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part 2
awww what an cute update Narita Di... I loved how Nats don't allows Ram to give key of house yes she didn't want to loss Priya's trust that was nice one... then Priya jelousy over Juhi & she didn't let Ram have his food was even feelk so real... then their argument over slepping & finally Priya slipped in Ram's blanket & sleeping next him was the best... awww I loved it a lot plz do post next soon will be waiting to see Viraj & Mallika's romance do post next soon...
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Posted: 6 years ago
a perfect romance of RaYa, can't live without each other but still need to fight, still sweet they are, nice one, plz continue ASAP, waiting for romance
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Posted: 6 years ago
thanks for PM
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Posted: 6 years ago
Loved it
cv's should take ideas from ur FF
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Posted: 6 years ago
Hehehe too cute romantic...cant wait for romance..ufff :D
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Posted: 6 years ago
very cute & romantic update, bt tumne Ram babu ko bhukha sula diya ShockedShocked , precap sounds very interesting, eagerly waiting 4 Raya's grand marriage, pls continue soon,thx 4 PM
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Posted: 6 years ago
Sorry for being so very late.
Beautiful update.  Priya is melting at heart.  Ram is just wow...
Waiting for their romance in ur words.
Please update soon.
Thanks for the pm.
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Where I was .. I went missing ..Tongue No the problem was I was out of town . in Official tour and just came back , but I managed to write down this part .. in installments taking time out from the hectic schedule of the tour.. Hope you all will like I and next part will  be the last one .. Big smile


Part -3


Ram walked to the kitchen where Priya was Preparing Coffee for him. Her back was facing him, He coughed , and walked inside.  Priya asked him to sit on the Kitchen dine, she will prepare breakfast for him.


no priya !'  He said , as he coughed a little , due to cold that caught him last night,   I will leave.'


 Priya looked back to Ram , she was surprised , with Ram's behavior , the man who was behind her from last few days , suddenly was not sounding interested in listening to her. Priya blew off the gas and asked Ram if he needs a doctor.


  No , I need to accept . I need to accept what you have already accepted. I need to accept that everything is over between us. I need to maintain .. this distance. I was a fool Priya that I thought that something is left between us. I can re-ignite our love. But no I was so wrong. And Now if you will ... do all these things it will be difficult. It's ...'  Ram was shivering , he was stammering , Closing her eyes tight , It's OVER !! and I promise you I will never disturb you again.. Never...'  ram turned back and wiped out his tears... He took two three steps from the kitchen towards the living room , he heard Priya. He stopped .


Finished ! okay everything is finished between Ram and Priya ; but .. is everything finished between you and me... Vi.. Viraj?'  priya ended as she wept.


Ram turned to Priya , he smiled a little and opened up his arms , with a broad smile plastered over his face. She smiled and ran to him , Ram enveloped her in his secured arms . The lost birds found their nest. Ram held her cozy near him , while she rested her head near his heart , listening to the best music of the world. Ram held her tight, along her waist , caressing her hair with the other. Tears escaped priya's eyes. Nested on her abode , she knew what she missed all these days.  She nestled closer to him, Ram smiled. There was no gap left between them. Ram leaned and kissed her neck, priya clutched his Jacket in impulse. Ram cupped her face and kissed her forehead , moving closer he kissed away his tears. When he looked at her , he found her eyes closed . he smiled and moved close to kiss her , tilting his head he was inches away from her , her warm breath made him more crazy. His lips just touched her's and there was an interruption. The door bell rang. With sudden interruption priya opened her eyes , but couldn't look up. She smiled shyly , and wanted to excuse herself to the see the visitor at the door.


Clutching her wrist he interrupted , who can be it ?'  Ram asked tucking her hair behind her ears..


Bai .. may be..'  She said without looking at the man, she added ,, I will ask her to leave..'  ram smiled and cleared her way. Priya walked to the main door. Ram walked back to the hall. Peeping through the key hole she found her intuition to be right , her maid was there for the day. She looked to herself , on the mirror kept just opposite to the main door .. turning back , she opened the door.


haan suno aaj tum jao , mujhe bahar jana hain..'   Priya said to her maid .


 par ..'  the maid wanted to say something , but before she could stretch , Priya asked her to leave and closed the door, she walked to the hall and found Ram sitting there .


I will get the coffee , Natasha aa sakti hain , dekh lena ..'  priya smiled and walked to the kitchen, Ram naughtily smiled and muted the business news channel , keeping his jacket on the sofa , he stood up for the kitchen, and again an interruption ... happened. The door bell rang again , Ram thought it to be Natasha on the door , he like a proud man who proved his sister wrong walked to the door . he looked through the peep hole and got shocked he checked once again.. the door bell rang again and with a shocking expression , he ran inside to the kitchen.


