Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Written Update - 18th December 2013

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Posted: 2013-12-18T11:47:41Z

The Episode starts with Mihir asking Raman to control his anger..Raman says she came to check my pay slip and wants to get her daughter married to me.. Mihir asks him to control as she was a mom and any mom would do the same..He tells Raman not everyone is like Shagun.. Raman asks him not to take her name and that all women are selfish and reminds of the manager's wife.. Mihir asks him how will he get a mom for Ruhi when Raman says Ruhi doesnt need one and that his mom is there to take care.. Mihir doesnt agree and asks Raman to try trusting people for a change.. Raman says he did that once and life changed already..

Ishita tells pratik that she needs him to know something and that he can reject her if he wishes.. Pratik says he knows and that it doesnt matter to him and they need to spend their life together and that they can adopt kids which they can love.. Ishita smiles.. Raman here thinks about Ishita's words and remembers Shagun leaving him for Ashok and gets angry.. Amma happy tells she will call Pratik to know his reply when Pratik says its a yes from him for had it been no he would have left by now..Pratik proposes Ishita.. He asks if its a no from her when she also says yes.. Amma, Appa, Mihika happy..

Its morning, Raman is leaving for office when he sees a vehicle blocking his car and keeps horning. Ishita asks him not to do so and says that there are some old men doing work.. They get into an argument and Ishita tells that Values are not made but built in which he doesnt have.. She leaves and treats the men well.. Raman also gets out of his car and helps the old man

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla meet in the corridor and have an argument over the laundry guy.The laundry guy is freaked as they keep pulling him.. Muttu does pee on Raman's shirt making Amma happy.. Mrs Bhalla says she only taught this but Amma just teases her and leaves with Muttu to home.. Mihika asks Amma why she's so happy when Amma asks her to inform Mihir that they are coming to meet them today shocking Mihika.. She hugs amma happily

Mihika tells Ishita that Amma is ready for her match.. She calls Mihir but he keeps rejecting as he's with Raman.. Ishita says he might be busy.. Raman scolds Mihir for getting so many calls..Finally Mihir attends the call and says he cant speak now. Mihika tells him about amma agreeing to meet and that its not easy to impress amma..Mihir asks her to meet him in the evening.. Raman asks about the call and Mihir tells that he has someone in his life and that he wanted to speak on the same and that he wants Raman to be there with him.. Mihir informs about them coming to meet him and asks if Raman will come?? Raman asks him to first concentrate on work.. 

Ishita sees Ruhi with Rumi. Mrs Bhalla taunts Ishita and asks Rumi to bring Ruhi up.. Ishita cries and leaves. Rumi apologizes to Mihika on his mom's behalf when Mihika asks if he too is her son.. Rumi agrees saying by mistake.. Rumi says he feels Ishita loves Ruhi. Mihika asks if he can make them meet and rumi agrees.. Rumi later talks to his friend about Mihika

Ashok is giving his presentation while Raman and Mihir are watching.. Mihir says he is saying he will give one bottle in one rupee. Raman thinks about Ashok's old strategies. Ashok ends his presentation and now its Raman's turn. Raman says you all have seen his presentation and might be impressed by him, so give the deal to him as I can't believe in fooling people and leaves.. Mihir asks Raman why he came out when Raman asks him to just wait and watch..The people come after Raman and asks what happened??

Raman says he cant fool people and that he cant compromise on Quality so cant give bottle for one rupee.. Mihir says it was impressive but why did you say no to the deal? Raman says I did not say no. The people are impressed by his honesty and says lets meet tomorrow. Ashok gets angry knowing this that Raman got the deal. Raman tells Mihir that they need to leave Mihika's family.. Mihir tells he has lots of arrangements to do alone when Raman says he's already informed his mom before meeting and that they would be on with it.. Mihir is happy

Amma and Appa talk that Bala and Vandu will be coming at Mihir's house directly. Mihika is happy that they are going to meet Mihir.. Mrs. Bhalla is doing the arrangements at Mihir's house.. Mihika and everyone reach Mihir's house.. Mrs. Bhalla calls Mihir and says those people came. Mihir and Raman are on the way. Mrs. Bhalla opens the door Iyers and Bhallas are shocked to see each other..

Ishita is walking on the road alone at night. Some goons are after her. She falls and Raman holds her hand.


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thank u...Smile
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Thanks for the update Embarrassed
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^ Thanks much for the detailed WU, Preetz! Big smile 
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thanks for the update preetz
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thanks for the update :))
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