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Woohoo... Another OS in the Life's moments series... (A series of OS on "a day in the life" of Mrs and Mr. Raizada. This one is dedicated to one of the inspirational and fab writers on this Forum... and a very good friend, Tanthya...

Tants dear, this is for you, you and a team at redux including me had always fantasized  SUV romance.. I know you dont normally read OSs... But you have to read this one... for I have dedicated this to you... Another one is coming up shortly... and that would be for the Reduxians as well... with some of our SKDs put together!
For my other works in this series, here is my Index:51533738  
Where is the party tonight?
Arnav parked the SUV in one of the busy streets in Delhi. It was one of the streets were road side vendors were busily selling road side fast foods after evenings,and continued to attract customers late into the night as well.

"Kushi, we should have gone to some restaurant.. why did you want to come here?" Arnav asked her looking around
"Because this food is more tastier than the so called hygenic restaurant foods" Kushi answered him, looking around and rubbing her hands in glee
"Yeah... they dont look hygenic at all Kushi... I am not sure"
"Oh come on Arnavji... dont be such a spoil sport" She pulled him to one of the chat stalls.

Soon Kushi and Arnav had already visited the Jalebi stall nearby and a corn stall were they got two corn cods fried and coated with a dash of lemon and chilly powder.

"Shall we go for a walk?" Kushi asked him taking a bite of her corn.
"here? this is not a suitable place for walking... it is a busy road"
"we need to walk a little and reach the other side of Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.. it will be little quieter, we can take a turn over there and reach our car" Kushi told him
"how do you know about these places..."
"I have come here with preeto, jiji and other girls...we had nice food, roamed around for a while and went back home"
"I see...this late?"
"No not this late...its almost 10 PM now.. we came in the evening..."
They had a long walk, munching on corn and talking about sweet nothings, playing and pushing eachother. The weather seemed to grow chiller and they had hot tea from another road side vendor near the stadium and continued walking...

By the time they reached their car, it was already 11 pm.
"You Know Kushi, I have never tasted these road side stalls foods until today.. I didnt realise it could be so much fun... " Arnav told her.
"Yeah I know... so you liked it?"
"Ofcourse... it was a nice experience"
"We will do this night walk  more often then"
"why not... so shall we go home now?"
"home? what time it is now?"
"It has almost 11.. Kushi..."
"only 11?"
"what do you mean by that.. isnt is Late..the stalls are closing down too"
"I mean... cant we spend some more time here?"
"some more time? its already late Kushi... its getting colder... arent you freezing?"
"yeah but... hey look Icecream wala... shall we get a Ice bar?"
"do you want to have an Icebar now? the weather is cold Kushi"
"yes.. please get me a bar na please?"
"Kushi this is the local stuff... also it seems he is already done for the day... I dont think it would be nice..Lets find some nice outlet where.."
"No I like this..just now you told yo have no idea how these road side food taste like... he will give us one...please get me a raspberry bar.. please?"


Arnav had no other choice but to get her one of those pinkish red bar of ice sticks. He leaned on his car and watched her amusedly while she sucked at the ice candy jumping with joy like a small child. while he watched her sucking the bar, twisting and twirling over the bar, and licking her lips and finger tips, he started to feel the heat rise in his own body, and somewhere down, his manhood started to wake up, he swallowed feeling his throat had gone dry suddenly, while she was oblivious to what she was doing to him and kept looking back and smiling at him.  

Arnav saw that the busy street was almost deserted, with most of the food stalls getting closed. The remaining ones were almost done too...
Kushi finished her bar

"shall we leave now?" She asked him innocently as she  opened the car, to take out a water bottle to wash her hands.
Arnav took the water bottle from her hands and threw it back into the car while she stared at him confused...
"wha.."she started as he grabbed her hands and licked her fingers one by one as his dark eyes locked her hazel ones with suggestive glances.
"Arnavji.." Kushi stammered looking around at the almost deserted road and back at him.

