** Happy Birthday Sravya **! Rock and Dhamal :)

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                                    Natasha :-  There is somethingspecial today!!πŸ˜›
     Sana :- Acha...:o Wo kya Tashu..?winks*πŸ˜‰
                                             Fatima :-Pheww...πŸ˜• Let me Think!!!
   Saba:- Chalo Chalo...Hatoo..Sb! See How Am I looking?😎
                                         Sana and Natasha Together :- Sussh Please😳

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              Ayesha :- Should call CID tolet you guysknow the  special thing....πŸ˜†??
Dhoxi :- πŸ€£ No..You don't need to call CID..Call Ambulance ..
                 Amna :-  Iknow right...πŸ˜† Call it forCrazypeople here
Vishaw:- It seems Like Fish market here...
Natasha:- Omg! Omg! πŸ₯±
Deeps :-Look who is here...😎😈
 Muski :-Yoo Deeps..πŸ˜›
                Natasha :-Meine Kuchkha tha..Yad hai?πŸ˜†         
Sana:- Tashusub kuch ready haina?

            Me :- Everything is ready! You looking cute Bunny πŸ˜‰

Sana :- Thankyou bf ji ...😳 You too looking...

Ashna :- Pipeee....

           Candy Virika comes following her..πŸ˜†

Candy Virika :- What isspecial?? I'm craving to eatchocolate cake...

           Ashna :- Ya!Someone told me about the party! :)

           Candy Virika :- Don't eat too much you 're already fat

          Saba :- Cake ko chipkale jese fevicol se...πŸ˜†

          Marzi:- Natuu!Yoo Am I rite on the time? 

           Natasha:-Ya..You 're  on time marzu..!   But we'll get late if these guys keep  talking like this 

          Sana :- Ya...Rite  smjhao na inhey..
        Me :-kese bunny

        Sana :-
bf ji in ki tang kenchte hain

        me :-
Bunny..Lol is waqt..

        Sana :- 
han maza ayega

Bunny,idea bura ni..πŸ˜‰

        Sana :-
 Hum kise tang krein ge 

 sravs ko yar...

        bunny :-
 Oki tashu! πŸ˜Š kya super idea ha

- what what ..meri behn ko tang kro ge tum dono

        saba :- choco maza ayega

        me :- 
choco.πŸ˜ƒ ..(it reminded me of chocolate)* mujhe sabr choco chaiye

 Dough! Sabzi Why did you remind her of choco.

Omg ambulance bula loo


        Saba:-ye tashu pagal hone wali hai..

Nutella..! I 'm hungry

No..Dr.mad .. ok.I'm leaving choco rite here..we'll enjoy a lot of choco here

yoo right
                      Here comes sravya *.Just imagination*

        Me :- 
Ji..you look stunning!anything special?

        Sravya :-
don't you guys remember anything?

        me :-

 there is something special

Oh ..Is there shahid kapoor's birthday..

Nothing leave it ji..you don't love me

 Gosh! tell me

 Kuch bi ni

        Me:-(in thoughts :-Oh God I think She has got serious) OK let me tell  you.Today is...
A roar of thunder surrounds the sky...and a supernatural voice comes from the sky!!
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Well! I just don't remember the date when I talked her first time
but that 
was a  memorable chat Although!

OMG! Her first impression to me was like______ she is a sensible Person 

But you all may know that It isn't a reality

She is a dukan of nautanki'!! πŸ€£

She loves teasing people πŸ˜‰but she is Loveable though

It will be a fun if anyone will talk her! (Atleast I love talking herπŸ˜ƒ)

She is simple'.No drama..! Just a prankster dude πŸ˜›

She is a die-heart fan of Mr.Shahid kapoor..😊

She likes kryan /Virika

And adores karan tacker

Nowadays she is in love withRevenge series

So Guys avoid Messing with her..😈

She may burn you with the fire of revenge inside her'!πŸ˜†


Oh Gosh! How I missed she is a great fan of shareena also

(shahid and kareena)

Jab we met!πŸ˜†

Jab me and sravaya met 'we talked a lot!

It was fun!

Dhere dhere I got to know sravs aur sharif😲

Esa bilkul ni..!( mre liye tu bilkul ni)

Wo tu full on kamini hai.πŸ˜†.

Nmp! Lol πŸ€£

She is the only person here to whom I give respect

I call Her ji.. πŸ€£

My ji! Buhahaha..:D

We almost share each and every thing with each other

We know much about each other'😳

We talk a lot! Haina?

Sometimes we're really acting foolishly

We are talking on At,scraps and on fb at a time πŸ˜†

But the time passes so quickly when we  talk

That I can't sum it up 

We make plans together'we both love teasing!

And what else should I say!

We may have many thing common

But the major thing that we both posses

Is full on nautanki and masti! :D

Best Friend Forever Ji and me! β€οΈπŸ˜†

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                                                                 Happy Birthday SravπŸ€—

My friend,its time to make some noice,dish out some food,throw some confetti,brust some balloons and cut d cake

Bcos its ur Birthday!!

