Karthik Chandrashekaran (played by Ajinkya Deo)

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Posted: 10 years ago
How many out here like this character a lot?

I feel Ajinkya's done well as this character. First, a lot of viewers, and virtually everyone in universe (except Jhanvi) falls for the trick, and how he slipped into the plan at the right time was written in quite nicely. He seems to be a capable opponent for Jai Singh, not going down easily, and is quite manipulative even when taken down- and also reasonably competent in combat. He isn't shown as merely a hitman or bruiser (or kidnapper), but a right-hand man of Yakub, and the part has been acted out quite well. Plenty of shock and twist value. Hopefully we'll see more of the actor in this show, if there will be major differences later on in the continuity as promised.