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 hi ya frenz , psting this here only , I wrote this many days back but i was unsure how you all will react if , i post a raya separation story . But i finally post the first Part here only here. Your Comments are awaited .  and this is an OS , 4-5 parts i will end it =D And more on i am writing this on request of a RaYa fan Big smile Just to get some Extra doses of Romance ! Embarrassed

Part 3

Last Part

Starting from the promo ...


A Shattered priya ran back to her room , Juhi tried to stop her but she failed , the door of the rom closed right at her face. Inside Priya cried badly. She couln't believe that her husband who kept her alive for seven years , loved her unconditionally , agreed to marry juhi divorcing her. Priya kept on weeping.


Juhi , ran downstairs , she searched for Ram. She looked around and found Ram very happy , he was with the kids and Siddhant. Juhi took the courage and joined him. Ram wanted Juhi to go ahead and join the sangeet ceremony . Juhi smiled and asked ram to come with her for few minutes. Ram looked surprised and uncomfortable at the same time. He smiled and excused himself from the function.


Juhi took Ram upstairs, She stopped infront of Ram priya's bedroom and said the details of the conversation that she had with Priya. Ram stepped back , he couldn't believe that juhi made such a big blunder. Juhi tried to justify her action but , Ram was not in mood to learn and hear to Juhi's stupid justification. Ram walked hurrying to the door and pushed it .


Inside , priya was in the changing room, She was collecting her sarees and other essentials to pack her bag .  Ram knocked at the door , taking priya's name. She paused , and wiped her tears and walked calmly to the door, and opened it.


priya ...'  ram entered and held her in his arms , priya looked up and found Juhi standing just by him. She smiled feebly and said , Mr.kapoor I understand why you did that , I am Okay with it !'


Oh Priya !'  Ram , hugged priya , she briefed it and added , app niche jayiye , mujhe thodi der sona hain..'  Priya looked at Juhi and said , sorry juhi I can't attend your sangeet , pardon me.'


you just take your time , I will handle everything and then we will talk about this , Rule No 3 you remember.'  Ram smiled , priya managed a smile and nodded in acceptance. Ram and juhi turned to leave but they stopped in surprise as they found Natasha there.


choti ! Tu'  ram asked !


Yes bhai ,  priya called me'  Natasha looked at Priya and found her asking not to say anything.


priya !'  ram turned back.


mr.kapoor , you all were busy in Juhi and Sid's Sangeet so I called Natasha to go to the doctor and have medicines for me. That's it !'  Priya tried to justify her lie.


bhai  You and juhi just go down stairs , Sid is alone , you two should be with him. And Juhi you are not there with your would be husband , this is not done . I will take care of priya .'  Natasha said . Ram has enormous faith on his little sister , he asked Juhi to come downstairs. She smiled . ram left . Juhi looked back at priya and tried to say sorry , but priya walked inside, she without disturbing Priya left. Natasha locked the room and came to priya.


priya what was that , you called me that you want to leave Kapoor Mansion! But why ?'  Natasha asked


Few Minutes back ,


Priya called Natasha and asked her to come to Kapoor Mansion as soon as possible and without dragging and explaining it to Natasha , she asked her to come there and take her from Km for ever . Priya hung up the call then , Startled Natasha left her assignments and rushed to the kapoor mansion.


Back to the present!


priya , will you ?'  Natasha asked .


Natasha just tell me one thing do you all knew about Mr.Kapoor and Juhi's marriage!'  Priya asked while weeping.


priya !'  Natasha made priya sat on the bed,   yes every one knew about it ! Papaji , mummiji , everyone.' Natasha looked up to Priya , she found the lady weeping badly . Natasha sat by priya and hugged priya. She cried like a baby , who just lost her favorite toy forever.


priya , you need to know some more !'  Natasha made Priya look at Her, she added , priya Bhai has trasnfered your shares to juhi's name! he wanted her to be financially stable , so that she can get Naina's custody. I will not tell you to forgive me , but I knew , how much ever you two love eachother but it will hard for you to face the truth! Yes I knew it ! I said this once to bhai , but he said that you will understand him.'


Natasha I really don't care about money , never. But he agreed to marry someone , he didn't even given me divorce when I came back from dubai after 5 years , I could have become a threat for Ayesha and khush , but he never gave me divorce , he was supposed to safe guard khush too then , but he never divorced me, and the same person who kept me alive for 7 years , divorced me for a third person , for ...'  Priya choked , with a pause she added , can you drop me to some aashram please ! I don't want to be here, why I should be here? Kya Haq hain mera ! na mein patni hoon na hi mein maa ..' priya said .


