Monday - My Way.. An OS on how I want today's episode to be..

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Monday-My way..

Ram is seen moving restlessly across the living space, the study and the Dinning.. He is keeping an eye on his wife who is busy preparing a tasty dinner for the their guests.. He doesn't want to be too obvious about it. Earlier he had given strict instructions to the kitchen staff to make Priya's job as simple as possible.. They are supposed to do all the cutting, grinding, grating work and also to ensure that all the necessary utensils and cooking gradients are available to Priya's hand as & when it is required.. Inspite of all these precautions, he is feeling a twinge of guilt and loads of concern.. She is not supposed to be doing all these stressful work so early.. On top of it, she is also fasting.. 

He only invited the Malhotra family for the dinner and along with them, the regular members of his family including his best buddies Vikram-Neha and their offsprings.. In normal circumstances, making dinner for these many people is a child's play for his wife.. But circumstances are different now.. He really doesn't want to put this kind of pressure on her so soon.. But, he had done it for the larger good, Priya needs her usual self confidence, for that she need to prove her capability to herself.. He had been noticing Priya after she came home, she is not confident of interacting with anybody with the exception of himself.. Not knowing how long it will take for her to  regain her memory, he needed to do something quick to make her realize how invaluable she is to their family.. This dinner preparation is just the first step towards it.. 

He does a quick prayer hoping she will be fine..  He has lot of plans for the evening, he wants his wife fresh and charming..  Just as he is contemplating about the evening with a satisified smile in his face, he heard Priya saying.. 'Good, All done.. Hope everything came out well'.. A deep sigh of relief leaves his chest and he moves towards their room expecting Priya to reach there soon.. On the way, he stops to make an important call..

Just as he is taking out the package from the wardrobe, his love walks into the room.. He detects a bit of tiredness in her gorgeous face, but it is overshadowed by a smile of achievement and content.. He is glad to see that.. She has not noticed him yet, she goes and sits on the char.. He silently goes behind her and closes her eyes with his one palm.. She exclaims 'Rammm Aappp'.. Ram feels a surge of satisfaction running through him, knowing she recognised his touch.. She turns towards him, asking 'What are you doing here'.. He says 'Surprise' and gives her the package.. She asks 'what is in it, Ram'. Ram replies 'Open & check na..'.. She opens it to reveal a beautiful red-green-pink combination Saree with matching accessories.. 'Oh, it is so beautiful' she claims . 'And our favourite combination too' she says.. Ram is delighted to hear it, 'You remember it Priya'.. She gives a confused smile and says,  'Haan,, Red your favourite, and green mine'. Both smile at each other..

Ram continues, ' Listen, it is only 6:00 pm now.. And the guests will be arriving at about 8:30, meanwhile we will finish the KC pooja and break our fast, is it ok?' she nods.. Ram says 'then do one thing, you take rest for an hour, and be ready by 7:30. I will come & pick you up'.. She replies 'OK, Mr,Kapoor and Thanks for the Saree'.. He smiles hearing 'Mr, Kapoor' and said 'anytime..' and moves out of the room.. While going out, he turns back and tells ' leave your hair open at tour right shoulder,. It suits you more' and gives a cute smile.. Priya hugs the Saree to herself and blushes..

