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All my lovely friends of  this forum..
Happy friendship day..
All time I use to say that I am happy to being a part of this forum..as it gives me a lot of friends ..who r really very much close to my heart..and in this days this list is increasing ..so I am happy  and lucky to have them in my life ..all r special to me ..so don't want to mention any specific name here..

This OS is one and only for Trisha..(rkr friend)
Actually challenging one for me too..
Trishu told me one situation ..it was longgg back in RAYA 's live and BALH too'
I don't know how to describe the situation in my way ,coz this is my first time for any daily soap..and RAM Kapoor too..and in BALH we saw his RB mood but I think its not enough to imagine him in this situation and  write some think on it
Ok But I am trying..

Os is based on the BC part of Priya and after the morning breakfast when RAYA were specially Ram was   relieved to know that Priya is not a cancer patient..
Ram initiated to spent more time with Priya, he started to feel for her but  as it was new experience for him and being a GOLU in this matter he could not understand his love towards Priya..
And Priya ,who already recognized her love ,,confessed her love with herself but could not utter it in front of everyone,specially RAM. but started to feel as a princess, She succeed to find out   her Prince ,yes her own prince ,her man ..RAM KApoor...but could not express her feelings in words..
May be feared or shied  ,she every time thought what will be Mr.Kapoor's reaction when she will going to confess her love towards him..all time he used to say that it was their compromise marriage ,,love is not their cup of tea specially at this age..
But she knew ..all the awkwardness between RAM and her was went away..RAM took care her more than ownself..he treated as her as his queen ..but is she queen of his heart ..or  it was just his caring nature or duty towards his wife ,as he is very much family centric .. 
But Priya is happy coz whatever the relation is between her and Her Mr.Kapoor..Mr.Kapoor considers   her as his family member ,his own family member..so this is enough for Priya from her life .she is happy with Mr.Kapoor's friendship and his extra care 
Her chain of thought was broken when suddenly Mr.Kapoor halted the car 
The car was filled with their awkwardness
Suddenly priya said in her sweet voice
Priya: Pouch gayi main to 
Priya: roz traffic me itna time lag jata hai ki exact time me pouch ti hu
Aj itni jaldi pouch gaye..aap kafi fast chala k lekar aye'
To thik hai chalti hu main
Ram wanted to stop her.all he wants to spend a lot of time with her..but could not say '.
Ram: hmm pouch hi gayi ho to I guess jana to padega hi ..( but in heart he wants to listen the word NO ..as still now from any where he is not used to with this word..but he is changed ,,he wants to listen this annoying word for now,,only which can soothe his restlessness of his heart)
Priya who also feels bad .. she also wants RAM's company in every where ,at every time .
Priya : waise der to nehi ho rehi hai ,
matlab jaldi pouch gaye na ..traffic nehi hai..
Ram with his chuckle voice
Wo to  hai time tumhare pass
Suddenly with her all excitement 
 Priya:Ha matlab 15-20 min to hai mere pass,
 class suru hone me 
Ram: ok time pass kar lete hai ..
(no more conversation direct going to the plot)
They were standing at kalakhatta stall 
But bad luck for RAM he did not get his nimbu pani so he has to take kala khatta .Priya's fav
Priya: par Mr.Kapoor aapko to kala khatta pasand nehi hayna
Ram: pehle mujhe tum bhi pasand nehi hote the aab dekho
      Priya was embarrassed with Ram's answer as she did not accept this answer from him..but she felt good .as she thought it may be another step from friendship to the next level  of relationship..which is eternal for her,
She changed her thought and tried to busy hrself to order the kala khatta in proper way..
Ram watched her  with so much passion but one man was just stood beside priya and was starring at her with his dirty look and disturbed Ram's view towards his wife..
Ram caught Priya's arm in his both hand and changed her place..
Looking at the man he asked with his normal tone :
Kya dekh raha hai bhai saab?
Man: kya dekh raha hu ..kuch bhi to nehi ,,( but his gaze was fixed on Priya )
Ram understood his intension and looks too so he just caught his collar tightly and said
Ram: kya dekh raha ? Maine ache se kaha dimag nehi gaya tera ?
Man with his attitude and trying to loose Ram's grip from his collar replied..kya dekh raha tha main ha?
Aankhe hai meri jaha bhi dekhu aapko kya ha  Mr.
Ram: tightly caught his collar and jerked him..teri aakhen ha..pata hai wo kaun hai ..meri biwi hai wo..mujhe kya and tried to slap him hard
(priya remembered the incident at the beach of Australia where RAM made to ask apology  from the annoyed person who teased her,,but in a different way ,,by saying she was a type of behenji ..but here Mr.Kapoor declared her as his wife ..means with his identity ,dignity and own right, she is amazed to see the current change in her man)
But she caught his hand : Mr.Kapoor chod dijiye plz..
This is not suitable at all for u and ur image
Ram to the man : firse agar aisi harkat ki to chodunga nehi tujhe main..and more over ghar me ma behen nehi hai tere?  
And jerked him hardly and left
The man went away from there 
Priya: ho kya gaya hai aapko? Aap Ram Kapoor hai ..road side pe aise harkat kyun kar rehe hai
Ram with his annoying face and voice : harkat matlab..koi meri biwi ko aise ghurta rahega aur main bardast kar lunga ?
Priya: hm par ..aap kya aise fighting karne wale the .u r the RAM kapoor
Ram: are the ram kapoor hu ..aur job hi hu'hu to tumhara pati na ..to mera to farz banta hai na 
Priya though she was happy with Ram's behavior with this man..but hurt with the word farz from ram..as already she expected a lot from him
Just uttered with hurt voice: sirf farz,?looking at ram with slightly teary eyes?
Ram could not understand her emotion but he also felt bad  for his using of words 
So he said ..farz ya aur kuch pata nehi ..par tum meri biwi ho meri apni ho..to tumhe is tarah dekhne ka haq sirf aur sirf mera hai bas kuch aur nehi janta hu main..
Aur agar koi bhi tumhe aise dekhta hai to I feel like to kill him on that spot.
Priya is happy now she could feel ram's Possesiveness towards her,his feelings too ..it is none other than his love ..and she knows RAM is one woman man so all this is new for him so he needs more time to confess his love at first own self and then towards her and ,now its just a matter of time
But priya wanted to tease him more so she asked
: aur agar aisa kare to?
Ram: could not control his anger he caught Priya by her shoulder very tightly and said
Tum meri ho sirf meri..tumhe dekhne ka ,choone ka haq sirf mera hai ..aur agar koi aisa kare bhi to uska aisa halat main bana dunga k wo life me kabhi bhi koi ladki k bare me bhi nehi soch payega ..and more over tum meri biwi ho and main tumhe '.

