Arhi Index : Mints Madness [Updated April '16]

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Posted: 8 years ago

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Posted: 8 years ago
Finally...More like your magic...

Mints what about you can I say? 
Your stories different in every way

I will start with the 7 sins if I may
Each sin like a sun 's ray
Touched our hearts on every update day
The content in it so brilliant lay 
The 7 sins so aptly with you did play
Wrath, sloth greed, gluttony envy, pride, lust oh yah
Each depicted in your very unique way
The end, it came too soon, we pray 
For season 2,  your readers do demand it everyday ! 

The seven sins, a perfect story
With the perfect blend of ingredients spicy
On Arnav and his beautiful Khushi
And how each sin did play a role interestingly
In their love story, with some hilarious mystery
Being planned by Akash and Anjali
Planting Sumer to give rise to our hero's jealousy 
Contribution from each character in the family
A wholesome short story which I can say proudly
Did get featured as the SOTW, so rightfully

Then the hilarious spoof Didi Ki Saut, really ! 
The sarcasm in that written so freely 
The story and the characters brilliantly 
The dramatics and the nautanki 
Showed us a new level of your writing ability 
The theatrics, insanity and the OTT...
In splits left us the madness of Anjali 
In this one shot full of Masti...

Who can forget Monsoon Magic
A love story of our couple classic
The sensuality and their intensity
Their electifying and crackling chemistry
The rain, the roses and  Khushi
In a wet saree looking so sexy
Unable to resist his wife is he
Giving into unbridled intimacy 
A one shot which won an accolade
And of another genre showed us shades...
Edited by vandana.sagar - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
Iss Paagalpan ko kya naam doon?
Mints, you have made it happen-
Made us fall in love once again.
A case of "Truly, Madly, Deeply"- 
Never have felt love this keenly.
Iss Paagalpan ko kya naam doon?
Story after story, you astound me,
Painful silences that are filling slowly.
The sinful delicacies that we gorged on,
Bringing together sensuality and fun.
Comedy another area of excellence,
A trademark of Arnav-Khushi romance. 
Busy we all are now, playing peek-a-boo,
A happy story, with lighter moments too.
We cannot get enough, this is true,
Iss paagalpan ko kya naam doon?
Finally an index you have of your own-
The name itself shows our junoon-
Iss paagalpan ko kya naam doon? 
Edited by chitrajay - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
Congratulations on your index! Was about to recommend you start one! Love your stories and looking forward to reading many more new ones by you ..
Posted: 8 years ago
Finally! D'oh

Love your work, Mints.
Edited by Afya - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
Congrats on your index :)
Posted: 8 years ago
where is DJ...she needs to be here!
Posted: 8 years ago
Thank you, lil Ms. Magician...

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