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i am in a mood to update the next chapter by this evening shall.i ? what say buddies ? :-)
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Originally posted by nairitabala1988

i am in a mood to update the next chapter by this evening shall.i ? what say buddies ? :-)

nothing can be better than that, am waitingSmile
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Very touchy nd beautifull..Beyond words...
How i wish show mein bhi kuch aisa ata...the way u have handled situation nd showed this side which we all want..hats off to u..
Pihu's charaterization should be like this in show..anyways we got it through ur FF..thanks for this..atleast we got to see our Pihu in it..
Outburst of both Ram nd Pihu is very written with perfect heart wrenching dialogues...
Fab workClap
Cont soon nd thanx for pm...
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Originally posted by nairitabala1988

i am in a mood to update the next chapter by this evening shall.i ? what say buddies ? :-)

Thats awesome..waiting for that..
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Hi , Buddies , 

As i am in a mood to write and write today. I penned down my next thought ... A hope ... you all will love it ... And if any Doctor is going to read it ... Forgive me if i have done any mistake in medical Parts . 



.A Hope.


When World Says Give Up ... Hope Whispers, try it one more time.


He sat there keeping his head down to the patient's bed. No one can move him from there .The doctors have gave up every hope of her survival, but how can he? She is his life partner, once he had promised her to share everything with her , his Life , his pain , his everything. So if he has to let her Go, then He will go with her too . He cant live alone in this cruel world. He didn't even thought about his kids, he behaved like a selfish man , who wants his love back. He thought , if he is a selfish person , then yes he is . he is in Love , and everything is fair in Love and War and he was living all these years only for his Love . So , if his Love has to let go , then where lies the importance of his life.


He was crying like a baby , he wants his life back to him , he can't let her go. His mind seized thinking . he looked to her face. His eyes trailed down to her hand again . He repulsed . He stood in shock . She is there . Yes she is there. Leaning down to her , he hold her in his arms . He called her by his name. He shouted her name. He saw her gulping a lump in her throat .Her lips part . He thought now, just now she will come back and shout out his name. But she didn't opened her eyes, Her fingers moved. Ram came out of the room and screamed out for the doctor. Natasha who brought back Pihu to the hospital , ran to her brother , she asked  him about priya , but Ram madly ran to the doctor's cabin , Followed by Natasha and Pihu .


doctor..'  ram came inside loosing his breathes, doctor , priya her fingers her throat . please doctor come fast see her.'  The doctor got shocked he asked one of the nurse to call other three doctors of the panel , who were taking care of Priya for last seven years , as he rushed to the cabin. Ram entered the cabin with the doctor. The Doctor could even see Priya's movements . He asked Ram to wait outside , though he didn't want to leave his wife alone for a moment.


papa ..'  pihu came to her father , her eyes were asking all those what she wanted to voice. Ram replied with a blink of HOPE. Both of them stood there . A melancholy silence prevailed just like it prevails after a tsunami passes by. A tsunami takes away many thing but it gives back a struggle to survive. He paced fiercely up and down along the  corridor.


Almost after 40 minutes the doctors came out. Ram rushed to them , he asked for his wife and her condition. The Principal of the team came forward , making a firm grip on Ram's shoulder he said , a hope is enough to bring back some one. Congratulations Mr.Kapoor She is out of coma.. but the fight is still on , we have to go a long way . You have to travel along with her . come to my cabin let me explain.'


but my wife..'  Ram wanted to go to priya . The doctor requested him to come with them as they want to talk about his wife's condition. Ram looked back again and again to the room as he walked with the doctor . the doctor can see the restlessness in his eyes to meet Priya , he softly patted Ram's back and said , Mr.Ram , trust us , we need to talk for minutes and you need to give your full time to her now onwards .please come inside.' Ram walked inside the room , as instructed ram's three daughters too walked inside . 


Ram settled down on the chair , while the three sisters stood by their father . vikram after completing all the rituals of Ridhima's marriage came to the hospital and joined Ram , after getting the good news from Natasha . while Neha rushed back to the kapoor mansion to break this news to the senior kapoors and Sharmas too.


Inside the cabin . . . . .


Mr.Ram , what ever I am going to tell you all now , I will request you to listen to me carefully first and then we are here only to clear every bit of your doubt .' the doctor waited for ram to react , he looked back to his daughters and then looking at vikram , who gave him a confident look , he got courage to nod his head to say yes and listen to the doctor. The doctor continued , Good , The good news is Mrs.Kapoor is out of Coma , and the bad news is she is not out of danger .'  Noticing ram's agitated feelings , the doctor asked him to calm down and listen to him carefully, Mr.Kapoor she is in a Vegetative State , medically it means , she is in a condition were she can hear you , where she can feel you , she can see you , she will respond to you , she will be having a sleep and wake cycles , she will smile with you , she will cry in pain , which we definitely have to prevent. You and every one should keep her happy . But this can lead to anything , she may end up having Alzheimer's , she may get paralyzed and have to lead her entire life in a wheel chair , or she will recover completely and walk back with dignity to you all . many consequences may come . we will hope for the best , that is , her recovery ; but keeping the bad consequences in mind.' 


Ram listened carefully to the doctor , he leaned back and smiled , itna din intezaar karwaya..  and little this I can't wait , I will doctor . From now onwards my full time is my wife's I will take her home...'  ram was intervened by the principal ,   you cannot take her home now Mr.Kapoor , she need to be under 24 hours observation , she is weak , she will learn back everything she can only respond to you through signals ,she cannot talk now , even she will need help to sit up , so we cannot allow you to take her home what so ever facilities you arrange there at home. But you can stay here for 24 hours if you want.'


Want?? I will... Just tell me what I have to do ...' ram asked ...


