL LOL
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Posted: 5 years ago
thanks for the update..seems like more misunderstandings between ishita n raman is on the way...n poor ruhi...
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