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At beginning ..I wanna say something as it was started as an OS ..and specially on request of Trishu ( Trisha Nag one of my dearest friend in RKR forum )  on the  Friendship day ..I don't want to hurt her specially on that day..and more over I love all my friends of this forum .all of them r very much special for me ,,after the first update many one requested me to continue it..the first jealous part was really a challenging one ..but now I think this OS is going to be a ff ( small not a long one).. in every part at least one of among all requested me for a special scene ..i am trying  to put it down along  my imagination ,as all of we love RAYA so I consider who requests me ,..this is nothing but  their desire to see their fav couple in the same sequence ..here also a scene will come which is on request .( again one of  my close friend Sandy) so plz if any one want to add anything plz feel free and say ..I will be really happy to do so. this Os/ff is different from my other one ..the other one is crazy love story of two college teenagers ,but this one is matured ..i love to see matured love story ..though I am not at all experienced in love but I like it..and this is my write up rather this is my view how I want to see the couple in love ,or meaning of love to me..i know this is undefined word but ..to me Love is not only the Physical intimacy which the partner share .yes I am not at all against all of this, may be it is the next level ..but in the 1st case to me Love is eternity which based on the trust, faith and believe .more over understanding ,,and care too ..
Just wanna share ..dont want to hurt any one's sentiment ..but if I did so..plz forgive me ..and comments ..all my silent readers also well come to share their view and any special request for scenes ..

Ram halted the car in front of the mandir ..the particular one about which Priya praised it before on the way to collect their report .
Priya remembered her prayer on that day- 
Flashback –
 Hey iswar aaj tak jo kuch bhi paya ya nehi paya usme aapi ki hi marji thi ,darashal aapse kuch mangne ki zaroorat hi nehi padi,kyunki apne bina mange hi sab kuch de diya ,par aaj bohut dino k baad aapse kuch mange ka dil kar raha hai,Mr.Kapoor hayna  apne sehat ka bilkul kheyal nehi rakhte hai to mere liye inka kheyal aap rakhiye ga ,main nehi janti ki jindegi me jo aane wala din hai wo acha hai ya bura ,lekin jaise bhi din hai ..unhe mushkurate huye jine ki sakti dena hume bas……….

