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on Geetha's request ..and with my frustration for the current scenario..i want something like that in BALH.i am going to write ..something..hope i will do justice with this story of mine and geetha hope u will like it ..

and i got another reqst from my AB..tha she wants a particular song for RAM and PRIYA..and i am going to attach this too..


scene started with the promo sscenes..

A perfume bottle is lied on the bed..bed of the green room..once a happily married couple shared their few moments..but   its now story of seven years back.. coz now a days ..the man is happy as his wife returns back from Coma..but the lady ..she is feeling hurt in her every steps of daily life..her mind becomes a big jigso puzzle ..which she cant formed in a shape..even her many tries ..she is failed to connect all..

the perfume bottle which is a non-living things..not able to share something..but it becomes a great symbol for the solve the puzzle without the knowledge of other two..

Ram with a pleasant voice: wow ye to meri fav perfume hai ..

Priya with her surprising tone: aap ki fav ..aap to itne strong perfume kabhi nehi use karte the..

Ram: nehi maine two thress times try ki i feel good with...

the another lady of this house ..with whom Priya is puzzled that is she another lady of this house only or another lady in RAM's life ..her Mr.Kapoor's life..

juhi: wo ye perfume maine SID k liye layi thi..but Mr.Kapoor agar aapko pasand aye to u can keep it urself..

when she heard Mr.Kapoor form Juhi..she is shocked..once she gave her restriction to address him by this she is doing this in front of her only ..but she was pitty much sure ..that Her Mr.Kapoor will tell juhi..that no one has the right to call he did with his own flesh ..

Priya looks at Ram with very much hope..after Seven years of unwilling separation..she is feeling insecure ..that's the reason this little things also botherd her lot..

Ram: wo so sweet of u juhi ..thank u thank u vry much..

Priya is shocked..but composing herself she leaves the place asap..

after few hours ..Priya was standing in front of the window..Ram came there ..keeping his hand on Priya's shoulder: Priya Diwali was too good na..

wiping her silent tears..priya removed his hand,facing him she said with a smile:maine kehi thi na aapko..shadi k pehle ye sab..

Ram: what ? 

we r divorced na Ram..

Ram was happy to hear his name from her..with out any pleading he could hear it..his joy was beyond imagination..

with a shepish smile he said: ok madam..but really Priya i am very much happy today ..that u called me by my name ..thank u ..

Priya with a sigh  ..utterd ..aaj se main aapko Ram kehke hi bulayungi no more Mr.Kapoor..

Ram became so much happy to know that ..after 24 years of marriage now Priya is feeling little bit of comfortable..but he failed to understand the suddne change in his wife's ..

thank u..ok so jao..mujhe bhi nind aa raha hai..

Priya looked at their bed and again at the couch,..took a pillow from bed..moving towards the couch..

What is all this Priya..aab kaha sone jaa rehi ho?Ram utterd in his surprised voice..

Priya with a composing and very soft tone. I said u na..before marriage nothing will be happenned in b/w them..

Priya ..u trust me na..nothing will be happen b/w us..iske liye tumhe couch pe sone ki koi zarurat nehi hai..

Yes ..i trusted u..even i trust u too..but i cant trust my own own feelings..i have no faith on them..then how should i lie beside u..u r not mine na..Priya told everything in a single breath..

Ram: what r u saying ? i am not urs ..and all...

nothing ..feeling so sleepy RAM..saying this Priya took her position in couch ...her first bed for those days..

Ram was hurt too..but he could not say ..or could not expres his anger on her Suhani told her to take care of her ..

after few minutes...both r moving in bed and couch sleepless..but trying to show that they r sleepy..after many tries..

aapse ek baat  karni thi...

 a bit annoyingly Ram said : aur kuch puchna hai to plz mat puchna i cant answer u right now..

nehi..koi sawal nehi..hai ..sirf batana chahti thi..chodiye rehne dijiye..kya main gana sun sakti hu..slow motion me..

Ram was shocked with his lady love's demand..some how he felt something is bothering Priya but with her silly question..again he felt..nothing is so serious as he thought..ha ha go ahead..tum bhi ajkal mujhse puch kar kam kar rehi ho?

Priya did not give him rly ..she just set a tune on fm.

Bairi piya bada bedardi ishq

Oh bairi piya bada bedardi

Dil ka dard na jaane

Saudaai harjaai zulmi ram duhaayi

Kaise kaho kaha se kaho haay ram dil ka dard na jaane

Na jaane na jaane na jaane jaane jaane jaane haay

oh Bairi piya bada re bedardi bairi

Bairi piya bada re bedardi bairi piya bada re ishq

Priya looked at Ram who  was lying on the bed with his close eyes..

Tu door jo tha to paas yeh tha

Ab paas yeh hai to door hai kyon

Na jaane jaane jaane jaane jaane

Tu door jo tha to paas yeh tha

Ab paas yeh hai to door hai kyon

Priya remebering the current incident ..After the Pari's allergic effect...after any words of her Ram took a great risk  for the dinner party this was with his buisness asociated .may it could effect his buisness..but Ram did this only for her sake gain her confidence in herself..Though for these short preiod Priya was not able to recognize Ram as her husband but Ram could red her mind..her could not..really he could not or .he did not try to read those..with a silent tears she looked at her man ..

Aa paas to aa pehna bhi de yeh kangna

Na sata ab maan bhi le yeh kehna...

Priya with her heavy hurt tried to change the channel..

within a second..Priya the song was not so bad..plz keep this.