( but realized what he is going to say just stop there)
Priya: aap mujhe kya?
Ram: priya class start hone me sirf 15 -20 min tha na tumhare pass,wo khatam ho chuka hai ..tum class me jao nehi to yeha pe bhi late hi jana pedegi tumhe
And giggles
Priya: very funny ..ok main ja rehi hu ..sham ko ma ..papa se milkar ghar lautingi..
Priya left for her class ..Ram left for his ofc when Priya went away totally from his view.

Thank u friends for baring this one ..i know it is worst  one 
But only for friend on friendship day .I  do not want to  disappoint  her ..
But if any one want to throw tomatoes or any  thing plz feel free to do so 

And ok no more funny stuff
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Yayy me 1Party
happy frendship day jaanu...
awesome update jaan...
hahaha...ram ji ka haq hai bhai aur koi dekhe to uska kya haal hoga wo soch bhi nhi skteLOL
Oye ram ji baith hi jaae to kya hoga us bande kaTongue
yaar priya ki class bhi abhi start hona thaOuch
thanks for pmHug
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Posted: 6 years ago
Gud one on a friendship day...
Liked ram's possessiveness and priya's taunts...
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Originally posted by chillpc

Gud one on a friendship day...
Liked ram's possessiveness and priya's taunts...
 thank u dear 
Happy friendship day to u 
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by BALHLOVER

Originally posted by chillpc

Gud one on a friendship day...
Liked ram's possessiveness and priya's taunts...

thank u dear
Happy friendship day to u

Thnku dear...same to u... Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
it was gud
and thanx for the pm
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Posted: 6 years ago
Happy Friendship Day!! Sweetheart.. Hug
Good one.. Clap
Loved Ram's possessiveness nd Priya's teasing.. Embarrassed
Season 1 was damn good nd beautifull.. Star
Thanx for pm..Edited by vironikajain - 6 years ago
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Posted: 6 years ago
Nice one.
Happy friendship day
Thanks for the pm
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