though she did not realize her love for her Man that time but now she is  stuck  on her own memory land specially on one word that is " mere liye" yes that  word is  enough to her to realize her love towards Mr.Kapoor. coz she needs his support in her life not being a selfish she realizes that she needs his support as he becomes her life ,her world..so may be she used that phase  then in her subconscious mind but now again she prays to god for her own life and which is none other than her man..her support system..
ram: Priya kaha khoyi huyi ho ..mandir k andar nehi jana hai kya?
Priya: hm..chaliye..
 They reached at the main place in front of the almighty ..
Today Ram comes along with her to the place  for a different purpose ,yes he is not at all use to pray to god or asking anything from god but he knows that at the beginning of any new thing men worship Lord Ganesh .and today he is going to confess his feelings towards his wife ..it will be the new start of his life in the true sense  .along his Priya, as the result he is  here  ..
They r standing in front of the idol ..and praying in their own way 
Ram(with his flashback):
Vagwan firse maafi chahta hu ..main aapke pass jyada nehi aata hu ..and report negetive hone k baad bhi main nehi aa paya hu ..
Usdin main sirf or sirf Priya k liye aaya tha par aaj main apne liye aaya hu ..main jina chahta hu ..apne life ,,jo main bhul gaya tha..par aaj se main jina chahta hu ..Priya k sath aapni har ek kimti waqt bitana chahta hu ..maine   sayad  bohut hi galtiya ki hu aapne life me ..par unme se sayad kuch acha bhi tha isliye aapne mere liye Priya ko veja hai..aab main ek pal bhi miss nehi karna chahta hu ..
Priya:vagbwan..maine aapse kuch bhi chiz nehi mangi.kyunki bina mange hi aapne mujhe sab de di..itna ki Mr.Kapoor ko bhi mujhe de diya aapne ..par aaj main maang rehi hu ..main Mr.Kapoor ko khush dekhna chahti hu ..unki har ek khushi aur dukh me samil hona chahti hu..sahi maine me unki life partner banna chahti hu ..
Pandit ji : are beta tum?( yes he remembered  RAM as that they Ram was so  engrossed in his Prayer and the  pandit ji could see his honesty .his desire to fulfill his wish ,and specially   the sparkle on his innocent eyes when Ram uttered about his life..which he still remembered )
Kaisi ho tum? Usdin tum apni zindegi mangne aye the ..aur tumhari aankhe bayan kar raha tha k tum bohut hi sache dil se mang rahe the ..and vagbwan k paas agar koi sache dil se kuch bhi mange to wo khali hat wapas nehi lautte hai..to kaise ho tum bete?
  Ram: hmmm..sahi kaha pandit ji aapne ..
  Main acha hu ,,aur aj main apni zindegi ko sath lekar hi aya hu and looks at Priya with his satisfied look which expressed that he mean every single of bit .
  Priya did not get anything she just starred at Ram and thought  is  he the same man who told that he is not so scared about his report , no need for praying.
But after collected her report he visited this mandir..and  prayed for his life ..she could sense  that she is connected with all this.. though she did not know  
 Pandit ji blessed both of them 
After that they went from there.
Priya: aab aapka kya plan hai?
Ram: hmm…shopping pe chale?
Priya: kya .Mr.Ram Kapoor. One of  the business tycoon of  India is ready to go for shopping with his wife..main kya sapna dekh rehi hu ?
Ram: o hello madam..itna bhi tang mat khicho .ok ..aj mera mood acha hai to chaho to jaa sakti ho, nehi to tumhari marji..
Priya: nehi nehi main nehi chahti hu ..aisa mauka gawana..
Ram: to chalte hai shopping uske baad lunch at my fav hotel..ok.
Priya: wah aaj wakai me Mr.Ram Kaoor badal gaye hai .
Ram in mind: yes Priya main badal gaya hu..i am a changed man now ..aur wo bhi sirf or sirf tumhare liye ..
U r the magician of my life who came in my life very late but   taught me how to live ..how to enjoy every sec of life ..without any tension..specially ur company and care Priya converted a ruthless business man into a family man in real sense. u r the one who melts my hard side of heart into a soft one ..that's why I love you ..crazily in love with You.
Priya: kya Mr.Kapoor ,kaha khoye huye aap?
Ram: nehi kuch nehi ..batao kaunsi mall me jana hai tumhe?
Priya: main kya shopping karungi ..ye hi pata nehi hai mujhe so kaunsi mall kaise bol sakti hu ..aap hi kuch decide kar lijiye na
Ram: ok ek kam karta hu ..xyz shopping mall me jaate hai .Vikram keh raha tha collection acha hai ..as Neha kuch din pehle hi gayi thi ..
Aur  food section is also good.
 Priya : murmuring herself sach me Polar bear ..khane k alawa aur kuch soojhta hi nehi hai ..isse
Ram: kuch kaha madam aapne ..?
Priya: nehi to..
After few min they reached at a famous shopping mall.
 At the Shopping mall 
Priya: kya kharidu main?mujhe to kuch nehi chahiye ..
Ram: uff ho Priya kuch bhi lelo na yaar ,jo bhi tumhe pasand hai..
Priya: wo hi to main soch rehi hu ..kya lu?  Ok ek kam karti hu ,Nutz aur Ayeha ki fashion show hai do din baad so wo do no k liye hi kuch gift le leti hu..
Ram: ok par ek kam karna aapne liye bhi kuch achi saree le le na ..
Suddenly something caught Ram's attention.
Ram: priya tum ja k dress dekho main  thori der main tumhe join karta hu ok?
Priya: Mr.Kapoor…main kya lu ..aur 

