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I thought I would read after 2 or 3 episodes but could not stop reading very nicely written ...Clap
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Thank u so much to start story in current track..u are fantastic writter, beautifully penned downed Ram's emotion, very emotional & touchey update pls continue soon..thx  for PM
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its beautiful, as usual there is something in your writing which captivated me and I keep on reading it, the emotion is flawless, am waiting for next part, plz continue ASAP
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thanks for PM
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after reading the preview, am really anxious to find what next, in fact me too is wondering about that?, does Peehu really misses her mumma?
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Nice preview nairita..pls continue soon
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Hi Friends , here I come up with the next part of " darling .. waiting for you ..' hope you will like it ... as I promised it is different from the original story ... 


.A Wait.



His every , plea went unanswered , his every cry remained un-noticed . His every success remained uncalled . His tears dried in his eyes. ...


Ram looked up to his motionless wife . he stood firm , dropping to his wife he whispered , Priya come back our pihu is a big girl now , have you forgotten what we have had planned , we will go for our second honeymoon after her marriage. We need to find a perfect boy for Pihu , I need your Help . No one else than you will be able to help me in this . please priya , baby come back to me . More than any thing I need your Love . Please stop punishing me and come back.' He kissed his wife's forehead.


As he turned to leave he saw his three daughters standing there. Myra couldn't stop her tears to role down her cheeks . Ram looked back to his wife , to the mother of his children. He walked to his little princess and hugged her. Myra hugged back her father and cried . As he was consoling her , his eldest daughter walked to her mamma.


Sitting on the stool , she looked around . And suddenly she stood up and left the room . Ram notices her princess from last seven years , she hardly spent time with her mother . She never came to see her . She never came to share any of her achievements with her. She neglected her mother , where as Pari and Myra , spends , almost 4-5 hours of their time with their mother . Even if time permits and they don't have any kind of engagements , they used to spend a full day with their mom . But Pihu , she never did that , she Kept herself away from her mother as much as she can .


Ram came back to the kapoor mansion , he kept on smiling all these days for his kids and the family, and with a hope she will wake up suddenly and his vacant Mansion will light up again , as his life will light up. He walked back to his bed Room , where many memories are there . It witnessed their Love , their fights , their no sense anger . and now it is witnessing Ram's wait for his wife . His loneliness . Bolting the door , he switched off the lights of his bed room and sat on the arm chair . he closed his eyes as he leaned back .



Back inside Pihu's room . She came out after changing . to her surprise Pari was there waiting for her elder sister. Pari'  she called , the girl turned to her sister and without letting her speaking pari , demanded answer from her di  . She asked her elder sister , why she kept herself away from their mother , why she don't have any kind of feelings for their mother? Why she kept herself aloof from their mother. Didn't she love their mom any more ? Does their mother is now a burden for her now?


Very calmly , Pihu cocked her head to Pari and answered , short and crisp , I am not compelled to answer you Pari.'


why not di , as I am younger than you , that's the reason ?' pari asked standing infront of her sister. Pihu still didn't replied , she walked to her study table and sat to study.  Pari made pihu look and her and demanded the answers.


I have already said you Pari , I am not compelled to answer you.'  Pihu said looking into her books.


you have to di , Mamma is sinking day by day and you...'  this time pihu intervened , she stood up and shouted back , don't try to become a doctor , what you are not in reality Pari , who said you mamma is sinking? The doctors either talk with papa or with vikram uncle not with you or me or myra.dont try to be smart .' pihu's shout made myra aware of the fight between the sisters , she came running to them room and tried to intervene .


Myra , don't ..i warn ... and pari ...'  pihu looked at her youngest sister , and continued , stay within your limit . don't try to cross it . I don't say anything that doesn't mean that I will not say anything .'  pihu turned back to her sister.


what you will say di ,  app ke liye toh mamma mar hi chuki hai.' Pari said .


Pariii...' Pihu shouted ... But ram got aware of the fight between his two daughters from Myra , he rushed to PIhu's room to stop them and he was lucky to reach there and stop pihu from slapping Pari. Getting their father's presence , Pihu and Pari parted. Ram asked an explanation from both of them . Pari and pihu had no answer. Ram rolled his eyes over Pihu in anger and asked the twin sister to leave. Pari is always an obedient daughter to his father. She walked out of the room Myra followed.


Bolting the door , ram walked to pihu . He asked only one thing , how long pihu ? how long? ' Pihu looked back to her father , she couldn't stop her tears to escape. Hugging her father , she wept badly . ram knew the every truth of his daughter . her mother punished her badly . She has dug all her feelings inside her heart.


beta,  stop this go to your mother , may be hearing you , she will come back . just once rock star go to your mother hold her hands and ask her to come back.'   Ram said .


papa , tell me one thing how can I go and sit by her when I am the reason behind everything . if I have not ... That time if I have not listened to Varun , then today my mom , idhar hoti between us . But for me , she is not here papa . how can I forgive myself . How ?' pihu hugged her father and cried badly ...


