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Today I  am inspired by the word  DELHI ..actually it reminds me the episode of 5th july 2012..Awesome episode Priya's  pregnancy ,Ram's dinner and specially the ear rings part..and yes of course  Sakshi mam' s acting for which I could not control my tears too..and RAM's each every words about his wife when his wife is dead all over to the world but only alive in the heart of her man..
Ok now after one year this Delhi word inspired me again to write up something..
Morning phone convo of PAPA,BETI and MUMMA are same…but missing something so want to move on with same track but except RISHAB's accident  part 
Now moving on-
RAM is totally engrossed in his lined up meeting ..so much busy he is..but after two meetings suddenly  he remembers his darling girl's words(u can consider Priya as well as Peehu par main to Priya soch  kar hi likh rehi hu..;) ) 
So  he postpones his meeting for 2 hours and decides to go for lunch at some restaurant as he wants to buy sweet for his rock star and gift for kush (also this is a command of his rock star) 
He went a restaurant  as his status ..after the lunch way back to his office ,his car suddenly halt at CENAPI MARKET…which suddenly reminds him something.
He went to the market at shop no 21
Which reminds him the dinner date and  the most painful time period of his life..
And the total conversation with this lady who gave him the ear rings….
(Specially this part)
The lady-waise Mr.Kapoor next time aap jab Delhi jayoge to apni wife  se jhagra mat karna to fir kisise kuch mange ki jarurat nehi padegi..
Ram: aab mujhe nehi lagta hai ki main kabhi bhi apni biwi  se jhagra karunga..
The lady-wo…how sweet
Yes the situation is changed RAM get back his wife ,his life again..but  fighting between them is common so he feel ashamed himself and goes to the shop for buying  one ear rings from the new collections which will be increased the beauty of  his lady love. 
After buying sweets,dolls,gift for peehu and  the special ear rings for the special person of his life ,again he went back to his office for the postponed meeting..but luckily  he has some time to restart the meetings so he thinks for some time and dialed priya's number ..as he felt bad for the last phone conversation coz he paid less interest that time to talk with priya..
At KM 
Priya is busy with her books,,coz her princess is at school so she is passing her time with her best friend
And suddenly her phone rings   and the caller id flashes the name which is in her every heart bit ,her  and only her Ram, though she knows that ram is angry on her ..but a small smile is appeared in her face..
After one ring she picks up the call and answers very sweetly
Priya: hello..kuch kehna hai  ?
RAM who is already in dream land with his love life and after hearing this swt voice just totally forgets about his anger on his wife ..
Ram: ha wo…(he is stammering)
Priya: she knows very well about her GOLU…and his activity , she giggles  and again asks..
Achanak  aapne is time pe ph kiya ..kuch kehna hai aapko?and  peehu to abhi school me hain..( with naughty grin on her face)
Ram: nehi ..peehu se nehi tumse  baat karna hain..matlab .ki……..mujhe pata hai Peehu school me hai..
Priya  very much satisfies with his ans  and said
Ji kahiye kya baat hai kuch file chahiye kya aapko..
Again they went to their memory lane. yes the USA visit of RAM and their 1st video chat and RAM's words jaldi se video chat pe aa jayo  mujhe tumhe dekhna hai…
Same time the two love birds uttered the same words can u come on the video chat plz…
Within 2 mins they login their personal ac and starts the video chat ..
RAM:  seeing his lady and  totally lost in her simplicity and beauty ..with cute smile  on his face
Priya: lost in his charm and million dollar smile(actually this is my cond whenever RAM sir comes on the screen I totally lost )
After few sec ram breaks the silence
RAM; priya…
Priya: hmmm…
RAM:sorry subah main phone pe thik tarike se baat nehi kar paya..
Priya:  no no its  ok I understand, must be u were busy then
Ram: exactly not but 1stly my ego  resisted me then and  I was too much embarrassed when Peehu said one thing like that 
Again they went to their memory lane and the conversation of morning and peehu 's words
(mumma I love u Mr. Kapoor ,bye Mr.Kapoor bol du kya?)
Priya: (little embarrassed) nehi wo….. Peehu wo… bohut jiddi ho gayi hai bilkul apne  papa ki tarah
Ram: acha ..par uski papa to kabhi uski mumma k upar jid nehi dikhate hai  I LOVE YOU bolne k liye..
Priya: hmmm par  dusre  chiz me to jid dikhate hayna..
Ram: smile naughtily and spoke dusri chiz …kabhi bhi to jid nehi kiya maine Priya..and wink at her
Priya: with smile nehi meri kehne ki matlab wo nehi thi..
Ram: acha chodo..ye batao..agar us time Peehu ne tumhe insist nehi karti to kya tum mujhe wo kehti?
Priya: now this is priya's turn to tease him
Kya kehti?maine aisa kya kehdi aapko?
Ram: can feel her teasing so he said acha jo tum us time nehi keh payi abhi to bol do..
Priya: hm mai nehi ..aur phir bhi main to bol di us time ..kisiki  tarah ME TOO to nehi rly kiya..
Ram: now he is in full mood and can understand Priya's demand
Ok baba abhi bol raha hu- I LOVE YOU Priya I love u very much ..and missing u badly..
Priya blushing very much) and said me too
Ram:( annoyingly )yaar ye kya Me too, kya matlab kya hay..its not fare yaar .
Priya:  haaw apse hi to sikhi maine 
Ram: plz priya  ek bar bol do na ..dekho bohut sare kam pending hai ..aur agar tum  abhi nehi  kahogi to I will be late in meeting and  sayad is wajay se aj delhi hi rehna pare  mujhe 
Priya: o..no no I can't effort it
Ram: smiling which one ?mere delhi rehna aur I love you ka rly dena ? and wink at her 
Priya's chick turns into crimson red
At the moment they heard a knock on the door and this was happened on ram's ofc door.
Secretary: sir can we restart the meeting
Ram to the Secretary: yes 5min more
After his secretary went away 
Ram to Priya : priya I have to go now..plz tell me once..plz yaar ..
Priya:   said softly  I lOVE you RAM…and missing u too..
Its bonus for RAM he can not believe his own ear that Priya said RAM  
Ram : Priya kya tumne mujhe RAM kaha ?
Priya: just nodded her head..
Ram: asked again  all of a sudden how she able to remember  she is his wife who has the right to call him by his name  which is the most soft  way to hear his own name
And Priya told about the encounter of Peehu after the morning phone call
Peehu –acha mumma  aap papa se sirf I love you kaha?  I love you Mr. Kapoor kyun nehi kaha?
Priya: blushingly nehi main to phone pe papa se hi baat ker rehi thi to unke naam lena jaruri tha kya?
Peehu: papa ka naam? Par mumma papa k naam to ram kapoor haina ..kapoor to unke sur name hai..
Priya: ha to main to unhe Mr.kapoor hi bulati hu..very confusingly..
Peehu: par mumma Rishab chachu bhi to Mr, Kappor haina..
Priya: ha wo to hai..
Peehu: so aap papa ko nam se kyun nehi bulati ho..
Priya: now priya unable to answer her question…said nothing
Peehu: bolo na mumma
Priya: uufff meri dadi aammma aise hi ..
Peehu: ok then after today whenever u call Papa plz use his name ..kitna chota naam haina meri papa ki RAM
Priya: thinks for a little bit of sec how these two GOLU of her life is so same, her RAM also stated the same comments that his name is too short ..
Ok baba bolungi
Peehu : pakka promise
Priya : yes pakka promise now go fast fast and ready for school..
present time