Lets celebrate ur bdayπŸ₯³

May you enjoy a day of doing

the special things you like to do,

bcos today is ur bday

and its all abt only you!!

Hav a gr8 year ahead n stay blessed😊


Srav my lil sis ur hav grown one year older hunnn πŸ˜† ur an awesomest person i hav met a true friend

its always fun to talk to u

most loving girl i hav met,

bt i miss ur AT ki masti

till now bigggest fan of Shahid(my shasha jijuπŸ˜‰ )n Mahesh babu i hav seenπŸ˜›

b as u are never change

i love for wht ur r

luv u loads sissy❀️





"Fly in the plane of ambition,

and land on the airport of success,

Luck is yours,

wish is mine

may ur future

always shine. . .



may u have a best birthday ever...!!!!!!



its ur special day have lots and lots of fun wishing yu lots of happiness success and love and alsooo Happpy bithday ...πŸ˜ƒ

Happy Birthday ecards


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SRAV aka roof may god bless u with lots of happiness and may u lots of success in your life this bday brings every thing good for u and may u live a long life and all the sorrows and pains just stay away frm u

you are a amazing friend that anyone can have and i am happy to have u as my friend just love to do chat with u masti with u and tease each other for kt have a great day party hard and have a blast

love u loads



Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires!

Wishing you a whole lotta happiness and sweet surprises!

Many Happy Returns of the day Sra. Happy Birthday!

                                                                                ~marzi β€οΈ


A very very happy wala birthday to the angel Miss. SRAVYA...!!!

My sweet friend who is always there in my happiness as well as in my sorrows...always there whenever i need her...

A very kindhearted and innocent friend of mine who always yell at me whenever i say 'sorry' but i know she loves me a lot...

I am incredibly lucky to have a loving, caring, understanding, trustworthy, sweethearted, frank and pagal friend like u...

Hope all that u asked from God be granted to u...

Hope ur happiness double, success triple and all ur sorrows and failure vanish...

Hope u never lose the brightest smile from your face and live forever...

I wish my this wish comes true so that i would be the happiest person...

So here i am wishing u a memorable BIRTHDAY my BEHNA and wait...many more birthdays are coming on your way...!!!

Enjoy the day to the fullest with your family, friends, relatives and ofcourse with me pleaseee...

Party hard...!!!

And one more wish...

Hope we always remain as close because a friend like u is very rare and i am just blessed to have u as my friend...i dont want to lose at any cost...!!!

I LOVE U a lot and will always love u <3 β€οΈ




Happy birthday chintu ❀️

Its a very superb day! cz its your birthday..! Have a blast ...Party Hard! :)

Love you!


Oie aaj tera birthday hai (just tried to write in hindi, trust me I wrote myself without anyone support lol) 

Anyways gurl you are full package of crazy :P i know we never had a proper chat LOL, whenever we talked either we made of each other or just say I hate you or so on. But I still do hate you :P for what? I dont even know myself. Okay as it's your birthday do I have to behave like a good girl with you? No right? I dont know how to act like innocent person khikhikhi :P you are truly a sweetheart, I cant believe I'm saying this to you for first time but you really are. You are totally fun person too like our fun talks and all those. 

I remember I forgot you once LOL, and then you said me we talked before :P it was funny. You know I have STML problems ;) 

Well, I love you and have a awemostest birthday ever with friends, families and everyone. Don't eat paani puri without me :p wish you a many many happy returns of the day. :) 

Lots of love, hugss and kisses.

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Happy birthday! Enjoy this day and don't eat too much cake without me

-Sorry you will need a fire permit to burn that many candles at once – better blow them out. -You know you're getting old when you walk up the stairs and call it excercise. ...It is a special day offcourse..!! and You're going to get one year older..! Omg! Mre se 2 sal bdii..Though you've to wait till i get 17 on my birthday to balance one year!Glow the world with your talents..Ji ..I knoww! You are talented and you can do it!

I wanted to write such a huge birthday wish But have little time! :)

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--Amna-- Thanks for helping  me. Love you❀️


 Sweetyvirman &SabaPari  Thanks for helping


Thanks for all support


Members Who sent their messages. ThanksπŸ˜ƒ


Members For viewing the thread! Thanks!

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                                         HAPPY  BIRTHDAY

Wishing my friend a beautiful day

Hopes and dreams I'm sending your way

May all be good and all come true

On this very special day for you!

It is your birthday, you are more than allowed to act like crazy!πŸ˜†

You are such a special friend,

Who deserves a special day,

For being who you are and

Bringing joy in every way.

You make me smile and laugh,πŸ˜ƒ

with everything you do,

So today I get to send

A special Birthday wish to you! ❀️


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Happy bday roof love u loads have a great day <3 outstanding thread tashy great job :-*

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