Priya was coming to the hall with the coffee and breakfast . Ram took the tray from her hand hurryingly, keeping it on the table in the hall he asked her to open the door ..


arey but ! aap bhi toh!! Had hain viraj..'  priya said frustratingly ..


what did you say right now?'  Ram asked , priya smiled and asked ram to leave her. Ram smiled and asked her again .. but the door bell rang in more repetitively.


mallika it's Sudheer ji with kids...'  saying ram ran into the bedroom inside... , and don't tell them I am here...'


but ..'  priya looked to the door and heard few knocks ... in addition to the door bell, Coming !!'  raising her voice she paced up to the door and opened it..


Mom , where are you .. we were tensed !'  pihu said concernly ...


I was in the wash room ! ayiye papa.'  Priya walked inside and after her the four kids and her father walked in. Khush closed the door..


As pihu walked in , she found the breakfast and coffee cups there . very surprisingly , she asked , Mom , break fast !'


why ? can't I have breakfast!'  priya asked annoyingly.


Mom but for two ? I mean Bua was at sharma house when we left!'  Priya intervened , raising her voice she asked , if Pihu is there to keep eye on her. Before Pihu could defend , Myra's eyes caught the news channel on the television , which was on mute mode; She was surprised to find that her mother is also interested in business, joyful she asked Priya about her interest.


Please ! Stop all these , I have lot to do . I have to go out too. So just tell me why you all visited me today ! Please!'  priya sounded very irritated.


mom this Coat !'  Pari exclaimed , Priya couldn't reply before that ,Khush intervened ,showing his annoyance towards the sisters, What's wrong with you guys , is there any problem , that there are two cups of coffee , is there any problem with the business channel , and with this jacket Pari ..'  He picked it up in his hand , further he added , This is dad's can't you see it ! any blind can say that this is Dad's...'


"I know Bhai .. that's what I was going to say . I know it is Papa's That' what I was going to say .. I mean papa was or is here.'  Pari said .


" no ... this is not your Father's pari...'  priya interrupted , This is someone else's ..This is of my Friend's who came for dinner last night.'


But . priya angel this Dad's . I know he wore this last morning ..' Khush said .


why Khush ? can't anyone have the same kind of Fabric? And Please I don't want to hear about Mr.Kapoor . I am in a real Good Mood right now I don't want to spoil my mood. PLEASE !' Priya said irritatingly , as she turned her back to the kids.


Mom , who is that friend ? I mean , I don't believe you Mom I don't . Why you are lying to us ?'  Pihu said very innocently.


pihu ! tell me one thing , why I can't have a friend? Am I bonded ?? is there any hard and fast rule for me ? and what do you think about your father? He is all clear ..  arey maan uth gaya hain mere se , Thanks to Viraj who opened my eyes ... He have someone in his life ..'  Priya was very angry this time. She stood turning her back to the family , she smiled .


No mom ...'  khush intervened ... , dad loves you only ! please don't believe in any others words ..'


Khush I also thought that , but this is ...'  She suddenly stopped as a sms got delivered in her mobile she took the phone and went through the sms send by Ram , from inside. He wrote "  Darling , jada ho raha hain .. I am Hungry ... bhagao inn logo ko so that Viraj can come out.'   Priya smiled while reading the sms, but when she looked up she was shocked to see the family stunned . they looked at her puzzled.


what ?'  priya rolled her eyes , Can't I smile even reading a message ? is there anything wrong with you guys ! and please now Leave please . a humble request . I have some plans. And before you all question more let me tell you I don't feel like informing neither Mr.Kapoor nor anyone , coz I am not his wife anymore . you all know na I and Mr.Kapoor are divorced now .'  priya looked direct into her children's eyes..


The Kids slowly walked out of the Room ... But sudheer ji was still there. After he was left alone with his daughter he slowly walked to her and smiled. Priya Looked surprised . Before leaving he added priya ... Ram ke liye coffee breakfast banayi thi naa.. jaa use khila de...'  



Priya walked to the bedroom , after locking the front door. She came there with coffee and breakfast , but She didn't see ram there. Slowly she walked inside , and kept the tray on the table to check the washroom. As soon as she dropped the tray on the table , Ram hugged Priya from her back, and kissed her neck.


chodiye...'  Priya said...


