TERE MERE SATH 15th part 25th oct page104(Page 36)

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Originally posted by sinalbest

Nice one Clap
thanks for pm
continue soon
sry for late Smile
 thank u sagar 
its ok yaar 
how r u now?
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Hey ek preview to de do
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Originally posted by sakshirambalh

Hey ek preview to de do
  i am not at all gd yaar to give any prvw or precap 
but yes 
C night is waiting ye pakka hai 
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This is the 6th part of this Os. In every part I use to say this is going to be the last part but now I am saying no this is not, rather this the beginning of their journey .love journey, mixture of sweetness, emotion, sour, bitterness, fulfillment of dream ..lots r waiting 

At morning ,the green room.
Ram was lying in bed, with open mouth  .priya sat beside ram and  was busy to look at her man and his innocent face..after few minutes Ram stirred a little bit and open his eyes with the beautiful  side  in front of him..
Priya: good morning .
Ram: hmm..good morning €.
Keeping  his head on head rest of the bed..
Priya: jaiye fresh ho jaie ..apki aaj meeting haina 
Ram: Hm€. ha wo to hai ..
Priya:ok aab ready hone k liye jaiye main breakfast ready karne ja rehi hu ..
and started to leave the bed ,..Mr .Kapoor aaj kya bohut lambi meeting hai aapki ?
Ram caught her hand and try to pull her towards him..
Priya  fall on him..
Priya: with her shyness ..what r u want to do Mr.Kapoor?
Ram: nothing more ..plz call me by my name .its too short ..and easy to remember 
Priya: hm try karungi ..abhi to chodiye..jana hai niche ..
Ram: Nehi jab tak tum nehi bologi  tab tak  nehi chodunga main..
Priya: keeping her head down closed her eyes tightly...jhodiye na ..Ram..
Ram: Priya itna Sharma kyun rehi ho?  Sirf apne  pati ka nam kehne ko hi kaha maine..aur kuch to karne k liye  nehi na..and winks at her 
Priya stunned with his reply ,could not utter anything.
And moreover she forgot that she has to leave this place ..for the sake of breakfast ..but her hearts does not want it at all..its increasing speeds gave the signal to her that it wants more and more..but her shyness  stands like a great barrier between her mind and her heart.
in ram€™s mind also same reaction..where his heart wants to move, wants the last and final step of a successful marriage but his brain just not gives him the permission ..as it is stuck between Priya€™s approval and his desire ..where Priya€™s approval is more imp for him..though he knows Priya loves him..but is she ready for further moves..?
so he loosed his grip and said
aage se sirf RAM..ok..now go wherever u want ..I will join u in the breakfast table after few min..
Priya was breathed heavily as she was accepecting   more  from her man ..but she did understand that RAM  is truly  a gentle man he will not do anything without her approval..though he is man but his manly desire also be dominated  by his concern.  ..his care ,his love towards Priya ..this is the barrier between .them..so now Priya thought herself..its her turn she will help to ram to understand that she also needs him as he needs ..she is also craving for his touch as he is ..and more over she wants to complete herself..only ram is able to complete her this wish..
Priya: ok main jaa rehi hu ..aap jaldi aa jayiye .
At breakfast table 
Ram was sat beside Priya in left side 
Dadi: priya puttar kuch din k baad holi hai ..aur usdin puja hoti hai ..so is baar sare rasmo rewaj tujhe hi nivani padegi ..tu is ghar ki laxmi jo hai..
Niharika starred at Priya with her deadly looks ..but it did not affect ram and as well as Priya coz they were physically present there ,but their minds were wandering 
 ..in their dream world€not in unison but in their dream land they found each other in each other arms..
Dadi: priya puttar kaha khoyi huyi hai tu?
It breaks the chain of thought of ram and of course Priya
Priya: ha dadi ..aap kuch bata rehi hai..nehi wo main wo..
Dadi: ha holi k din puja hai to usme sab tujhe hi samalna hoga and Golu Puttar 
Ram: ha dadi..
Tu Priya puttar ko help karega thik hayna..
Ram: ha dadi ..
Priya:   Mr.Kapoor .
Ram looked at her as he was not at all satisfied by her calling 
.nutz and ayesha ki fashion week bhi to haina holi k pehle 
Ram : hm sayad ..
It surprised niharika ..as ram was not at all like that specially about his choti..
He remembered .little thinks about nutz and now he used the word sayad about nutz, his choti..
Niharika : ram baby sayad kya keh rehe ho tum? Tum he yaad nehi hai choti k fashion date k bade me 
Ram was stunned as he was engrossed in others world.
Nehi yaad  hai ,mere dhyan kahi aur tha ..
Suddenly Ram Caught Priya €˜s hand under the table Priya looked at ram and asking him by her eyes ;kya kar rehi hai aap?
Ram tried to behave normal..and tight his grip more ..
Dadi: chodo sab aabhi jaldi jaldi khalo ..
Priya : in her soft tone  ..plz chodiye na.
Ram: phirse Mr.Kapoor kyun kahi tumne?
My name is RAM..
Priya: Main kahungi ..but sabke samne nehi ..
Ram:Par kyun?
Priya:Plz try to understand and chodiye abhi classes hai meri aaur aapki meeting bhi..
Ram: ok par yaad rakhna ..firse agar mr .kapoor kaha na to..
after breakfast 
Ram insisted priya to accompany her till her class ..Ram could not think his single sec without Priya ..and it also applicable for Priya too.
