Bigg Boss Season 6 - Rules & Regulations

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Posted: 2012-10-06T11:02:48Z

Here are a few rules to keep in mind before posting. Please go over each and everyone of them.
BB6 Dev. Team
Channel Moderator: gk_09
 Moderator(s): Autumn. , -Fivr-
Viewbie(s): Angel-Jot. , SylvaniaLUX 
Also, please go over I-F's COC: I-F Code of Conduct
Rules of the Forum

To all members participating on BB6 forum, we want all of you to co-exist peacefully and have fun.

    At BB forum there will be criticism on the actions of a celebrity/host in the show or any content he or she himself/herself speaks about his/her personal life on the show and the highly sensitive fans have to adapt to the real self of the celebrity. While we allow criticism but that doesn't mean derogatory, demeaning or obscene remarks or pics are being allowed, they are a strict NO.

Past life of the celebrity / host will not be talked about when it has no relation to the show.

    The show may have adult content but that does NOT give members the liberty to create their own perception of it or use it as an excuse to post licentious things. Please do not be so explicit in regards to adult content. Discussing the point is fine but within the decorum of a public forum.

    Celebrity on the show cannot be compared to any animal or any other thing which may be considered offensive.

    No single fan group will try to dominate or create a ruckus on the forum. Tolerate and learn to respect others choices.
    Please do NOT rile or instigate any fan base group or member. Name calling or codes names are NOT allowed to any member or fan group. If found strict action will be taken.

    All multiple topics on same subject, like always will either be merged or closed as the case may be.

    Now coming to fun names or remarks on contestants that are allowed provided it isn't derogatory or demeaning anyone, discretion to the DT. Other than that it also tests the tolerance levels of members here.

     If members have an issue with a post then report it and if its some urgent issue then pm any of the DT. Arguing in the thread won't help as the differing sides will keep seeing wrong on the other side. Quoting a post and telling the member it is reported, not allowed as it only fuels the argument. No moral policing by members as DT is here to take care of the forum.

    No mass pming by any fan group will be entertained.

Members can PM only on his/her behalf to DT and not on another member behalf. Third party PM to DT are NOT Allowed.

    Please do not mock or make fun of anyone's writing styles, we are all learners and no one is perfect or esoteric in the language. Respect our differences and focus on the content. Also No fun making of members username.
    Signature / DP war is not allowed among members. So please ensure that your signature or DP is directly or indirectly not pointing to any member on the forum or celebrity on the show. Any signature or DP which is derogatory or meant to create chaos in the forum will be removed immediately and still the member continues to display it then the offender will receive an increase in the Warning Level.

    Any site or blog demeaning the celebrity on OR off the show and link given to the same in the signature or on the forum is not allowed to maintain forum peace. It will be immediately removed and repeated offence will result in WL increased or ban.

    No discussion on celebrities who are not part of Bigg Boss.

    IF has a taken a strict stand against use of invectives/ expletives including W*F/B*****/C*****/F***/A**H*** etc so members are informed not to use them. Absolutely NO obscenity will be tolerated. Such posts will be thrashed and repeated offence will make WL increased or ban.

Abusive and/or threatening PMs should be taken up directly with the DT or higher admins. Please do not make PM's public knowledge or use the forum as a way to target another member. It will not be tolerated and you will be held equally responsible as the other member

MID: Please keep in mind making an MID with the purpose to fool around with members or to bash or create an unnecessary fight will lead to ban on the MID and warning issued to the original one.  Also, if you think a member is using a MID then contact the section Dev Team. There is no need to accuse someone based on assumption. What we think might not always be true and accusing someone based on an assumption is wrong. If you have any prove and evidence with regards to the same you can get in touch with the Dev Team. They will look into the matter and do the needful.

Report Button/Response Time: Please keep in mind that DT cannot be here 24/7 as they too have their personal life. Please allow a reasonable time frame of at least 24 hours before escalating the issue and PMing a moderator. We try to address reports as soon as we can. Please avoid PMing the Moderators unless the issue has been neglected for way too long or it is an extremely pressing matter. Instead of mass PMing it would be appreciated if one person PM's the concern DT with regards to the issue. We hope all members would adhere to the above guidelines and make sure to keep the atmosphere of the section friendly.

Rules regarding FB status/Tweets : BB6 is a new season and we have a dedicated forum to discuss the current on air show. Keeping this in mind  DT would like to make it clear .

a) Tweets by the past contestants or celebrities  related only to the current season BB6 will be allowed .
b) Any other random tweets by the past contestants which has no relevance to the BB6 will be closed/trashed.
c) Any  personal tweets by non-celebrity members / forum members even if it pertains to BB6 are absolutely not acceptable in this forum . 
We respect IF members privacy and would prefer members social interaction outside the India-Forums ( FB/Twitter/LinkedIn,G+,Myspace,Pinterest etc) is not brought into this forum. Any such posts violating a member's privacy will be trashed immediately and a warning level will be increased.
d) An official Twitter thread may be opened , where members can post new tweets pertaining to the current season and its contestants. 

Previous Seasons Contestants: Past contestant(s) can be mentioned as a side note or a reference to prove a point in a discussion about current season. Making the whole topic based on past contestants as center point of discussion won't be allowed.Whether the discussion is allowed to continue or not will be left to DT's discretion.

Spoilers :Members are requested not to post spoilers randomly. To reduce the clutter of repetitive threads and make it easier for members , the DT will open and maintain the spoiler thread. All nonessential posts or chatting  will be deleted. 

    Moderation issues will be entertained only by pm to DT.

Reminding again: remember BB is a different show than the regular soaps/serials and hence don't gauge the celebrities keeping in mind the characters they played on some other show.

Seeking everyone's cooperation. For further queries, please feel free to contact any DT members listed above.

BB6 Development Team
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Posted: 2012-12-02T11:00:46Z
Hello Everyone,

Over the past few weeks, the Big Boss Development Team has observed quite a few rules being violated. Therefore, we would like to remind you of the following in particular:
  • Respective ATs, please avoid commenting on other fan bases in your ATs. Along with fan bases, please also avoid criticizing other contestants as well. We have stressed this over and over again. Appreciation threads are used to appreciate a particular contestant, not to plot or discuss about others. Please note that any posts found violating this rule will be trashed or edited immediately without a warning or PM.

  • The latter also applies to any general topic as well - please stop referring to particular fan bases. Such posts will also be trashed or edited immediately.

  • Lately, there have been many MIDs on the forum (one in particular).  The Development Team only asks you to ignore MIDs and report them. Replying back to such IDs just aggravates the matter more.

  • We all get frustrated at point or another but we only ask that you express your frustration without the use of foul language.

We appreciate everyone who has been helping us by using the report feature. We hope that you continue to keep all of the rules and guidelines in mind while posting.

For further concerns, please feel free to drop us (the Devt Team) a PM :)

Thanks for your co-operation,
Big Boss 6 Development Team
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