No ...' Ram nuzzled along her neck.. Priya struggled and somehow got out of Ram's arms. But he was not in a mood to let her go , he held her tight in his arms, what you were saying outside?'


Kya??'  Priya asked smiling naughtily.


That , one of your friend was here yesterday ! who was that?'  ram looked naughty ...


Hoga koi !!'  Priya smiled , Jealous !.. waise with whom I am talking right now Ram or Viraj'


Kya Kaha Tumne...'  Ram smiled broad , his eyes twinkled .. Priya realized she called him by his name.. Looking down she blushed... Holding her tight against him , with his hands around her waist , he asked again , What did you say?'


that you heard !' Priya said as she turned pink .. leave me .. I am hungry ...'


Me too .. but ..'  ram paused , moving Priya's head up by her chin he smiled and added , For you madam!'


chodiyee Mujhe !'  Priya pushed ram , and due to sudden impact , ram trembled and Priya fled off from his arms.  She sat on the couch , and removed the cover from the coffee mugs. Shit they have turned cold , let me ...'  she couldn't finish , ram sat by her , nearest to her and held her hands tightest..


Ahh  ! Ram chodiye ..'  She screamed in pain ..


So Ram is best naa ... neither Viraj nor Mr.Kapoor...'  ram Winked ...  Priya made a puppy face asking Ram to let her go ... She tried to get her hand out of his hold. Their playful , romantic mood got spoiled as ram's phone rang ! But ram didn't bothered about it , he moved closer to Priya , her hands touched his shoulder voluntarily.  His lips tried to make it's way to hers' Priya made his job difficult by hugging him tight .. Ram smiled and hugged her tight , holding her possessively in his arms ..


The distraction still prevailed , Priya opened her eyes as the Phone rang third time. Parting from ram she asked him to get the call. Ram denied to do so . taking the phone Priya's smiled vanished , she handed the phone to Ram. He found Juhi calling him.


Ram received the call and put it in the Speaker. Priya looked at Ram , as juhi's voice travelled to her ears ..


Ram where are you ? Kids , elders all are getting .. we are getting tensed and you were not receiving my call.' Said juhi very sincerely..


is there any urgency ?'  ram asked straight to the point.


Ram you are the urgency  , we were not getting updates about you since you left the house yesterday . we were tensed .'  juhi said ..


now I think everyone is relaxed to know that I am fit and fine ! So please don't disturb me . I am busy and I will be busy .. until when I don't know .. and even I don't know when I will be back at home. So please do not disturb me . I am humbly requesting you.'  Ram said making an irritating face.


But Ram , there is something you are forgetting .. and that is Priya .. You should bring...'  Juhi was intervened by Ram, You don't need to think about her , where ever she is she is okay and you can get the full update of her from Natasha ,... please I am really busy and someone is waiting for me .. so please Juhi .. excuse me...'


But ram...'  Juhi was again intervened and this time Ram didn't gave her a time to react more , okay Bye Juhi ...'  Saying he hung up the call and switched off the mobile. Keeping it on priya's fist he declared it to be hers .


don't do this ... what ever there is between you and Juhi , what the kids have done Mr.kapoor.'  Priya turned on the phone , And what about Maa Dadi , what they did ?'  priya smiled at Ram.


okay ! Let it Be now listen to me carefully Mrs.Kapoor"  Ram took priya's hands in his and was about to continue , but , Priya smiled and corrected ,  Mrs.kapoor ? Who's That !'


Ram smiled , and felt trapped . He sat in silence for few minutes and clearing his throat he just utter Mallika..'  and priya put another bomb ... She said that she always hated Mallika  and viraj ... Distressed lost ram leaned back and kept on thinking ... Priya stood up and asked him to think how to continue talk with her , She walked to the kitchen with the coffee Mugs.


Priya was at the kitchen , when she felt his foot steps coming closer to her. She smiled and waited ...


priya ...'  Ram said ... Priya turned and her Smile vanished... she was stunned by the view. Ram was on his knees...


Can I get a beautiful opportunity from the Lovely Lady .. and ask her .. If this man can take her out for a date ... A long Drive ...'  Ram had a royal smile plastered on his face.


Tears rolled down along Priya's cheeks .. She wiped it out and nodded Yes , Slipping her hand on his she uttered Yes' ... Ram stood up and smiled broader more than before.. They looked at each other and smiled... Ram suddenly made annoying face .. surprising priya.


Coffee ...Priya ...!!'  Ram pointed behind to the gas oven.. Priya hurried to the oven but it already spoiled the oven. She threw the kitchen napkin on Ram and walked off.. Ram made a puppy face and stood there ... 

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