Roshni & DC - the unexplored story

Posted: 10 years ago
I recently wrote a blog post recounting what I enjoyed the most about Aasman Se Aage and thought I'd share it here too:

One of the things I loved about the show was how DC was always shown holding his cards close to his chest - he had quite a few layers to his character and different people were privy to different aspects... but most of all I liked the camaraderie (no matter how dysfunctional) that Roshni and DC shared.
Posted: 10 years ago
Hey dear, great to see a post from you. I will share my thoughts too😊. Its past bed time for me so will do so later

I liked the way you mentioned, DC was always holding his cards close to his chest .
Posted: 10 years ago
Amazing.  I really have nothing to say, because the piece covered it all.

Roshni was my favorite character.  At times I was transfixed on her when she graced the screen.

The show remains memorable to me as well because of Roshni.
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Posted: 10 years ago
Good to see u here!!! lovely post!!! 😊

agree with DC holding his cards close to his chest!!!

This show is always close to our heart n there are many memorable scenes in this which won't finish in few posts or topics, it just goes on n on 😳
Posted: 10 years ago
Hey dear I apologize for coming back late, busy over the weekend, I read the blog and you have written beautifully.

For me ASA is a brilliant show an ace show in the making and a new league altogether.

None can match the way they showed different dimensions of human emotional spectrum.
DC I just loved the character, with many many parameters and textures the characters it held.

The point came when the show reached the perk and then the phase where the characters held certain strings . Roshini's story had the point when Kanish entered, Yet there are many dots which can be connected where DC-Roshini  relationship , What I do see is DC was involved with Roshini in a professional level out and out, Yet he did see her getting involved towards many things which was due to her getting vulnerable towards him as she wanted him as the man in her life was long gone due to his insecurities and he feeling that she is drifting away from her and showing her tendencies towards DC. DC who was using her popularity for his show for his need for his desire which was his strength of making his power establishment in the industry used her vulnerable side drawing a thin line of desire YET taking the best of her talent, BUT somewhere deep down he knew that she was drifting and he would'nt stop as his EGO was stopping him as he dose'nt give ROOM to Looser which he saw progressing in her  more and more.

The Maasumiyat she had when she came she made it fade away herself, as the makeup she wore she wooed her audience, This was making DC happy he gained his ground of becoming a powerful manipulator and established showman and these were making her go vulnerable towards him yet he would'nt heed to her desire as his advantage was what her fame was making him get the strings on her.

This is how I feel their story was explored , their unexplored story has a lot of pieces which each one has  their own prospective . The different expressions of DC when he saw Roshini through the ICU window said a lot of his feelings, his ego being HIT and many other side of what he wished and what had happened.

Just my two cents. 😊
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Posted: 10 years ago
Glad you guys enjoyed reading the post - it was pretty fun for me to rewatch my favourite AsA bits as well.

I definitely enjoyed DC as the morally ambiguous protagonist (a nice change from the norm) though I cannot make up my mind about whether the writers needed to have his O SHIT moment veer so far into the evil territory. But I guess they had some semblance of a theme about turning into those we despise the most (something that also happened to Meenakshi?). I am unsure whether it was intentional or not but Meenakshi did exactly the opposite of her initial stance on the issue of small clothes and item numbers, by using both to her advantage during the last few rounds of AsA ...were they implying that like DC had become his father, she had also subconsciously employed DC's own tactics to win? Anyway, I digress. 

I think Apoorva and Mouli just did really well with their portrayal of DC and Roshni - you really got the sense that they had a shared history together. After becoming accustomed to having each other in their life, we're not sure how far their intimacy extended but clearly at some point it crossed a line that went past DC's comfort level, which is why he began pulling back from Roshni. And without his presence to blot out the huge gaping hole her self-imposed exile from her husband left, Roshni sunk into depression and drugs. 

Heh how I wish we could know what thoughts went through DC's head as he saw Roshni walking away and back into her old life. Yet I think it was more poignant with just Apoorva's expressions and our own guesses.

Anyway, thanks for sharing the nostalgia with me (if thinking back a few months counts as nostalgia LOL). 
Posted: 10 years ago
Very nice blog, Roshini's story had many twists and turns, The creators gave a window to how the Fame and Glamour world can make or break a personality. DC was an ambitious person He knew how to take out through emotions and to stike the chord with people who want to touch fame, He knew Roshini was capable to pull the crowd then ,but she was getting more drawn towards DC who cared more abt the way he could take advantage of her fame, We were not given enough side of their relationship if there was any and if DC was playing his cards the way he wanted he knew when it was getting above the limit, as the way they projected him he was using Roshini's vulnerability too a point only and did not wish to do what maybe his father was doing. This is what I gather as the show speeded after a point 
Posted: 10 years ago
Thank you for introducing your blog. Its very nice and I liked the points you mentioned.
Roshini and DC relation has some unknown sides which are never explored clearly...
Roshini is one strong character and it could have been great if explored well.

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