The doctor looked up to the sisters and sighed. Noticing his reactions , Ram asked the doctor , if there's something that his daughters have to do . the doctor looked at each other and the principal , said ,   yes Mr.kapoor sadly they have to keep away from their mother , she is having a head injury and she is again learning to respond back to stimulus in all this if suddenly her brain gets this stimuli that she has lost 7 years from her life , she may again go back to coma , and no one can take her back then. I am Sorry , but for her sake you all have to hide this fact that she has lost 7 years , you all have to behave like few days she was sleeping only .i am sorry beta ...'   


Ram looked back to their daughters , Pihu sunk herself in emptiness once again , but myra pari broke into tears the kids of 15 after a wait of 7 years when they got chance to share everything with their mother again . Ram stood up and hugged his daughters . He whispered , I promise you beta , mamma will come back to you all very soon , you all waited so long , wait for few more days. Keep faith on your father .'  Pihu took her sister put from the doctor's cabin .


Ram looked back and said , I want to meet her ... Now...'   the doctors looked at each other and smiling they said in unison , she is all yours Mr.kapoor go ahead . just keep in mind , she should not take any stress .'


Ram walked out of the doctor's cabin , with a broad smile he walked to the cabin , Vikram came out and smiled as he found his friend smiling after a long 7 years , they all longed for this smile. But one side where he is happy for Ram , he looked back , and found their kids immersed in immense pain . he walked to them and took them in his embrace.


In the cabin ... The nurse was checking priya's vital signs when he entered. The nurse who knows Ram very well , smiled and softly touched Priya's cheek. Ram could see , yes he can see her eyes again the eyes that he longed to see. She very lazily opened her eyes . The sister smiled and helped priya to cock her head to Ram . his heart pumped like never. What if she has forgotten him , but the doctors have not said anything , but what if .. his heart pumped harder as she looked at him. Priya's eyes were getting exposed to lights after a long time , she blinked as she tried to see . Ram walked closer to her . to give her a better view he settled down on the stool .


Priya very lazily looked at her husband, while ram's heart pounded to see Priya's reaction, there only Priya smiled , tried to broaden her smile as she saw her husband . Ram smiled back , he stood up and came closer to her. The sister moved back . Ram looked up and said , Please leave me alone with my wife. I will call you if anything is needed .'  the Nurse smiled and handing priya to ram , she walked out of the room . Ram , looked as the door closed .. he smiled back to his wife and whispered , I Love You .. darling ...'  he leaned closer and kissed her forehead . ram could feel her response , she responded to him , she closed her eyes , as she used to do , when ever he kissed her.


Ram sat back on the stool , he looked at her hand ,she was trying to lift it. Ram took her hand and placed it on his cheek . She smiled . What if she don't have the strength to speak , but her eyes speak a millions to her love.  She looked longingly to him , but she cannot keep her eyes open long due to weakness, she closed it. Ram could see a lone tear escaping her eyes. He leaned to her and kissing her tears he said , Priya , no , promise me you will not cry . You are weak now I know , but there is no wrong baby , if you cannot speak now , I will be your voice , if you cannot touch now , I will be your feel . if you cannot walk now  , I will carry you in my arms.' Priya smiled as ram said the last words. She tried to open her eyes again . Ram said smiling , what you think I cannot carry you in my arms , let the doctor allow you to seat I will show you what is what . I am still the same priya and you are the same .. we are the same priya .'  priya tried to Look to Her Love , but she failed due to her weakness.


Sleep baby , I am here only whenever you will open your eyes you will find me by you . Sleep ...' Ram caressed her head . She closed her eyes . Smiled. Ram sat there caressing her head.



That Night in Kapoor Mansion ...


Pari and Myra were in their room , Pihu came with their dinner. Both of them sat with sad demise . Pihu kept the plates on the table the sound made them aware of her presence. Pihu sighed as she sat. Myra and Pari looked down . Pihu took them near her as their mother used to take them in her embrace. The twin sister leaned on their elder sister's shoulder ...  Myra spoke first ... di , what if mamma don't recognize us. What if she can only remember papa not us .'


Pari sat up and holding pihu's hand said in worry , di what if she remembers you but not us . Di why this is happening with us ? kya hum dono kabhi mamma ke kareeb ni jaa payenge .. di bolo naa..'  Pihu looked into the sorrowful eyes of her sisters , what she has done , what she has gifted to them , an emptiness why pihu why pihu ? she asked herself.


nothing like this is going to happen... she remembers all of us .. just she may think we were still the little girls , papa hai na ..  he will handle everything .. I am here na , I will handle everything. Trust me pari myra , mamma remembers each one of us.'   Pihu said hugging her sisters.


Natasha saw and heard the sisters , she turned and found saumya standing there . She sighed and said , waqt ki khel dekho , kal jo bacchi apne mom ki khilaf khadi ho gayi thi .. aaj wo apne behno ki maa ban gayi hai ... I hope saumya Priya recovers soon ,  bhai se bhi jada ...'   Natasha looked back to the room ... , Pihu ko unki jharoorat hai .. pihu bikhar rahi hai .. Priya hi hai jo isse samhal sakti hai ... God .' Natasha closed her eyes .. to hold back her tears ... Saumya kept her hand on her shoulder firm . 

A Hope can create magic which we call Miracle ...

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Originally posted by vironikajain

Originally posted by nairitabala1988

i am in a mood to update the next chapter by this evening shall.i ? what say buddies ? :-)

Thats awesome..waiting for that..

Hi , It's updated Smile Hope you will like it Smile
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too touchy dear loved it
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friend itna accha updae dene key liye thankBig smilepriya out of come all i want too see it 
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