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Day 19

Hello Everyone :)
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DDT: This DDT is for daily episode discussion wherein everyone who is watching the show can post the happenings, incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.
Updates: We have our coolbie gypsy2525 to give us regular update. Smile  It is a request to all members not to post before 
gypsy2525 reserve her post for update and also not before the episode begins.

 All such posts will be deleted. Every day episode starts @ 9 pm I.S.T.

A humble request to all members not to chit chat in this DDT thread as many members like to read about members views on the episode and sometime they find it hard reading about it if there is lot of general chit chat across the pages. Hope you all understand.

About the show: The recordings of a couple of days are edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth.

Every day the DDT will be posted before the episode begins by BB6 DT. Have patience, if and when it is late by few mins. Embarrassed

IF COC and BB6 Section Rules are applicable for all DDT posts.
Please go through them.

Remember : "The only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

Suggestions are welcome.
THANK YOU Big smile
Enjoy & Have Fun!!!
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26th October 2012
Bigg Boss Season 6 
Written Updates 

Jummay ki raat  Salman ke saath .Clap

Entry song is oonchi hai building lift teri band hai . Salman dances in full mood to ..tan tanaa tan tan taara chalti hai kya 9 se 12  Star.He addresses the audience and says he wants their attention only from 9 to 10. Smile He enters the  house via the We Tv and says let spoil everyone's mood. LOLHe wishes everyone dassera and eid .He tells sana ki mujhe bakra toh bana diya hai eidi mein kya dogi Embarrassed.She says kuch bhi and he has a moony expressionEmbarrassed and she says Haan haan woh bhi . Wink LOLHe says the world is changing outside ...baahar sab kuchh badal raha hai...fielders catch chhod rahe hain yeh bolke ki bechare batsman ko khelne do.LOLand all are saying that everything good  is happening in the house and they have changed hindustan's soch .
Salman discloses Aseem's secret and shows clippings of Day 19
Its 1.45 pm and  aseem says he has a girlfriend called smita and specifies the word friendWink  . Karishma says smita is a friend with benefits and they laugh about it . 
Later Sidhu tells urvashi that aseem got very bugged with Karishma for saying such a statement .
Aseem  tells Delu that Sidhu and everybody is stretching the topic too much and he did'nt like anyone laughing about his girlfriend . Salman says once someone enters the bigg boss house and there are no secrets. He asks Karishma if Kisi raaz ko raaz rakhna bohot mushkil hota hai . She says she sometimes does'nt realise that the cameras are on all the time and makes a slip here and there ( accent mein ) Smile
Salman asks Vrajesh that guppy girgit kya hai .Wink Clippings are shown of siddhu and vrajesh teasing niketan that he changes colours and call him guppy girgit  .Salman asks Karishma why niketan is single .Then he tells her not to answer otherwise she will says its complicated .LOL
When asked Sana says maybe he fekofies a lot  and is always bragging that he has gone here and there and met so many people.Embarrassed
When asked ,Sapna says its a personal preference and niketan should be asked LOL . 
Video clippings are shown where Sapna tells karishma that she and niketan should get married . 
Karishma says niketan is from a business family .Sapna tells karishma that niketan is line maroing her these days  and whispers songs in her ears .Embarrassed
Karishma discloses that she had a fling long back with niketan just for a month and she has someone who is waiting for her .
Sapna is called to the confession room and asked who she likes the most in the house --she says Aseem bhaiya .Star
Karishma is asked the same question and she says Siddhu .Star
2pm- Bigg Boss announces that Karishma and Sapna have broken the rules of the house by covering up their mikes and talking in english. 
BB says now Sidhu and Aseem will punish them .
Salman tells Karishma that he can ward off the punishment if she discloses what they were talking about . She says they were talking about ladies problems. He says ladies problems = men LOL And she admits she was talking about someone who was out of the house .He asks her if he should send that person in the house. LOL
Salman says im a host and i will make everyone's toast . Dead
He teases Rajeev and says that naak katt gayi kyun ki sabke naak mein dum kar diya . Wink
Vodafone caller of the week is from Orissa .He asks Siddhu that rules and regulations are important and why does he always break the rules ? 
Siddhu says he does'nt want to backbite and would not like to follow rules if they were negative in nature . 
Salman asks the rest of the housemates what their opinion is . 
Sapna says she stands by siddhu but there is no change in the house because people still talk behind his back .Vrajesh ,karishma ,niketan agree that siddhu should follow rules and not try to bend them .
Salman says that people come in the bigg boss for various reasons .Some come for money ,some for fame ,some to further careers and some take it as a holiday resort . 
All the housemates have an opinion that Siddhu should follow rules . Salman points out to siddhu that he had said at one time that if all are against me I am wrong . Siddhu  replies  rules have always been bent . And says that he did'nt know that all the housemates  would be punished because of him.Salman says all will not get the prize money .Sapna butts in and says all have not come in the house for money .She says she has come in for the spirit of the game and to spread  a message .Salman says its been 3 weeks I can't see any message being propogated by you ConfusedShe says she came in the house to stand up for women's liberation. AngryShe overeacts with Salman and he tells her if she behaves like that ,they will also behave with her like that . Salman goes off tangent  and sapna gets irritated . Aseem takes up for Sapna and sallu tells everyone to take the game sportingly.
Salman claps for urvashi and vrajesh for excelling in their task as ghulams .
On seeing the women of the house washing their hair under the handpump ,Salman says he remembers his old days of bathing and washing  under the handpump. Big smile
Salman asks Delnaz who will stay back today .She says urvashi will be saved. When asked for the second person ,she says she is not sure about sayantini and rajeev.Sallu  asks her  why not ? She says  urvashi is a very popular tv artist and salman jokes and says that she means to say that  sayantini and rajeev are not Big smile
Salman announces that urvashi is saved. 
He asks Sapna to save either  Sayantini or Rajeev because there is a tie in the voting . .Sapna refuses .Delnaz is also asked the same and she gives constipated expressions Dead and refuses the power . LOL
He calls  Rajeev's name to come out of the house . Rajeev hugs everyone and Salman tells him to remain in the house and tells sayantini to come out . Salman bids goodbye to the housemates and tells them to keep the house alive and says Rajeev ko pakad ke maaro LOLDelnaz cries a lot for sayantini and  gifts her something 
Sayantini comes on the stage and salman says he will have a chat with her alongwith priety zinta and Sajid wajid .

Precap - Priety and Salman jam on stage 

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Just saw promo of today's episode...Salman gives sweet dose to Siddhu & ask him to follow rules.
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Originally posted by nishu786

Just saw promo of today's episode...Salman gives sweet dose to Siddhu & ask him to follow rules.

yaa sidhu paji ka muunh utar gaya ...bichaara Ouch
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Originally posted by gypsy2525

Originally posted by nishu786

Just saw promo of today's episode...Salman gives sweet dose to Siddhu & ask him to follow rules.

yaa sidhu paji ka muunh utar gaya ...bichaara Ouch

yup...Excited for today's episode now LOL
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Salman  looking dashing 
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Salman-Sana segment was too cute Tongue
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Sallu flirting with Sana. 

Sallu: Idi mein kya dengi? 

Sana: jo aap maango

Sallu: weird expressions...

Sana: Haan, voh bhi!! Shocked
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