Already Ram started from move there ..
Priya: uff ye Mr.Kapoor bhi na ..kehte hai shopping karne jaate hai ,..aur shopping mall me aake firse akeli chod kar chala gaya..inki yaadat kabhi nehi badal sakta..
After at around one hour 
Ram: ho gayi madam aapki shopping ,kya abhi bhi kuch baki hai?
Priya : annoyingly answer him..: ha ho gayi ..aapko kya meri shopping ko lekar?
Ram: kya huya?
Priya: kuch nehi..kuch bhi nehi
Ram being a golu cant identify Priya's annoying behavior. Madam khana khane chale ab..
Priya: hm khane k sibha aur kuch soochta hai kya aapko?
They reached at Ram's fav restaurant 
Priya: Mr.Kapoor aap order kar dijiye main jara Washroom se aati hu 
Ram ok tumhare liye to ghash phoss hi order karunga main
Priya : so funny and left the place 
Two  boys just behind RAYA's table and discussing on something which is audible to RAM.
1st boy: are agar tu use pyar karta hai to jaake bol dena .
2nd boy: yaar kaise bolu ye hi to soch raha hu main..
1st boy : yaar problem kya hai..agar sach me pyar karta hai to chahe jaise bhi bol ..tujhe samajh sakegi. wo
Use tera Pyar ka izhaar chaiye  ye to nehi na k kitne special way se tu bol raha ye dekhne wali hai  wo.
2nd boy: hm…sayad tu thik hi bol raha hai ..par kab kahu ? uske samne jayu to kuch bol hi nehi paata hu yaar 
1st boy: agar wo bhi tujhse pyar karti hai to  teri aaknho se hi wo samjh sakti hai ..
2nd boy: aisa kya?
1st boy: yes mere dost 
Sacha pyar kabhi chupaye nehi chupti hai ..
2nd boy: par mujhe to ye bhi nahi pata k wo mujhse pyar karti hai ya nehi ..agar na keh diya to ..agar ye bol diya k tum sirf meri dost ho ..
1st boy: wo tera care karta haina..tere har budi yaadat ko thik kar rehi haina..teri behen k liye bhi sochti hai na..to zahir si baat hai ..she feels for u.par ladki to kabhi aage nehi bad sakti hai to tujhe hi kehna hai..ja aur ja k bol de k- u love her 
Ram in mind relates himself with 2nd boy .and paid more attention on 1st boy's words ..to him he is just like Vikram.still now who is his friend ,philosopher guide, rescuer in each and every unexpected trouble ..
and yes Priya's eyes speaks a lot and now a days which is totally filled with the unconditional love for Ram ..Ram can feel it..as he is an expert to feel the most beautiful things in the world rather seeing it( dunya ki sabse khub surat chiz ko mehsoos ki jati hai)and yes the most beautiful feelings are to be in love ad loved by some one special,than to love some one 
Ram utters softly I love u Priya ..and life me ye pehli baar main bina vikram ko share kiye tumhe batana chahta hu ,,sabse pehle ..k I am in love with u …iss compromise k riste ko main aap aage badana chahta hu ..
Priya reached their ..Mr.Kapoor kya huya abhi tak order nehi di aapne?
Ram: uupps  sorry main bhool hi gaya..
Priya: kya? ..Mr RAM kapoor..restaurant me aake 
Khane k order dena bhul gaye ?I am shocked
Ram: o hello madam aagar aapka taana marna band ho gaya ho to khane ka order de sakta hu ?
Priya: ha ha de dijiye main kab mana kar rehi hu 
They finished their lunch with small chit chat and leg pulling of each other .
At car :
Priya: to aab ghar chale?
Ram: ghar kyun?
Priya: kyun ka matlab? ghar nehi jana hai kya aapko aaj?
Ram: ghar to wo hota hayna priya jaha aapne dil ho ..aur mere dil to mere pass hi hai abhi  ghar jaane se kya fayda?
Priya was stunned ..could not utter 1stly 
After some pause she said ..aaj ap itne behki behki baatein kyun kar rehe hai ..pehle to..pandit ji ko kaha k aapki zindegi aapke paas hai ..aur aab ye dil ,ho kya gaya hai aapko?.
Ram: are maine kya kiya? sehi to kaha na k main jinda hu iska matlab hi to dono sath me hai…..
Chodo in sab baat ko aaj maharastra gujrat border chale .time bhi hai ..aur laut te wqat dinner karke ghar chale jayenge?
Priya: ok as u wish ..mujhe kya main to aise hi aapki un bade se ghar me bore hi hoti hu 
All were going good but the word " aapki " it pinched Ram's heart directly .he thought ''Meri..Priya wo to tumhari bhi kamra hayna..but no it  is not her fault ,,whenever she tried to say some thing about this room or any thing about my belonging  I reminded her that our marriage is a compromise one ..so indirectly I said not to interfere in my life..more over still now the wardrobe shows the msg of private .but Priya today and onwards I promise u ..everything of mine is urs only ..u have the right to choose anything for me ..as I am urs and u r mine 
.Priya in her thought , actually she did not pay any attention on her own words ..rather she never thought a small word may be hurt ram ,,her Mr..Kapoor ..she is floated in her own world which is covered only with Ram..she thought . Mr.Kapoor wanted to go the place ..which is in deed my fav one now ..as this is the place 
From where she discovered her love ..
(Duniya ki sabse khub soorat chiz e dekhi nehi jaati.mehsoos ki jati hai ..aur jab hum aisi chiz o ko mehusus karte haina ,to dil dhadakta hai ,aur aisa ehsaas hota hai ,jaisa pyar me hota hai ..jaisa ibadad me ota hain..)
After a long drive they reached at their destination..its time of twilight. its the time of returning  back for the living creatures   to their home to their love one's
Yes it's the right time for RAYA to return to their  love world to their own  love's  one.
Ram is floated in his down memory lane
And saying himself 
(priya ,mujhe ye to pata nehi ..pyar me kya hota hai .ibadad me  kaise mehsoos hota hai.. mujhe Pyar ka matlab bhi nehi pata .. sayad main janna bhi nehi chahta hu ..kyunki mere liye Pyar matlab Priya and Priya matlab Pyar hain ..main meri baki ki life aur khuch mehsoos karna nehi chahta hu..sirf tumhari sath chahiye mujhe ..mere har khushi me ..aur tumhare har dukh me main tumhari sath dena chahta hu ..)
They spend quality of times there ..after realization they r going to be late as they have to travel a long journey..left the place…
At the way of returning kapoor mantion ..still now they do not confess their love to each other which is audible to their ear but their hearts confessed it long before..their eyes expressed it plenty of times …
In the actual sense there is no need of confession to each other ..but some time love needs its voice too..so RAM wants to make it very special for Priya ..though he knows every special thing in front of his lady love is going to vain as she is most special art of GOD ..who has great soul ..
But his soul wants to do it ..for its true mate  ..
The cars is passing by a society 
Priya: Mr.Kapoor pata hai ..is bulding me hi Maa rehti thi 
( as she is missing her guide ..who helped her to discover her love)
Ram is happy and totally engrossed in his world)
Maa is bulding me ..matlab?
Priya: Krishna maa..
Ram: wo..ho sakta hai ..Ram does not want to continue  this conversation..)
Priya: wo kangan sayad maa ki hi thi na ,…kya main aaj se wo pehen sakti hu ..
Ram: that was enough to create a raging bull in Ram.
Suddenly Ram speeded up his BMW without uttering a single word ,reached at Km.. 
Entered KM leaving Priya behind.
Priya was dumbstruck though she realized what a great mistake she has done..
At their violet kingdome.
Ram is standing at the window 
Priya entered and moving towards Ram..
Priya:Mr.Kapoor.I am sorry I don't want to hurt u.
Ram: hurt ..matlab bhi pata hai tumhe kya hota hai?
Tum kabhi mujhe hurt kiye huye bina aur kuch kar sakte ho kya?
Priya: I am sorry..i did not want to do it intentionally ..its just a mistake .. I  want to consider  it as her blessings..
Ram: kehna kya chahti ho tum? jab tumhe sab kuch pata hai ..uske bad bhi ..kyun Priya har time aisi karti ho..kyun?
Priya : tears are started to flow ..Ram is screaming at her ,its not the reason behind her tears ..but the main reason is she cant see her man in this state ..throughout the day his eyes speaks unbounded ,limitless love for her 
But now it shows the pain ..pain of  a son. pain of a husband who is hurt by his own mother,his wife ..
Priya: I am sorry Mr.Kapoor plz….
Ram: nehi ..tum he uss aurat ki ashirwad chahiye na ..to jao na ..uske pass ja kar hi reh sakti ho..yeha par kyun ho ..yenha par to koi nehi hai tumhara ..
Isse to acha  hota k main aaj subah USA chale jate  ..rat ko sayad tumhara ye natak mujhe dekhna nehi padta ..
She is shivering to witness of Ram's anger though it is not 1st time for her ..but after the day  somehow she started to believe that RAM is a changed man now..but was  she right?
Ram:  meri life hell thi ..aur sayad tumhari wajai se aur bhi ho jayega aab..
Priya  still now she is witnessing all those words ..but no ..she never wants to make ram's life hell….though she does not want heaven too..all she wants a normal life with her love..like other normal couple ..then how he utters such type of words for her..so she is moving away…..
Yes its RAYA 's life …every time everything was started with a high note ..with a high hope ..but the end becomes worst to them..but they know how to elevate from this situation ..