Ram make his next stop.. He knocks the door of his youngest darling.. He hears a 'Come in'.. He opens the door and goes in.. His littlest daughter is sitting infront of the dressing table and sulking..  Ram moves close to her, keeps his hand on her shoulder and looks into her eyes through the mirror... 'What happened, Dear, why are you so upset' he questions.. Pari make a face and says 'Look at my face, Dad.. I am looking like a skinned chicken..'. 'Come on Pari.. How dare you say that about my most beautiful child.. ' he chuckles.. 'Dad, it is not a joking matter.. How will I face the guests today... I wish I had not eaten that junk, Mom had prepared' she cried.. Ram's facial expression changes hearing Pari complaining about her mother.. With a serious tone, 'Is it the way to talk about your mother, Pari' he asks.. Pari with a sacred expression, 'But Dad..' he interrupts Pari and 'Listen Pari, it is a minor inconvenience which will be cured in couple of days.. But we all waited for your mother for seven long years, didn't you pray, cry and beg for her to come back to us.. And now that she is back to us, how special she is to us.. Yes, she is suffering from memory loss, and that creates some kind of confusions.. But, that doesn't make her love any lesser, isn't it? Don't you remember the special attention your mom always used to show to you, b'coz you are her youngest and also b'coz you are not as brave as Pihu or Myra,.. Don't you remember how she used to run to your room, carry you and make you sleep in our room on those nights when you cry in your sleep.. How can you talk ill of that mother, Pari and even today she cried more than you for what happened, she feel so pained to see you suffer' he said.. Pari with a guilt expression 'I am sorry, Dad' . Ram 'No Pari, you don't need to apologise, as your father it is my responsibility to make you realize your faults.. Do one thing, you make a list of all your allergies and give it to your mom tomorrow, that will solve every problem, OK'..Pari nods a OK.. Ram then says,'OK, now, there is a special treat for you..' Pari back to her enthusiastic self asks 'What Dad? Ram 'You want to look your pretty self infront of the guests rights, I arranged for a expert to come and make you as beautiful as you are..' Pari happily 'Who Dad'. Ram 'who else, your Nutz bua, she is coming early to help you get ready, but listen this applying makeup is a one off thing, Your restriction still applies.. You cannot wear makeup until you turn 16, Is it clear, Young lady' Pari hugs Ram happily and ' Thank you Dad, you are the best..' Ram hugs her back and replies 'Get ready fast, OK' and walks towards the door. At the door, His choti is waiting with a smile in her face and shows a 'Thumbs up' to her Bhai..

Ram moves towards his last stop before meeting his wife again.. He knocks the door, get the permission to enter and enters into the room.. Naina is looking out of the window with a forlorn expression.. Ram calls her to him and asks her to sit next to him in the couch.. Naina obeys him with obvious reluctance without making any eye contact.. Ram turns her face to him gently and asks ' Are you upset with this Dad, Naina'.. Naina still refusing to look him in the eye, make a haste reply 'No, why should I'.. Ram continues to question, 'Then, why are you not looking at me'.. Naina make a quick peek at him and says ' I am looking at you'..Ram leaves a deep sigh and leans back against the couch holding her hand within his palms.. Ram, 'Naina, I understand you are disappointed with the current developments, but I need you to understand me now.. Priya is not just my wife, she is a part of me, there is no meaning in my life without Priya, she was, is and will be the only woman in my life.. Yes, I decided to marry your mother for the sake of your custody.. But, it was always meant to be a stopgap arrangement. There was not much we could do with Rajiv pushing us to the deep... I have a team of people investigating on Rajiv, we learnt of his illegal connections and we are collecting evidences to prove that he is an unfit father and cannot be granted custody.. As this investigation was taking time, I decided to marry your mother in the mean time, sothat Rajiv cannot get intermediate custody.. Once your mother gets custody and we prove Rajiv's dealings in the court, I was planning to annul the marriage.. When this plan was made, Priya was in coma, though I was uneasy to marry anyone else even as a stopgap arrangement, I still went ahead with the plan only for your sake.. I also thought, this whole drama wouldn't hurt Priya as she was in coma and things will get back to normal before Priya wakes up & she never need to know about this.. But now, the situation is changed.. I can't marry another woman even for a drama when Priya is very much here.. Hurting  her is like hurting myself 100 times more..  But, I have not left your custody case as it is.. I told the investigators to speed up the collection of evidences and also our lawyers are in the process of obtaining a stay order for any custody move by Rajiv.. You don't need to worry about anything,. At any cost, I will ensure that you stay with your mother... I know I should have told all this to you much before, but I was really occupied with Priya's recovery as well your custody case.. Sorry, Beta..' Naina is listening to Ram's long monologue with teary eyes.. Once Ram finishes his talk, Naina hugs him and says ' I love you Dad' and also silently adds ' I am sorry Dad for being mean to Priya Aunty'.. Ram pats on her back, 'I know Naina, I love you too' and gets up from the couch... 'Now, stop crying and get ready for the party,,' Naina smiles at him and nods. Ram moves out of the room,..

