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Monday,2nd December

The episode starts with RK giving permission to Madhu to act in another movie while Deepali thinks about Madhu. RK gives gifts to Madhu for his baby and Madhu feels happy..Madhu tells to that director that she will not act from henceforth and Deepali tries to make RK angry with Madhu. RKsees the cheque which is given by that director and gets shocked and scolds Madhu thinking that she got the cheque from that director. Madhu tells that she didn't get the cheque from that director and RK realizes that she is telling the truth. Madhu tears the cheque.

Tuesday,3rd December

The episode starts with Madhu trying to call RK but he doesn't pick up the call. Meanwhile, Madhu gets stomach pain. Madhu shouts with heavy stomach pain and RK gets Madhu's voice mail. Radha takes cares of Madhu and take her to the hospital while RK rushes to home to see Madhu. Doctor tells that Madhu had a miscarriage so RK and everyone else gets shocked. He tries to console Madhu but she is really upset. Radha feels very bad for Madhu's baby so Pabho consoles her.

Wednesday,4th December 

The episode starts with RK feeling very bad for his baby. Bittuji informs RK that Madhu is fine but he seems lost.Pabho asks RK where Madhu is but he does not reply back neither does he talk properly to Madhu. Madhu feels sad seeing RK's behaviour with her and feels that it is so because of that cheque issue. RK tells Madhu that she only aborted his baby for her career so Madhu gets angry with him and they argue. Madhu tells RK that she is not like that and likes her baby more than the film she shot for but RK is not prepared to hear anything.

Thursday,5th December

The episode update Starts with RK blaming Madhu for deliberately losing their baby for the fame. Madhu gets angry with RK and asks him how he could say such thing and adds that it was him who said to abort the child. RK stops himself from slapping Madhu and throws the things in the storeroom and warns Madhu that she will have to pay for this. Deepali and Pabho have a conversation about Madhu and RK's fight. Pabho brainwashes RK that Madhu lost her baby deliberately. Madhu and Radha have a conversation about doing a dangerous scene even after been told to take rest. RK goes to Hosipital to meet the girl he had hit in an accident. He reads the diary of the girl ,her name reads as Ria. RK gets angry when he sees Madhu's posters all round the city.

Friday,6th December

The episode begins with RK keeping distance from Madhu. RK is suprised to see Madhu leaving his house with her suitcase to her mother's house. He taunts her for making all decisions without his consent. Madhu is welcomed with a lot of fans near her chawl but Roma takes her home. Bittuji tries to make RK understand about his mistakes but RK talks rudely to him. Roma also consoles Madhu on knowing the truth. Bittuji tells RK that he is selfish and he wont get an understanding wife like Madhu again and adds that he would realise his mistake one day. Roma sees RK outside the house but he leaves without saying anything. Madhu remembers RK on seeing her movie poster. Public gathers around RK and Madhu when RK comes to meet her at the chawl.

There was a time where we were flooded with Rishbala's romantic scenes...aur ab dekhoπŸ˜†

Chalo but phir bhi There was one scene in the whole week which I can say that it was a Ishqian moment . And its the hospital scene

Just loved the hug which Madhu wanted. She only wanted RK at the moment, ONLY RK who can just hold her tight and say everything will be alright very soon.

😲 πŸ˜‘ πŸ˜‘ Whad da.. Whad da... 

OMG.. never expected this moment to come.. where RK not only accuses Madhu of willfully getting rid of their baby but almost slaps her.. for reminding him..he was the one not wanting to have the baby in the first place..!! Why CVs Why are u destroying the characters of this show.. so cruelly??? πŸ˜­

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There was no one who was worth this award πŸ€’
RK's shirt...I dunno which color...and of what material this is...but it is truly sucking!

Ofcourse.. yet again..for the nth time its.. Madhu  πŸ˜­ 

What with RK and Radha blaming her for being irresponsible n being the reson for the loss of the baby.. it was heartbreaking to see .. Madhu in this pitiful condition! Poor her... she even walked out..n RK din stop her!  πŸ˜­


Bittu ji,again, he is the only one who speaks the truth and is bold enough to face rk and to fight for justice.All he said to RK a about madhu was something that madhu should be saying.Hats off to bittu j the only sensible character left in this show.

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*woot woot* this week No RK , No Madhu...Baaji to koi aur he le gaya this week. And he is non other then our very own Bittu ji...

"Jo aasmaan mein udna chahta hai na, woh apne sharabi pati ke pairo par girkar, uske haath se toote hue kaanch ke tokde nahi uthata zameen par se"

"Madhubala ki jeet RK se bardaash nahi hui"

There is no doubt that RK the superstar and RK the husband got affected by Madhu's popularity. And the true face was shown by non other then Bittu ji. He is the one from the very start of the show who does that and can do without getting scared of his Chief.

"Madhubala ki jeet RK se bardaash nahi hui"...Very weel said. very true...But why it was so...RK's ego or he got scared. Its just his ego which makes him react like this. In Madhu's language...yeh jo uske dimag mein kachra bhara hua hai na, tha is the one who makes him do all this stuff.

And this Kachra needs to be cleaned very soon or else he will be the one responsible. Or like Bittu ji said one day he will definitely realize his mistake, but what if its too late for it...Janee ke liye dekhte rahiye "Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon"πŸ˜†

'Bachcha aap dono ne khoya hai...' - Bittu 

Oh thank u.. Bittu ji..for reminding ..RK that..!  I dunno why is RK reacting like this? Seriously sad with all the bitterness between Rishbala..! Hope CVs set this right soon n reunite Rishbala n bring them together for happier times! 

Sadly there seems to be a dearth of Rishbala moments n so that one moment they spent in the hosp makes the cut! 

That moment where RK and Madhu shared their pain.. of losing their dreams ..the symbol of their love..their baby .!! πŸ˜­

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I really don't have any words to say here .. πŸ˜‘Again a torturous week for viewers πŸ€’so I give 0/5 this week. yes.. I don't have any ratings to give for this week πŸ€’

No new Article for this weekπŸ˜•

I don't understand what is the problem of CV's why they always rush things & screw all tracks πŸ€’
RK reading Riya's diary it was strange suddenly he started literally following a stranger.

RK never expressed his feelings to anyone but now he pours his heart out infront of strangers😲

MC fissaco I don't understand RK was one who didn't wanted the child but after MC instead of consoling Madhu the way he reacted is HORRIBLE! πŸ€’ Suddenly how he started showing much concern of his baby? He blamed madhu behind this but it only "him" who is responsible for her mental stress.. It was  disgusting πŸ€’

Garma Garam topic of the week is RK . The entire previous week the forum was buzzing with topics related to Mr.Superstar . Some posts were bashing RK and some were defending him . So all in all Rishabh Kundra was the hot - hot topic .
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superb edition Shivu!
Congo all winners 
Posted: 10 years ago
WOW! was waiting this πŸ˜ƒ
Great work everyone πŸ˜ƒ Congrats to team n  winners πŸ‘πŸΌ

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