new show why dont we have a forum fo rit

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Posted: 17 years ago

He's the king of comedy,
He's the baap (father) of entertainment
He's the face that flexes to make you smile, laugh and roar.
He is the one and only..Johhhhhhhnnnnnnnny Leeeee-ver who's coming to tickle your funny bone!
Sit back and enjoy the fun ride every week wherein Johnny spoofs, mimes, mimics, acts, reacts, jokes, entertains and does all that is needed for you to chuckle and make you roll on the floor with laughter.
The Johnny Lever show will have Johnny in various avtaars, in various segments, some permanent and some that keep changing to have you guessing and asking for more.
Get your whole family finish their dinner lest they choke onit while Johny mimics and spoofs, entertains for the viewers and with the viewers, mocking fun and having it too, with newsmakers, celebrities- dead and alive! Don't ask how! It's Johny Lever- it's insane doses of family entertainment on ZEE TV, every week
Coz it's the Johny Lever show- coz it's one LOL hour guaranteed! .

Johny Lever