Plz   comments..silent readers too

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Nice update...loved ur thoughts about mature love story nd totally agree with u.. Clap
Like all the scene..Mandir, mall nd scene where they were lost in their thoughts Big smile ram kaha chala gya tha mall mein aisa kya dekh gya tha..koi surprise hai kya.. Tongue
Par yeh last mein kya ho gaya.. Shocked dono hi hurt ho gaye..yeah kya kar diya sweetheart par acha Twist hai   Wink
Ab confession or bhi dhamakedaar hoga.. Embarrassed
Cont soon nd thanx for pm..Edited by vironikajain - 2013-08-12T05:22:07Z
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Posted: 2013-08-12T04:38:40Z
Good one comment karungi...
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Posted: 2013-08-12T05:10:13Z
Originally posted by vironikajain

Res..me first
Res karke bhaag gayi..ShockedROFL..
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Posted: 2013-08-12T05:10:46Z
u turned d way of d story..yes hoped for something else bt ended with unexpected scene...u r a fab writer ..love it...hmmm ram is in peak of d anger...hw priya is gonna handle d annoyed ram..cont soon
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Posted: 2013-08-12T05:13:17Z
Hey superb work..ClapClap 
So will this anger lead to confession.. Wink,,..
Thanks for pm'continue soon
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Posted: 2013-08-12T05:16:47Z
Nice one...sab kuch accha tha. but last me jhagda hogaya...waiting for the next part...thanks for pm
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Posted: 2013-08-12T05:18:53Z
Originally posted by sinalbest

Originally posted by vironikajain

Res..me first
Res karke bhaag gayi..ShockedROFL..
 sachi me yaar 
place rerve kar ke vaag gayi dono ROFL
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