Hearing this swt conversation b/w his two princess ram said plz  tell my rockstar that she is really a rockstar for me ..and I love her very very much
Priya:ok now go plz..complete ur pending meeting and works and come back soon ..
Ram: with satisfy smile on his face ok my darling girl..
Priya: again  remembers  the morning and blushing with the thought when Peehu said 
(Mumma papa aapko darling girl bula raha hai..)
RAM: ok priya no need to be turn ur chick like tomato right now plz  keep it for night when I will return ,as something very special surprise is waiting for u..
Priya:   shocked with word surprise?and ask surprise for me ?..wow plz boliye na kya hai..
RAM; not now  darling as u know my beloved wife love to get surprise so its only for her ..hm..not for u..only for my wife ok..?????ok priya aab mujhe jana hai..so bye take care both of u and my jr too..i will be right back at sharp 9PM..till then missing all of u and love u
Priya : love u and  safe journey…or ha  flight k pehle ph kardena plz…
They unwillingly turn off their account with satisfy smile and eagerly waiting for the night ..
Among the two love birds one of them is waiting to see the love of his life with the surprise and the another one is waiting to embrace  herself in her man's arms  and lost herself with his cute,charming but killing  million dollar  smile..

Ok now I wanna know should I continue this surprise wala part further …plz comments and tell me..


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Posted: 2013-07-12T22:22:06Z
its so cute, I loved the convo yaar, u should definitely continue this, and if possible next part me thoda romance bhi dikha dena, eagerly waiting for next part, continue ASAP
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Posted: 2013-07-12T22:23:04Z
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2013-07-12T22:27:11Z
Originally posted by jineejiggs

its so cute, I loved the convo yaar, u should definitely continue this, and if possible next part me thoda romance bhi dikha dena, eagerly waiting for next part, continue ASAP
 thank u thank y ..i will try yaar  ..but may be on monday  ..
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Posted: 2013-07-12T22:45:18Z
Wow yaar...
awesome update...
pls continue kro !!!!!
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Posted: 2013-07-12T22:59:01Z
Its very beautiful.  Please continue.  Will be waiting till monday.
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Posted: 2013-07-12T23:45:05Z
awesome yaar
cont soon
am waiting for surprise updt also
i want ur os for every 1 week
just wish isa kuch balh main hotha
but mad cvs are dishing us crap
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Posted: 2013-07-12T23:47:11Z
Hey it's lovely yaar.
Perfectly filled with raya love nok jhok.
Loved it. U reminded me many of season one scenes as well as the lovely raya moments and the rockstar pihu's jiddi actstto bring her mom n dad together then make them realize if they love each other some times it needs to be told as well.
Continue pls.
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