Ram , knew every bit of the truth , like a selfish father he protected his daughter . Pihu , unknowingly committed a crime. Varun ended his life for her, Priya was well aware of the fact , she punished Pihu by snatching herself away from her.  Ram closed his eyes ,   you have punished yourself pihu . It's enough . Your mamma has also punished you . Now she has to come back for you , for me , for us .'


I know papa , she is punishing me.'  Pihu repulsed from her father , but what's the fault of Myra and Pari , they are going through the same pain , same punishment , that I am facing . they have done nothing wrong . mamma ko punish karna tha , mujhe karti .  but y them , y u all . I couldn't look into any one of your eyes papa , I feel the pain , I feel the emptiness , that I have gifted to everyone. Nanu , nani , what's their fault . Mamma could have punished only me .. only me ... why everyone ... why she gave me such burden of being everyone's guilty .I could not look into my sister's eyes they are so empty they every time miss mamma , when they achieve something they go straight to mamma , they crave for her touch , but she didn't respond . and nanu ... mamma ki har ek birthday mein  , papa he cries and cries but she didn't respond . I did the sin , then why all , why she is punishing all , mujhe saza de deti papa  why every one... why ? u know papa , what I am now . I am person , who has only one aim to live for To see my mamma smile again ...'   Pihu stopped and looked to his fathr , as his Phone rang .


Wiping his tears , and clearing his throat , ram received the call from the doctor . He received the call and the doctor gave the terrifying news to Ram , that Priya is sinking ... Ram couldn't believe what he heard he looked at his daughter . Pihu askd his father repeatitatively what the doctor said . without replying her he ran out of the room . Pihu ran after her father , she shouted to her sisters to follow her . Myra pari saw Ram and Pihu rushing out of the kapoor mansion . Accompanied by saumya they followed Ram and Pihu .



As Ram reached the hospital he ran inside , dashing through the corridor, he reached the room , which is used to be his address for last 7 years . He can see doctors standing making a circle around his love. He pushed the door hard and stepped inside .


Mr.Kapoor .. please u wait outside , let us check her . please ..come ...'  A doctor amongst tried to take ram out from the room , where his wife was lying motionless lifeless for years .  He didn't want to go out . Pihu came inside and found her mother dying , when she looked at her father , she found him to be distress , he was screaming out his love's name . Pihu holding her father in his arms tried to calm him down and take him out but she also failed . ram ran to his wife , hugging her cried out loud . The doctors tried to part him from the motionless patient. Myra and Pari with Saumya and Khush came there  accompanied by Rishab.


chachu ,  papa...' pihu said , she walked to ram , she tried to take her father from her mother but she failed . Khush along with Pari and myra  joined Pihu , The four kids were now able to part their father from their motionless mother.  They made ram sit on the hospital chair . Saumya sat by her bhappa and consoled him . But he didn't know how to control his emotions.


After few Minutes , Rishab saw the doctors coming out , he asked them about Priya , they said only All Mighty can Do some Miracle. They walked away . Pihu looked around she found an emptiness prevailing... She can't even think a life without her mamma .. her breathes became faster and faster as she thought of a life without her mother . no one knows every day she used to come to her mamma and sit by her for an hour minimum , she kept it as a secret to every one , even to her best friend papa. She couldn't stop her , running to the room ,she called her mamma. Every one looked up Saumya wanted to stop pihu , but ram stopped her and said Let her..'  


mamma ..'  Pihu came running to her mother , with whom she spent her time , but never talked with her holding her mother in her arms , she said , mamma I know you can hear me , I know , you can hear you can feel. So just listen to me carefully , you wanna punish me , punish me . baat maat karna jitna marna hai mar lena , but tell me one thing why you are punishing papa , why you are punishing myra and pari , and tell me one more thing mamma you said me na bacche galat karte hai toh maa baap ka mar jana accha hai . what you are doing today mom , you are doing wrong , you are , yes you are . do you hear me mom , you are wrong . nanu nani , why you are punishing them , they gave everything to bring u up then why you are punishing them , punish karna hai mujhe karo . but kisi aur ko maat karo . how can you be so selfish mom , how could you ? mein selfish thi app ni .. mamma come back ... aake saza do but mein jee ni sakti ... without you I cant live , papa , he will sink mom ... Punish me .. not everyone ... Mamma ...' Ram walked inside ... he kept his hand on pihu;s head . Pihu hugged her father and cried . Ram was crying too then .. A tear drop fell on pihu's forehead she looked up , she cannot see her father in immense pain gifted by her , she ran out of the hospital .


Ram sat down . he kept on looking at his lifeless wife . he hugged her tight and cried ... he whispered , Priya ,  sab bikhar raha hai .. humari duniya ujar rahi hai ... jab tak tum uth ke pihu ko maaf kar ni deti .. wo jee ni payegi ... hazar maut marti hai roz. Apne app ko hum sab ki gunhegar manti hai .. wapis aa jao ... wapis aa jao ...'  He couldn't speak further, hugging his wife he cried .



A wait ... A wait of Life ... Has priya felt ... That her daughter is sorry ... Will she respond ... 

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