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Only one word...AWESOMEBig smile 
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part 1
just qwesome mind blowing exilant great work done by u di i m so loving this for sure its just amezing way too gud di... awww Priya took self respected decision & beside letting her down Ram decides to win back his wife... his love of life awesome... so RaYa is gonna have affier as Viraj & Mallika awesome... I feel just like 7 years trust here also Ram's trust will win & he will get Priya back... wowowowo awesome plz continue soon will be waiting...
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Ohhh My good ness .. My dear Viraj and Mallika are back ... sory for the late reply ... ahaaa Ram is going good ... ahahaa Romantic and all .. Loving this ... you should have posted this long ago .. Yaar anyway better late than never .. I am so loving this .. Continue soon :) :) :)
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Hi frenz , I am down with cough and cold , having this part ready with me , I couldn't post it coz I couldn't get online .. Here goes the Part 2 of the OS , two more parts to go ... and thank you so much for liking the OS ... See You all Soon .. 


Part 2



That evening , at about 8 p.m Natasha was walking back into the building , and her eyes froze over a car. The lights were not giving her clear look over the number plate, she advanced few more steps to correct herself , but she was right it was Ram's car. She was surprised to learn Ram's presence over their. She thought of leaving for a moment without meeting priya , but on the second thoughts she wanted to check with the security if Ram or someone else has come to meet Priya .


Natasha checked with the security and was surprised to know that no one has came to meet Priya , she asked repetitively if , he is sure , if he has not slept and someone slipped inside the flat . But the guard confirmed that he was doing his duty with perfection . Natasha got little disturbed and called Priya from there. She thanked the all mighty , when Priya received the call , in one two rings. She informed Priya that she will be doing dinner with her , and also about her arrival.


Hanging the call , she paced up to the car and checked inside , he found the driver sleeping inside leaning back the seat. She knocked hard at the window, after few hard knocks the driver jumped out of the sleep and with Natasha in front of him he hurried out of the car .


Aap yehaan  , koi kaam tha?'  Natasha asked.


wo sir ne madam ko lene k liye bheje the mujhe , par guard ne mulakat ni karne diya , intercom pe bhi baat ni kiya madam ne?'  the driver said very feebly .


kaha hain bhai , I mean ,  kaha le jane aye the aap bhabi ko ?'  asked Natasha .


jee west inn ..'  Replied the driver.


Natasha asked the driver to wait for few minutes and she walked up to her pent house. With a single ring , Priya opened the door for her, she welcomed Natasha with a broad smile . when Priya came back with water to Natasha , She  initiated the conversation , with an ease.


ah! Priya , anything happened today ?'  Natasha said .


so Mr.kapoor informed you.' Priya sounded little annoyed . Intervening her immediately , natasha briefed her conversation with the driver waiting for her downstairs.


yes I know , he was here in the morning , rather he invaded ! He said that he will be waiting for me at West Inn . I know .'  Priya said in details about the morning .


so are you going?'  Natasha asked with little hesitation.


No , I am not going Natasha no ways. I don't want him near me. When he was going to marry juhi why don't he do it now?'  Priya , expressed her annoyance over Ram.


okay let me ask the driver to drive back.'  Natasha reached the security via intercom  and him to call the driver giving him the number of the car. Soon the driver as on line.


haan suno , app wapis chalein jayiye and Bhai se kehna , bhabi ni ayengi.' Natasha held up the call.


Thanks Natasha'  Priya smiled , kya khayogi ?'


kuch bhi .. anything cooked by you. And you don't need to thank me Priya , I have promised you , I will stand by your every decision and I am doing that only.'  Smiled Natasha.


After dinner , Natasha left the house , because she have two duties now , rather three , she has to look after the Sharma seniors , raunak and Priya . Priya asked her to concentrate on the family most, and she can't say no to Priya at any cost.


 Natasha walked to the car parking , she was surprised to find Ram standing by her car.


bhai app?'  Uttered Natasha out of her surprise .


 yes me .. I want something from you.'  Ram stood straight.


what bhai please if you want me to get priya to you , sorry I can't do that. I stand by her.'  Natasha said .


