What is YMLH to you?

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Posted: 17 years ago

What does "Ye Meri Life Hai" the show mean to you, when you first heard the show's name what did you think of, what is "YMLH", what do these words mean to you? 😉

Hey All, just wanted to know what these words mean to you, cause they are pretty powerful words....


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Posted: 17 years ago
Yeh Meri Life Hai means to me .... Its my life only.... Everyone has a different prospects of their lifes and live the way they want to..... It means alot to me... I mean its very wordless...... some lives are happifull and awesome.... But mine is very awesome..... and sweet!! Wish to have this life each birth..... and different character!!!!

Yeh meri Life hai, sometimes i think of you say its your own life, but you do not mean it!!!!

no1kfan aka Priyanka
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Posted: 17 years ago
well itz mean

yahh meri life hai

itz my life who the heck u r controling my life. 😆 jkg

itz a grate

itz like my life not anyone else
and the how i want to live is not following anyone else 😛
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Posted: 17 years ago

oooo actually yeh meri life hai is my all time fave title of any serial😃😳 hmmm to me these words mean its my life...i can do whatever i want.....an wut pooni said😆😛  ur right they are pretty powerful words😳 When I first heard the shows name i thought it was really unique😃 an was lookin forward to tha show cuz i could tell it wasnt gunna be the same old saas-bahu stuff😳🤔 It wasnt at first it was actually awsomeeeee😃 but afterwards i started to think that the title wasnt that good for this serial lolz😛

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Posted: 17 years ago
I thought ye ksi aise ladki ki story hai jisme bahuuuuuuut hi zyada attitude hai coz the title is "YEH MERI life hai" u knw!! 😛
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Posted: 17 years ago
Ye Meri Life Hai is a very nice show about Pooja's life, ups and downs, turns and twists. I miss the show!
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Posted: 17 years ago
the story of ashmit and pooja i guess
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Posted: 17 years ago
2 me it means that it is only my life and i rule on it only!! no 1 can tell me wht 2 do!!
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Posted: 17 years ago
a story bout some teenage gurll 😆