Priya , humarein ghar chalo!'  Natasha said


No , when my parents accepted mr.Kapoor and Juhi's marriage that means they thought that I will never come back. That house is not mine! Not mine!'  priya said , as a lone tear escaped her eyes.


priya !'  Natasha lost words to express her worries, after few seconds , Natasha added , priya I have a pent house , I bought it for raunak . you know na , I love him but never got the courage to gift it to him. But please I will request you to come with me there please Priya.'


Priya looked at Natasha , she uttered , Okay! We will leave once the guests leave , I don't want to create a scene , that's why I showed everything to be okay ..'  priya walked to the changing room to pack her bags.  Natasha walked behind her and helped her, Natasha looked at priya and then she said to herself , I am  not in the for of your leaving home , but bhai needs to understand your important and what blunder he did that time!'


After many hours , the guests left and just a day left for the marriage. The kids with the elders were sitting in the hall. Natasha already checked and informed priya about the ceremony to be over. Priya dressed in a simple salwar suit , walked out of the room. Before leaving she looked back to the room for the last time. Natasha took the bag from priya's hand and walked ahead. Priya followed.


Natasha was descending , neha's eyes caught her, she stood up taking her name in surprise, every one followed.


Ram came forward and asked about the luggage , the reply came but from priya. Ram and other's looked up , the Kapoors Shrmas and Shergills were taken aback! Priya descended and stood firm , This is my bag , my luggage! I am leaving .'


what !!!'  Ram and juhi said in unison.  They looked at each other and then to priya .


priya we had a conversation right ! you said that you can understand ! now what is this ? Why Priya?'  Ram was surprised .


yes I showed everything was normal  just not to humiliate you infront of the guests, but truth is  I am leaving , I wanted to leave for an ashram but Natahsa asked me to go with her to her pent house, I love her like my younger sister , that's the reason I can't deny her. But this place neither my house , is mine. I am surprised why I was kept alive for these years..'  priya was intervened by ram ..


R U MAD PRIYA !!! I LOVE..'  priya over voiced ram and added , Stop it !! just stop it !! love , you love me !! ya I believe that you love me !! but what kind of believe you have had on yourself , one hand you knew that I will come back and on the other hand , you divorced me to marry juhi , for naina ...' Juhi wanted to intervene , priya looked sharp at her , Please juhi I am talking to my Hus...'  Priya stopped and smiled , to my Ex-husband!'  The word , pieced ram like a sword passing through his heart.


At least give me a last time to confront . I know you are the best mom , best would wife , would be daughter in law , right ! I am .. I am a useless bugger I guess , who spoiled Crores in this last years !  priya stopped as , ram shouted , STOP IT PRIYA !! JUST STOP IT !!'


why should I Mr.kapoor Why ? you said me that you divorced me for a cause okay I trusted you , you said me that you wanted to adopt naina .. I trusted you ... Juhi said those things at court , I trusted I trusted only one thing I could have done .. and I did I trusted .. I trusted ...but now ... I can't ... I just can't !! have a good life ! chalo Natasha ...'   priya was about to leave, but naina spoke ..


you know something , Priya aunty ..'  priya looked back , naiana added further , my mom devoted seven years , doesn't she needs some favor back , you are dad's past my mom is the present and future , my mom will do ...'  naina was over voiced by Ram , he was fuming in anger


Walking to naina , Ram looked angrily to naina , she tried to open her mouth , but he refrained her from doing so , stop it ! just shut UP !!! dare to speak about Priya , I am in debt to your mother , but that doesn't means that I have to lend my name to your mother , My name belong to my Wife , My Life ...'  ram turned and saw Priya at the kapoor Mansion entrance. She turned and His eyes meet hers, but she didn't stop , she walked out...


The families ran Outside ...


Accompanied with priya , Natasha walked to her car , she opened the door for priya , before she stepped inside , she looked back to the Kapoors and Sharmas , a broad smile got plastered to her face , as she waved bye to them. While every member shredded tears , Ram promised himself , I will win you back priya ...'  He promised to her , he promised to himself he promised to their love.



Almost a Week Passed away ...

Neha . Vikram , the kids , Sudheer ji , shipra ji every one wanted to talk with Priya , but priya didn't allowed anyone .


While in the Kapoor Mansion , neha and Vikram gave Ram one after another ideas to win back Priya . But nothing hit him good , But one day , suddenly he smiled remembering the affair they used to have with eachother , the role play they used to do .. He smiled . He said everything to his friends . neha hugged him and said that she is very much sure that priya couldn't keep herself away from him for a long time. Ram decided to execute the plan from the next day.