Kaise kahun kaan se kahun ram kangna kehna na in maane

Na maane na maane na maane

Ram was remebering his life when Esha tried to create misunderstanding b/w them..though she turned all stone to prove Ram and she had share an affair..PriYa his Priya was still in her stand..she never doubted on him for a single sec..she bashed Esha in her composing tone which was enough for Esha to know their power of love..

Yeh kangna bada bedardi oh yeh kangna bada bedardi

Kangna kehna na maane deewana aawara sangdil ram duhaayi

but today Priya quesitoned him directly about him and juhi's relationship...just for the reaosn Juhi showed her careness to him..PRiya should feel good when Juhi cares for she does understand that in her absence Juhi took very good care of mine..of her Mr.Kapoor..why r u question melike that Priya why?

Ab maan bhi jaao na na na na

Tum pass to aao na haan haan re haan

Ram looked at her ..Priya was lying on the couch keeping her hands on her eyes..

Priya ...after seven years u r back in my life..mentally u  were with me..but u r physically in front of me now..then why r u giving me this punishment Priya could u think that ..i have a relationship with another his mind Ram shaded his grief.


Behki behki baaton mein teri dheere dheere aane lagi

Jugnu ne mujhse kaha aisa hai yeh tera piya

Le hi jaayega tera jiya

Priya was lost in her own thought again..his every words echoed in her ears ..that he wants only her ..still now he can leave every one behind..for her only..even his own fleshes.but today...

haan Pyaari pyaari baaton pe teri chaandni bhi hasne lagi

Taare muskuraane lage hawa ghunghunaane lagi aasman bhi jhoom utha

Ram  was missing his Priya just a few days ago who tesed him..and created a drama only for his spectacles though she took a wrong way to prove herself right..but Love RAM her this act was just showed his concern Priya..for whom he was craving in those lost seven years  Kaise kaho kaha se kaho haay ram ram ram ram ram ram

Pagla itna na jaane na jaane na jaane jaane jaane jaane haay

ishq ishq

Ram just started to say : kal na main aapni chasma thik karne...

With his left words..

Priya disconnecting the frequency of radio channel..

..kya main kal k kuch dino k liye papa k ghar jaa sakti hu..bohut yaad aa rehi hai papa ki..

ha ok u can..but sare medicine and Suhani..

U dont worry about it..main suhani ko Papa k ghar aane k liye keh dungi..

ok but Priya u should take care of urself a very good care .

I do understand ..but they r my parents..they will take care of mine very well even better than anyone right ?

As  a father Ram is satisfied with her answer ..but as a husband he felt that he is failed to do the best for his wife ..

at morning ..Priya left kapoor Mantion as fast as possible..

 she  was at  sharma house ..and came to know that Nutz bought her best friend's flat as Sruti and her family left this place..for ever after the incident ..they had to..for the society.Nutz did this as she was a Kapoor a spoil brat..and perhaps she could understand the all past scenario. Indirectly she helped  them..helped her inspiration Priya .again she felt a pinch in her heart..that as mother she was failed then..but today she is no longer a mother for her own kids..specially for her princess Peehu ..who was so used with her for she does not want her interference in her life her personal life which life was also created by her ..not only her ..she is their symbol of of RAM and Priya..but this thought made her little bit love is still now on in between why not it shows its power..why Mr.Kapoor behaving so wired in front of her and Juhi..he has no any problem with her concern..more over her front of his own wife..he was possessive about her ..and she was too..and Mr.Kapoor knew it very well..

Nutz kya main thori din k liye tumhari flat me reh sakti she wanted to  avoid her family too..only for lots of questions..

Nutz gave her key..

Ram was busy to arrange doc..and all necessary things for Priya at sharma house..he was on call ..that time he got a call from his choti..and this call shattered him ..

he just uttered..Priya needs abreak from me..from our love..she could not beleive my heart beats..for her only a paper matters a could u Priya..aise hi jana chati thi to bata kar bhi to jaa sakti thi tum..

bye for now ..if u like this then i will be back ..still then plz keep ur self busy to analysis this one easy way  needs ur comments..



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very emotional...

aajkal aap bhi rula rahi ho...Priya is very hurt and you showed it very nicely...
please complete this as soon as possible...eager to know what happen next
thanks for PM
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Posted: 2013-11-07T23:44:53Z
awesome update
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2013-11-08T00:33:51Z
Originally posted by sandhyasn

very emotional...

aajkal aap bhi rula rahi ho...Priya is very hurt and you showed it very nicely...
please complete this as soon as possible...eager to know what happen next
thanks for PM
 thank u sandy 
kya karu yaar 
episode dekh kar main bhi roti hu ..
but hope next update se rona band 

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Originally posted by akkigoud2

awesome update
thanks for pm

thank u dear 

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Posted: 2013-11-08T01:09:15Z
very niceClap and thank you yaar Hugwe r so looking forward for this story and continue before Monday's episode plzzz Day Dreamingand I like this story to happen or that I am expecting this would only happen definitely Priya leaves KM in 5 to 10 episodes... Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2013-11-08T01:20:32Z
great nice update hope that mu between raya resolve soon waiting for the next part and thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2013-11-08T02:00:44Z
yaar awesome writing u penned right now priya kya feel kar rahi hain agar show aise ho tho achha hoga jab ram hi priya ki dil ki baat nahi samaj rahi hain toh ye bacche kya kaakh samjegi priya ko chale jaana chahiye 
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