I don't want that , I want ... I want the duplicate keys of the pent house. That's it and as an owner you are having one right !'  Ram said it straight to Natasha.


what ! keys , don't you think I will be doing the same if I give you the keys ? Bhai , I respect you and I love you but I can't do this I can't give you the keys no I can't.'  Natasha replied harsh.


don't you want everything gets sorted out between priya and me ? don't you want that she comes back to me? Don't you?'  Ram asked her back .


ya definitely ! definite I want this because it's painful to see you two separated , but I don't want my brother to force my sister into this relationship , I want my brother to win her back . win her . take her back with all dignity all love.'  Natasha replied .


I am only doing that choti , please give me the keys!'  ram pleaded again .


no I will not , but I knew that you will be here but never thought that you will ask for the keys . you know bhai when I shifted priya here I gave the security some names who are allowed to visit priya in absence of mine, and your name is there . so you can go inside, but how you will go inside the flat , I don't know . that's your problem . if you really want her to be yours again , then go and find a way to go inside . That's it ! just That's it ..'  Natasha excused herself , igniting the car , she drove away.


Ram walked to the main entrance , and as usual he was stopped by the security. He looked at the guard and found him to be the different one from the last morning , taking out her ID card he showed it to him and asked him to allow to Priya's pent house. Flapping through the pages , as instructed by Natasha he checked Ram's ID and after noting down the essentials he asked ram to go ahead.


In minutes , Ram reached his destination. He stood blank and brainless for next many more minutes and then he realized that he should step forward. Ram rang the door bell once , and waited for the response from priya. When he failed to get a reply even after 1 minute he lifted his hand towards the bell to ring it again. But before his finger touched the bell , priya from inside , replied supposing Natasha to be at the door.


Ram gulped a lump in his throat , and looked up as the door opened slowly, A cold breeze hit his spine. He was expecting the worst , but even worse than his thought happened . Finding Ram at the door , Priya slammed the door at his face. Ram's stimulus acted very fast. He banged back on the door and called priya .


Priya I know you are right here , Please priya open the door , let me in. and let me tell you even if you end up calling police I will not be going from here , no I am not going that's it !! tell my last breath I will be shouting your name to the highest pitch of my throat . and I give a damn to it if your neighbors get irritated of me , or choti . but I will not leave.'  Ram paused for a while and placed his ears on the door , but he didn't find any movement on the other side. He knelt and tried to look through the key hole , but this time he was unlucky . Priya opened the door right at his face. Ram somehow managed his fall and looked up.


what the hell you are doing ? u think!'  priya snapped at him.


Oh!'  ram stood back on his legs and smiled awkwardly, oh ! you were not opening the door , so I was trying to see if everything is fine.'


now are you convinced that I and everything around is fine and okay !' priya said very rudely to Ram.


Ya ..'  ram couldn't finish , priya stepped back and once again tried to slam the door right at his face, but this time , ram was faster than her. He stopped her from doing the same , Stop ! you can't do this to me ... can you see me dying here in cold ?? please let me come in and I am hungry too . I have had ordered many dishes for us , but I cancelled all , coz you didn't turn up. Please Mallika..'


come in ..'  Priya moved aside , paving way to ram . he smiled and walked inside.


Ram settled on the couch comforted himself and smiled . Annoyed priya didn't looked at him , and asked , what he will like to have for dinner. Anything' was the answer from him. Priya who was planning to give him a tough time , selected something that was odd for the time and even hated by ram kapoor, oats'  she poured some , but suddenly more dangerous thought hit her.


She took the nonstick pan and prepared four aloo parathas for the man. She came back to the dine with it and a bowl full butter. She served it to Ram.


aloo parathas!!'  Ram exclaimed , he was about to jump into the food , his eyes fell on butter. His smiled even broad and scoped a spoonful of butter from the bowl and spread it over the paratha covering every part of it.


He was about to take a bite , Priya spoke , I thought you have left taking high fatty foods , after all they have much calories.' 