 Priya used to go for morning walk in the small park , adjacent to her apartment. Without any fail , priya went for morning walk , and after two three rounds , she settled on a park bench. While she was wiping out the sweats from her forehead , she heard something unusual.. snapping to the man , she asked , what did you say ?'


I said Hi MALLIKA'  ram sat by her with a sweet smile pinned to his lips. She arced her eyebrows to show her annoyance to him.


what a joke? Ram'  priya stood up to leave. wait'  he held back her hand. Dashing her hand out of his she warned Ram , neither to act smart nor to come closer to her. Looking around , almost turning a 360 degrees he asked who is Ram ? Surprised Priya , looked back .


come on mallika , you cant do this to me , you have promised me , once your husband will leave you or vice versa you will come into a firm relationship with me , so don't you think it's the perfect time to marry ? darling..'  Ram said as he danced his eye brows.


very Funny viraj .. right !!!'  she said , ha ha ha ha what a Joke !'  


Priya didn't looked back , she started walking towards her pent house. Ram turned back , he could see Vikram and neha peeping out from behind a Tree , Neha asked Ram to Follow the lady. With a sigh he rushed behind his just divorced wife. Priya was waiting for the lift, she found him by her side. 


Not again.'  Priya sighed , she stepped into the elevator , that slid opened , paving the way, ram slipped himself inside.  Ram looked at the panel and found the NS button , his luck favored that , it was unlocked. Hitting it ,he hit the 15th floor key , the topmost floor of the apartment. He came back to priya ... She stepped back , as her back hit the lift's metal wall. Ram came close to her.


Resting his hand , on the lift wall , he smiled, Mallika!'  Priya snapped at him.


uff your this look , I can die for this.'  Ram uttered , voluntarily , priya's hand moved to Ram's mouth, she lookd down taking her hand back from ram . Ram held the hand , and added , I will wait for you today here only ... sharp at 7 and you will come Mallika !'


I am not your wife that I have to agree.'  Priya revolted.


I know you are not my wife , but I want to marry you mallika !'  ram smiled back to her. The lift halted at the 15th floor.  The door opened . there was no one , Ram hit back the desired key , and let the lift to descend.


I will not come !'  priya said .


if you will not ! I will come to you mallika , but I will not let you go.'  Ram smirked , You might have heard from your friends that I have divorced my wife and she has left me too! So I am now a free bird , Khula Shand ! You know!'  Ram added .


The lift stopped at it's destination , priya stepped out, ram followed. Irritated by Ram, priya looked back and asked if he is leaving .


Actually no , You know , I have no one to love me , but you love me I know . So I was thinking I will stay back with you. Don't you think it is Good Idea!!' ram smiled  naughtily.


Neglecting , ram priya walked to the pent house and unlocked it. Ram walked right behind Priya . Disgusted by him , priya turned back and asked Ram , what he wants exactly.


you'  ram replied short and sweet !


I don't think I am fit for you Ram.'  Priya answered ...


Ram clutched priya in his arms and looking deep into her eyes he said , I am talking to my Mallika My Mallika , meri Kheyol ki mallika , meri dil mein raaj karne wali mallika .. Iss Viraj ke dil mein toh sirf ek hi mallika hain aur wo tum ho ..' priya didn't restricted him this time , ram continued , and if you have loved me , then you will come today with me. I know I was is and will be the only man who is at your heart , Mallika !'


Priya took herself away from his arms and looked around , Please Leave, I don't want you !'


okay ! I am leaving for now but I will be waiting for you in The West Inn today . I will send car for  you , if you really loved me ,love me , then you will come today ! you will!'  ram opened the door and left. 


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read the os it was too good priya is hurt and angry looking forward for how will ram manofying priya continue and thanx for the pm
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loved this part thax soo much for giving us one of ur awesome os again
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Posted: 6 years ago

Very nice os..u used d current scenarion in a positive way..Clap Thumbs Up ...
loved every bit of it...
priya took d right decision...now wht step she would take...looking forwad to d next update...cont soon...thanks fr d pm
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Nice... waiting for viraj-mallika romamce Wink
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Jst hv read in rkr...jst awsome awsome :D
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Thanks 4 pm and lovely update
so excited to know how Ram will win Priya back:)
continue soon
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Posted: 6 years ago
Super Awesome...Like Each n Every Word of RAM...Priya is a Tough Nut...Lets see how he will convince Priya...Update soon..
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