Now, there is a spring in his steps, he is moving towards their room, it is already 7:15 and he is just eager to meet his wife all dressed up.. He entered the green room. His eyes searching for his love.. He finally found her standing infront of the mirror setting her open hair.. He is enthralled to see the beauty.. She looks gorgeous. Is she a mother of 3 grown up children, even today she can give all the super models a run for their money.. He is just speechless, he moves towards her, their eyes locks over the mirror.. The intense and passionate look in his eyes make her blush.. She turns towards him..  He looks her from top to bottom... He finds her bare neck and forehead offensive.. He rushes to his bedside draw and pulls out a box,, takes out the mangalsutr from it and adorns her with it,. Priya's blush deepens,, he take the Sindoor box from the dressing table and fill her forehead with it.. Now, she looks complete, his wife, his Priya, he is totally satisfied.. He asks her 'Shall we' and show the entrance.. Priya opens her mouth for the first time after he came in and asks, 'Are you not changing' and looks pointedly at his suit.. Ram replied with a hesitation, 'I want to.. But, we have the business dinner just after the Pooja and I may not have time to change back, so...' Priya nods her acknowledgment, takes his hand and moves out... This is the first time Priya touched him voluntarily after coming back.. Ram is in seventh heaven.. 

They moved to the terrace.. Ram made sure all the Pooja items are already set there and they will not be disturbed by anyone.. The two love birds stand there looking at the moon.. Ram takes the sieve in hand with the lighted lamp and looks at the moon and then at the woman who glows more than the moon.. He stands still looking at her through the sieve, Priya take the sieve from his hand and repeat the procedure.. Ram just could not stop his grinning, it is a dream come true for him.. He was waiting for this moment for seven years.. They complete the Pooja and break each other's fast.. Ram takes the sweet in his hand and surprised to see his favourite Jamoon.. Priya smiles and says 'I prepared for you'.. Ram is emotional and they feed each other the sweet.. They have some wonderful moments there.. After a while, Ram says, 'Priya, it is very late now, you need to eat, you have not yet fully recovered, go and eat...' Priya replies ' I will eat Ram, but you need to join me'..Ram 'but, I need to eat with the guests na,, you first eat..' Priya replies 'nothing doing,, I prepared something special for you, you have little and then you can have proper dinner with the guests' and lead him to the table set for two at one corner of the terrace. Ram is once again rendered speechless seeing the aloo parathas.. He exclaims ' Aloo parantha, that too made by Priya'.. Priya smiles, make him sit, and start serving for him, Ram stops her from serving two plates. With a naughty look, he pulls her chair close to his, make her sit and gestured her to feed him.. The shy Priya oblige him and they start feeding each other... And the screen fades.. Let's give the love birds some privacy..:)


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Posted: 2013-10-27T21:34:06Z
it was good that how ram make pari and naina understand the situation and condition of priya and bought self confidnece in priya i want that they potray the character of ram like this os was nice
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Posted: 2013-10-27T21:40:08Z
Omg Geetha... That was superb update... Each scene is written perfectly... I just want that scene between Ram and Pari to b played out in today's epi... And concourse the RaYa scenes... I loved it... Thank u for the OS...Hug
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Posted: 2013-10-27T22:40:59Z
Originally posted by tulshan1989

it was good that how ram make pari and naina understand the situation and condition of priya and bought self confidnece in priya i want that they potray the character of ram like this os was nice
Glad you enjoyed it,. BTW, Are you Aanchal?

Yes, I too want them to show something like this. But, not much hope..That why I didn't call it a s prediction. I am not predicting that such scenes would happen in BALH :)
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Posted: 2013-10-27T22:44:56Z
Originally posted by kaparikh1

Omg Geetha... That was superb update... Each scene is written perfectly... I just want that scene between Ram and Pari to b played out in today's epi... And concourse the RaYa scenes... I loved it... Thank u for the OS...Hug

Thank you Krutika.. Glad you liked my second creation as much you liked the first :)

Let's see whether they show anything like this in the show.. 
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Posted: 2013-10-27T22:47:40Z
kaash serial mei aisa ho...Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2013-10-27T23:21:13Z
Originally posted by ever_smily

Originally posted by kaparikh1

Omg Geetha... That was superb update... Each scene is written perfectly... I just want that scene between Ram and Pari to b played out in today's epi... And concourse the RaYa scenes... I loved it... Thank u for the OS...Hug

Thank you Krutika.. Glad you liked my second creation as much you liked the first :)

Let's see whether they show anything like this in the show.. 
Hehe even I doubt them showing such scenes... But I don't want twins distancing themselves from their mom and coming close to juhi... Anyways the Cvs have always tried to b different... Let's see what they have to offer us this time... We can just
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Posted: 2013-10-27T23:55:54Z
nice OS
I like how he handle the kids and I wish something like this to be shown but, I am in much hope. I don't think Ram is sensible in doing all this.
loved itSmile
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