Vrajesh Hirjee - Lost and never found!

Posted: 10 years ago
Hey all,

I was actually kind of bored with the same Urvashi, Sana , Del and Aashka posts in the forum so I thought of creating a post on Vrajesh Hirjee. I always wanted to make a post on him considering that I was one of those who had very expectations from him.

So basically, what was Vrajesh here in BB house for? - Comedy. And he very successfully was able to grasp us all with his comic ability. In fact leaving the comedy behind , we all saw a new side to him - that Vrajesh is someone who takes no- nonsense and speaks for himself. And people started loving him for this. A man with a terrific sense of humor and honest with everyone. His task involvement was also superb. He always brought life into the task with all the fun and also those " political acts".

But then what went wrong with Vrajesh? The person who initially got the maximum footage..even his talks with the cameras were shown , no longer gets even a five minute footage in the showOuch. Neither did Vrajesh continue his comic acts any longer and even the fun that he brought to everything was lost. 

Vrajesh just seemed to be lost int his house and he completely lost hold of what he was here for according to me. I always saw Vrajesh as one of the contenders for the top 5 of BB but he no longer is the same person who I thought would be a contender.

What according to you went wrong with him? I am sure most of us agree that he definitely was one of the contenders.

P.S- I hope the topic is not boring enoughLOL
Posted: 10 years ago
Ya he seemed to have disappeared and yes nice change after all depressing posts 😊
Posted: 10 years ago
i really love hirjje in intial days he was so great his game was aweosme but at 1 stage he lost his game wo isolate hugaya bilkul 
btw great topic khushi Thumbs Up
Posted: 10 years ago
Thanks for posting even i was wondering what has happened to him. His witty remarks and offhand humour has lost in his battle of survival in the show . 
Posted: 10 years ago
Even I liked him especially in the task where he was the captain...have never seen him before...for the moment I can only say that for creativity people need a healthy and open( physically) environment  and when Vrajesh could not perform, he lost all interest in the show.
Posted: 10 years ago
This specifically happened after that dongi Sidhu talked bad about him and all of the housemates grouped against him. 

His moral was shattered since then and he never was able to gather himself then after.
Posted: 10 years ago

Just as one dish is undercooked and one is overcooked but are considered not cooked properly. Just as in acting someone has blank face and someone do overacting and both are considered as bad actors. In the same way in reality shows one has not be dumb but being over smart harm sometimes too. And that's what happened to Virjesh.

He was too smart but was not able to win trust of anyone in the house and was very unpredictable in nominations, either it is for eviction or for selection of captain. Sapna is unpredictable too but she does it openly and bluntly. And housemates take her unpredictability as being independent and free thinker. But Vrijesh did it secretly so it was considered as disloyalty. First in Rajneeti task he changed parties , then gave himself a secret task and not wake-up with team-mates that was totally uncalled for and then in captain nominations he voted to Karishma in comparison to Delnaaz and made his friends his foes. And the worst part was that the person for whom he was doing it was not even aware of this. Remember Karishma's face expression when Salman praised Vrijesh that he gave a very good reason for chosing Karishma as a Captain???



Posted: 10 years ago
missing his talk wid cameras LOL

Vrajesh Hirjee

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