Ram looked at his wife , and remembered the dinner at Neha-Vikram's place. He leaned back to the sofa and sighed. no if you want you can have it but what your friend , just a friend will think . wouldn't she mind ?'  Teased priya .


no , you can take this , I have brought this full bowl for you Viraj , but what your new friend will think !'  Priya didn't stop , I guess you should take permission from her , and also tell her that you are here with me , otherwise she will get worried and kya pata missing complaint kar de. After all these seven years , she has changed you a lot!'


Priya , made it sure Ram couldn't eat for that night. Putting down the paratha back on the plate Ram looked at Priya and smiled , She cocked her head other side.


I know you are upset with me , but she was only a friend to me.. and..'  Ram paused as his phone rang, he was pulled down to the hell as he found juhi calling him. Ram slipped back the phone back into his pocket disconnecting the call.


Juhi ! right. She was calling you !'  Priya asked .


Ram looked down without giving any answer.  


if you cannot keep her aside from you then please don't come here neither to claim me as your wife nor take me as your mallika. First make it sure that she stops intervening at every path of our life , rather your life . At least now you know that what she has done for you was only because of you not for me . She loved you , loves you that's why she is so caring towards you. I am not the reason !'  priya left inside.


Bolting the door , she sat on the bed. She loves Ram , but she is hurt. She cannot accept any other woman even near her beloved husband at any cost, even for a cause. Throwing herself on the bed , Priya wept badly and unknowingly she dozed off to deep slumber.


It was almost 3 a.m , when priya woke up ... She looked at the wall clock for the time, it was little cold at that time in night . ram ...' she uttered in shock ! She realized that neither she let Ram have his food nor she arranged bed for Ram. She ran out of the room to the hall and found the plates kept covered and Ram with his eyes closed was lying at the corner of the sofa. She with cat paws walked to Ram and sat by him. She moved closer to him and placed her hand on his forehead. Priya's lips curved to smile automatically. Slowly she caressed her husband's head, with her eyes fixed on her man. She was about to leave to get blanket for him , Ram clutched her hand and pulled her back , and deposited Priya safely in his arms. Their eyes met. Ram smiled.


chodiye..mujhe...' priya said looking to the other side. 


why you are doing this ! Priya. Both of us know very well how much we love each other then also you are running away from me . I know I have done something which is unexpected to you , but I did it for a cause. I wanted to save a girl from her demon father. I have no other intentions Priya trust me .'  ram defended himself.


I don't want to talk about it Mr.Kapoor , aap khana kha lijiye mein aap ke liye guest room ready kar deti hoon.' Priya stood up. Ram held her back gripping her wrist .


you don't need to do any favor if you are doing it just as a formality , I was okay here and will be okay ! Thank you.'  Ram freed her and added , Please go and sleep , you don't need to think about me ! I am okay '  ram was disappointed. Though Priya brought blanket for Ram , he denied to accept it.


Priya went back to her room , she was pacing to and fro in the room and was worried for Ram , few minutes later , Priya heard snores, she smiled and walked back to Ram and covered him with the blanket , this time Ram was in deep slumber , he didn't protested neither he felt Priya's presence. Priya sat by Ram and caressed his hairs , her lips curved into smile again .


Priya leaned back on the sofa , depositing herself , by ram and slipping inside the blanket with her head rested on his arm she also dozed off to deep slumber.


Next morning , very lately ...


Ram woke up with the sunrays coming into the room , he winced his face as he woke . He was surprised to see Priya by him. She was sleeping peacefully with her head rested on his arms. Ram was very happy , he carefully held priya in his arms and she nestled in his arms. But Ram's happiness didn't last for long . She came out of her sleep and repulsed from ram.


i..i ..i will get coffee for you ..'  priya said and giving ram no time to respond back she paced to the kitchen. Ram sighed a relief and shoving his hands through his hairs he smiled naughtily. Jumping out of the sofa , he walked to the kitchen silently...



Viraj Mallika romance coming up in my Next Update and Juhi Jealous and ... ending up in a grand Ram Priya wedding .. 

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Thx for the PM.
Good one.
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wow romntic lovd it waiting for more Embarrassed
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too gud...waiting for the next update... :)
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