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Posted: 10 years ago

Hi everyone i'm new hereand i wanna tell u all that iJUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIAL!!! Ishwar is sooo Handdome & HOTT andthe stargirl Niyati is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!! They make such a GREAT PAIR!!!!And i HATE thatevil devil of a woman vilian sooo much!!!
I'm new here :) I just LOVE this show and within 2 days I watched all the recent episodes and already became a HUGE Aastha and Tabrez fanWhat a rocking chemistry ..I think this show really has potential!! And also soo happy that new characters made an entry in the show as the love cupidLooking foward to the New episodes..i think this show goona super hitis amzing showi love da way the show's chemistry is goingand Niyati is my favrt..muaaahh
Great work Aasthah..Keep rocking..
i just love this show is so romantic and with all romance i just cant wait for next epi i love Tabrez nd Aastha alot ...their acting is really great this jodi will gona rocking..
finally Today i entered this forum..
My Talented Aastha's Acting..that she put soul to her character was so amazing..that i couldnot stop my self to Make this post.. u can say both r my life..m so happy as i got to knw tht Aastha is doing the up coming serial..
Indian Television has no dearth of romantic shows. It never had and I'm pretty sure it never will, either. Every six months a new show is launched under the name of "romance" and bites dust sooner or later due to lack-lustre storyline that fades eventually. But here we have a fresh pair, a cliche concept and a perfect cast. I hope and sincerely wish that the storyline remains intact 'coz the moment CVs step out of the original idea, any show falters.Now that said, here's the deal. I'm a big fan of romance and it's portrayal on TV and Cinema alike. Over the years, there have been only a handful shows that I have liked to the point of catching their original telecast and then catching up their repeat shows too. Rishton ke bhanwar me makes it to that list. It seems like I can n uljhi niyati never get bored of their performances-Ishwar's and
Niyati's. They have a clicking chemistry. Their eyelocks make you smile all the way through the show. The fan-girl in me cannot stop drooling over their scenes. This show makes me wait for their time to telecast. This show makes me want to catch up with every tid-bid details of it on IF. Needless to say, I have taken such a special liking to this show and lead pairs alike.I'm sure there are many of you feeling the same right now. This one's for you guys 🤗
I'm crazy about this show..May you all r getting bore reading my post..But what to do..u guys cant stop me drooling over my favrt couple nd specialy my favrt actr Tabrez Khan..The super Star
Its like a treat to watch this show... I even wait late night to watch this show's repeat and get late for work the next day.i just die to see this show...The current track is making crazy. Hope the coming track is more crazier then this
I have been on this forum since quite some time now.But silent reader..Cause i never able to undrstand how to introduce my self nd express my love for this show..Not a single a second not a single scene of this show makes me bore..Realy.. Today something triggered in me which made me type this post.I love this show so much that:-I have seen all the episodes till date .
I wish i can ever go to its set nd meet cast nd stars of this show..i can ever meet Tabrez Khan..
I will never be able to 'crush' on anyone because of Tabrez..I look at my waistline everyday and think of His co-actor..Aastha..I refuse to cut my hair because I want my hair as beautiful nd long as her..I never made friends on the internet but now I did I even use RKBMUN dialogues in my day-to-day life..
Now,I was actually expecting his more scenes.. it was really awesome..but too bad it ended reallly quick, i mean when the show time ends..i became sad..I wants the show aired whole day By God.
Well done CV's .Feel free to share your thoughts,Oh Yeah before I forget,
Applause for all ur posts..I use to read in silent mood..Please keep discussing the show nd specialy Aastha nd Tabrez nd entertain me nd silent readers more nd more..


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Posted: 10 years ago
Hi 5 ayushi
I love it too ;)
P.S: I am the Shaktiwoman ! Dare you mess with me, I'll give you wrum brum!dhishkauu!!! Aami je tomaar..Jhin Jhin Jhin.. Shodu Je tomaar..jhin jhin jhin