Car was halted at Priya€™s class 
Priya: ok to main jaa rehi hu ..
Ram: ok ..kab khatam hoga tumhari class?
Priya: pata nehi .kal ki pending class agar leni pari to...par aapka meeting kab khatam hoga?
Ram: hmm
Priya: Aaj bhi aap late aane wale hai kya?
   Ram:Nehi main jaldi aa jayunga ..ok bye 
Priya:Hm bye 
At evening at km€
Priya was engrossed in her story book..
Ram came back from KI
Priya : are aap agaye ..ok main coffe k liye bolti hu ..aap fresh ho jayiye ..
Ram: Ok par tum kya pad rehi ho.
Two state of mind ( one of my fav book by Chetan Bhagat )
they were sat in front of each other..having their respective tea and coffee..
and sharing their day ..
its not new for Priya as she discussed  every little thing with her best friend ,her father ..her first hero..as father is the first hero for every girl ..but sharing her day€™s where about with her prince ..with her real hero ..is really a new experience for Priya ..and she  was enjoying every little bit..
and for Ram its all new experience ..because his world was different no one was there to wait for him..to wait for his return back. so the  experience of sharing his day it was a dream for him€but now it is happened  its happened only for Priya .. ,his mind is going to build a new dream..dream of his own family ..only Priya is able to build it up..
after their chit chat Priya went from there  to check for the dinner and ram was busy in his room..with his thought ..
dinner table is different for Km..
as it  is a mansion a house not a home at all ..where no one care about the other family member ..always busy with their parties or any other stuff..
 RAM and Priya enjoyed their dinner alone ..
With Ram€™s fav dishes and ram€™s fav work which is indeed leg pulling of Priya for her fondness towards the green healthy vegetables..
Dinner was done
Ram: priya tum room me jao main aata hu ..study se..kuch jaruri kam hai ..
Priya:Ok €
At their   kingdom..
Priya opened the door ..the room was not different but Priya felt something different today ..she entered there and find out a gift packet with a small one but a paper stuck her attention towards it ..it was looked like a love letter ..this was the main reason Priya paid more attention towards it . coz from Mr.Kapoor..her RAM ..any letter ..is really a unexpected one .
She took it from the table and started to read it
The letter- 
      Tumhare ye Mr.Kapoor( Ram) romantic nehi hai ..mujhe to romance chodo ..pyar kya hai wo hi nehi pata tha ..par ha mere liye pyar ka matlab tum ho..aur ye bhi pata nehi pyar ko pane k liye kya kya karna parta hai..par .ha main sirf ye hi janna chahta hu k pyar ko agar nehi khona hai to kya kya karna padega ..it is something weird na priya ..meri uses of words? Yes it is ..maine bohut sare business letter likha hu..par pyar k liye letter ..kabhi socha bhi nehi tha priya .. to mere dimag me pehle khone ka darr hi ata hai ..jaise ki maine koi deal kho diya ho..
 Par sayad is mamle me tum hi sahi ho jaise k tum  Australiya me keh thi k pyar wo deal hai jaha pe fayde aur nuksan k concept bilkul ulte hai ..jaha khone wala plus me rehte hai ..aur pane wala minus me.( my fav dialogue of BALH) 
Yes priya this is the first time in my whole life k main khone wala banna chahta hu ..par tumhe khokar nehi ..
Tumhe paa kar ..
Isliye main janna chahta hu ,..k pyar ko koi nehi khona chahe  to kya karte hai .. yes priya u r right again mere liye pyar to jine k wajai ban chukka hai ..aur pyar ho tum ..love means priya and Priya means  love to me..
Sayad wo babuji ka sapna tha par aaj wo mera bhi sapna ban chukka hai ..main apni family chahta hu ..khudka family ..sayad main kabhi bhi tumse ye baat bol nehi sakta tha ..par tumhari aankhe batati hai ..k tum bhi mera sath chahte ho..i want to move on with u ..and if u r feeling free with me ..then plz accept the small gift 
                                             from ur Ram..
Priya eyes were moistened .. she could feel the intense meaning of every words ..the deepness of his love 
After few minutes 
Ram entered their room..and found same paper on the same positioned ..he felt bad and thought 
Sayad Priya nehi chahti hai aabhi ..
Took this paper from the table he was going to tear it ..but no it€™s a different one ..yes it was from Priya ..
 Meri Mr.Kapoor sayad romantic nehi hai..sayad use love letter likhna nehi aata hai ..par mere ram best husband hai is duniya ki ..jisse love letter k bade me pata ho na ho..pyar k sahi matlab pata hai ..pyar karte bhi hai ..aur nibhana bhi jante hai ..
Aapne kabhi aapne life me koi bhi business deal nehi khoya hoga ..pyar bhi nehi khoyenge aap kyunki aapki Priya kabhi bhi aapko ..chod kar kahi nehi jaane wali hai ..
Aj pehli baar main minus me rehte huye bhi khush hu sayad duniya k luckiest woman hu ..main, kyunki aapke pyar k aage mera pyar kuch bhi nehi hai..
And yes I dreamt about the same dream..main bhi aapko bata nehi payi..par main bhi ..as a lady complete hona chahti hu ..aur jisse sirf aur sirf aap mujhe mehsoos kara skte hai..aapne pyar se
    Thank u RAM for coming in my life ..
I love u love u very much..
There were no bound of Ram€™s happiness 
Priya came from washroom with the gifted designing saree from ram..yellow and green combination..with the maching jhumkas ..
She was looking as gorgeous as she is ..sparkles could be found from her eyes ..which increased her beauty into the pick level ..ram starred at her ,..
And went to close to her .

Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Kaase Kahe Jaake Piir Jiyaki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki

Ram took her in his arm and kept her in their bed very gently , Caressing her hair,priya looked toward his eyes ..which is filled with desire, passion and love  for her ..only for her€

Piyu Rang Man Ki Chunar Rangaai
Piyu Rang Man Ki Chunar Rangaai
Piyu Piyu Rath Ke Piyu Mein Samaai

Ram  went very close to priya and started to cares her cheeks by his lips, giving her soft kisses through out her faces ..
Priya was shivering more and more keeping her eyes closed enjoy the new feelings of life..new experience being a lady 

Ban Gayi Chhaayaa
Ban Gayi Chhaayaa
Chhal Baliyaa Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki

Ram came down towards her neck and showers his loves by the symbol of loves ..yes giving her wet kisses on her neck..jaw line

Itha Utha Dekhe Panth Nihaare 
Itha Utha Dekhe Panth Nihaare
Har Din Palchhin Naam Pukaare

Sud Nahin Bisare Sud Nahin Bisare Sud Nahin Bisare
Want  to feel her more and more  moving  her pallu from her shoulder just starred for some times and caught her lips  with much more passion€Priya responded him..with same vibe .. 

Man Basiyaa Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Kaase Kahe Jake Peer Jiyaaki

slowly he took her jhumkas and tried to took her mangal sutra too ..
but Priya nodded in no...
and said plz rehne dijiye ..its the symbol that i am yours only yours 

Ram: I love u Priya ,I love u very much..
Priya ..I love u too Ram..

Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki
Baawri Piya Ki, Baawri Piya Ki

Scene  faded

( sorry €.) aab jaldi jaldi comments de do plz..

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Posted: 2013-08-21T23:45:38Z
thanks to continue...
now Raya expressed their love and they consummateEmbarrassed
but bahut jaldi rokk diya...scene fade ho gayaLOL
aapn toh haath pakadne wala scene pehle hi daal diya...
sach mein Ram ka letter koi business letter se kam nahi tha..
even I like that dialogue ki pyar karne wala hamesha nuksaan mein hota hai
and u showed it in right place.
continue soon and thanks for PM
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Posted: 2013-08-22T00:50:44Z
Arrey wah darling dining table wala scene leke aayi cool. Luvu
Letter writing was so nice. Har shabd apne mein hi kuch khaas the. Har lafz mein kayi ehsaas the. Dil mein dabe hue har baat ne jaise aksharoan ka roop liya ho. I loved each bit of the letter.so cool n simple but yet bhaari shqbdoan k saath humein Jo bayaan karna hai wo hogaya.so romantic darling..
Arre chetan bhagat ki to Two States padhi hai Maine two states of mind bhi haI kya?

Fabulous confession Clap
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Posted: 2013-08-22T01:16:45Z
Superbb update sweetheart.. Hug
Sweet romance aur wo jhijak nd dhadkano ka badna paas ate hi..awesomely portrayed.. Clap
Hayee tune dinner table wala scene bhi daal diya..love u yaar
Letter part was too good..with their thoughts beautifull penned down( like bussiness letter perfect contract papersLOL )
Loved every bit of it...great job.. Clap
Cont soon nd thanx for pm..
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Posted: 2013-08-22T01:21:07Z
Originally posted by sandhyasn

thanks to continue...
now Raya expressed their love and they consummateEmbarrassed
but bahut jaldi rokk diya...scene fade ho gayaLOL
aapn toh haath pakadne wala scene pehle hi daal diya...
sach mein Ram ka letter koi business letter se kam nahi tha..
even I like that dialogue ki pyar karne wala hamesha nuksaan mein hota hai
and u showed it in right place.
continue soon and thanks for PM
 thank u sandy thank u very much 

are abhi bhi subah baki hai yaar 
wait na ..
main thori na BALH kki jaisi awkard subah karayungi in dono ki 
ram aur love letter jok of the day 
again thank u 
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