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Posted: 2012-11-30T06:12:49Z

Zindagi har pal hamein raasta dikhati hai hum hi use undekha kar dete hai.

Let's imagine Ram and Priya going for the hearing for custody case. But wait there is a twist. None of them win the case….how ?? Lets see

Court hearing day for Peehus custody.

One side Priya is getting Peehu ready to drop her with Natasha while she goes for the hearing. She does her hair and thinks could this be the last time ? She feeds her thinking will this be the last time? Every question that arises in her mind leaves a deep cut in her heart to be healed.

Peehu : Mumma one last paratha please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Priya hears this and she feels her heart is fighting the rib cage to come out and die like a fish out of water. She controls her feelings and says for the first time…

Priya : Aapko jitney parathe khane hai khao. Bas Peehu yeh LAST mat bolna mere bachche.

Peehu confused what her mumma is saying but she lets go of that thought and continues to eat.

On the other end of the city Kapoor Mansion being cleaned for the princess to arrive. Ram wants that when Peehu comes home she feels like this is her Castle and she is the princess. He calls the best decorators to make I look like castle from outside. Everyone is busy and Ram is also getting ready in his room.

Ram goes inside the room and feels that loneliness that he has been feeling for 5 years and thinks to himself bas this is the last time. His breakfast arrives and as usual he is eating alone the aloo paratha and thinks to himself this is the last time I am eating alone. Tears of joy are brimming in his eyes. It has been ages since he has cried out loud. It's a wish of his heart that he screams til his lungs need air. But Ram just can't do it.  He is a Kapoor. A Punjabi man with many responsibilities on his head. He gets ready and gets in the car and says again. This is the last time I am leaving my house without someone waiting to say good bye. With a broad smile he closes the car door and asks the driver to drive.

On this side, Priya leaves Peehu with Natasha and looks at her daughter feeling could this be the last time she is seeing me off ? She looks at her little angel and gives her a broad smile and waves good bye. Gets in an auto and leaves for the court.

Ram and Priyas rides arrive at the same time. He gets off and looks at Priya. This is the first time when he has seen Priya's emotions different from his. Tears are brimming in both their eyes but there is only a small difference of feelings behind them. Tears of Joy for getting his daughter back and tears of sorrow and fear for loosing her only reason to live.

They both are walking up the stairs not wanting to look in each other's eyes. Step by Step up to the court. BG Ishq Wada Love………..Hua jo dard tumko bhi…Agar yeh tumko bhi hua to aaj mujko zyada hua…..

They both know how much they need each other right now to fight a case against each other. Ram and Priya step in the court together and after that long walk they look at each other and that was it. Priya looks at him and Ram looks at her. Without a word exchanged they look into each other's eyes trying to find something. But cloud of tears are hiding everything. Priya raises her hand and wipes off his tears.

Priya : Main aaj bhi aapke saath hoon.

Ram feels the touch and he is lost. He just cant gather enough energy to speak so decides to leave from there and sit at the side of his lawyer. Priya too continues to walk and sits opposite him but making sure she does not look at him. She does not want Ram to see her sorrow at all. The judge walks in and everybody stands up. Judge asks everyone to sit down. Ram looks at Priya once more but Priya still not looking at him. Ram whispers something in his Lawyers ear and at the same time Priya whispers something in her lawyers ear. Without looking at anyone Ram also leaves the courtroom and a minute later Priya stands up to leave too. They both still don't know that they both are about to leave the court room.

Just then they hear their lawyers speaking in chorus. My lord my Client would like to take this case back and give the custody to Ram/Priya.

They both stop to look back. In the middle of them now is a row of bench. Both shocked to hear what just happened.

Still not looking for each other they are looking at the lawyers and then the judge. And then at the ceiling with theirs hands on their head. And again in Chorus we hear " SSHHHIITTT " and they both look at each other now. Staring at each other. Not in a state to answer the questions that they can see in each other's eyes they decide to leave the court room. All this while Rajat and Vikran who were sitting in the first row to support them look up and say, Thank you. Again in chorus.

End of this episode. Let me know if I should continue

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Posted: 2012-11-30T06:25:30Z
ya dear ye koi poochne ki baat hein continue soon...
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Posted: 2012-11-30T06:47:45Z
Definitely continue, would like to know the aftermath of court room drama
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Posted: 2012-11-30T07:06:37Z
Superbbb... Plzzz continue it dear...
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Posted: 2012-11-30T07:09:34Z
nice. nice. awww tears in their eyesn eyelock!!!

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Posted: 2012-11-30T08:16:38Z
Comments are the creative juice that everyone needs to write more
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Posted: 2012-11-30T08:39:03Z
Ishq wala love <3
nice start cont

xoxo priyanka <3
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Posted: 2012-11-30T08:59:27Z
SmileAisa fast forward me mat likh.Achha ishqwala love story likh de.Good work.Carry on .
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