"we will leave after sometime" Arnav told her
"you.. you wanted to leave 15 mins back" Kushi retorted.
Arnav simply opened the back seat of his SUV and pushed back the backrest so that it formed a bunk bed while kushi watched him puzzled.
"What are you doing this for?" She asked him
"get in" he told her
"what? why?" she asked even though she somehow guessed what her horny husband was planning to do
"get in Kushi" he repeated again throatily
"what? here? are you in your senses? in the middle of the road?"
"there is no one here.. the street is deserted"
"so? lets go home...its only a 20 mins drive"
"No, get in now..." he said, picking her up and dumping her inside..
"Arnavji.. what if some one comes..." Kushi asked still refusing to move in
"No one will come...Even if they come the glass is tinted. they will not know" Arnav told her pushing her legs inside
"What about our family..." She asked still not very happy with this wild idea of her husband
"what about them?" he asked climbing in and shutting the door
"they might be waiting for us..." she told him
"they would be fast asleep now.." he told her pulling the shawl that she had wrapped around her...
"No Arnavji.. Listen..we have to go ho.."
But she never got a chance to finish what she wanted to say ...He had effectively shut her up with his lips on hers


sometime later...Kushi's mobile beeped...

"Someone has sent some message" she informed him, trying to reach her mobile in the front seat.
"we will see all that later" He told her pulling her back and adjusting his position making themselves comfortable for the deed.


A little later, while they were drenched in sweat,their clothes discarded down, beneath the seats, lost in their own world, Kushi's mobile started ringing.


"Someone is calling us" Kushi whispered, while Arnav reached for her mobile in the front seat. but before he would attend it, the call got cut. He noticed it was from Di

"why is Di calling us now" he wondered aloud
"Di's? DM... what is the time now?" She asked him with panic
" Its quarter past 12 ...I hope everything is alright at home" Arnav told her, trying to reach his sister's mobile again, but couldnt reach her.
"Arnavji, maybe she is waiting for us..." Kushi told him biting her nails
"Why would she wait for us...wait a minute...does she know we came out this late?"
" yes, she knows... and so does Nanheji, Akaash ji and Jiji"
"what? you informed everyone in the family that we are sneaking out in the night for a walk?"
"OH my god!.. what should I do now?  she exclaimed, struggling to get up from beneath him
"Relax, what is the problem now?  I will call di and tell her we are already reaching home" he told her, still not releasing her from beneath him
"No... I mean...it past 12 already... its already your birthday" She exclaimed "Happy birthday Arnavji"
"oh yeah.. what a way to start my birthday kushi.." he smirked at her snuggling up closer to her and raining her with kisses again
"Stop.. stop... what should we do now?" she asked him still tensed
"Why are you tensed for?"
"because, we had arranged for a surprise cake cutting party for you at 12" She informed him
"yes, Di has asked me to keep you away from RM, so that they can arrange for the party, decorate and do all those things... I was supposed to take you home at 12 exactly...Now what shall I do?" she asked him with a puppy face
"Birthday surprise party for me?"
"yes, thats what we had planned... but then.. you pushed me inside, I..."
"why didnt you tell me before?"
"you didnt let me.. I was trying to tell you that we have to go home..."
"oh really? but this party is more thrilling than the one you all have planned Kushi" He told her as matter of fact
"Arnavji... you dont understand the situation... the family is waiting for us"
Arnav rolled his eyes...

Kushi's mobile started ringing again and Arnav picked it up...

"Hello Di"
"thanks di..."
"yeah she is beneath me.. I mean she is here with me...
"we are on the way home"
"It will take another 45 mins di...we are a little farway... we will be there.."
"alright di...but dont wait for us... why dont you all go to sleep? its already late"
"fine then.. yeah di... thanks...ok sure"


" why did you say another 45 mins?" Kushi asked him perplexed "it takes only 20 mins from here... Now there will be no traffic, we can reach in 15 mins"
Arnav put the mobile back in the front seat and smirked at her
"because we are going for another round Kushi"


When they reached RM, Anjali, Akaash, Payal, NK and Mami stared at the state Arnav and Kushi entered, an hour later than the time they had scheduled the party. One look at their crumpled clothes, disheavled hair, they all seemed to know what these two were up to.. but still they didnt want to let go of this chance to pull thier legs...
"Why this late Kushiji.. we were waiting for you..." Nk told her "we even sent you reminder message at 11.30"
"Nanheji... I didnt see the time"
"You didnt see the time? what were you doing? what took you so long pati saree? you should have been here one hour before" Mami asked her
"Woh Mamiji.. I w... we ,..."
But Arnav noticed others trying to control their laughs behind Mami's back.

"we got stuck at some other party Mami...sorry couldnt make it for this one on time" Arnav cut in and crossed them nonchalantly, while Kushi wished the floor would split and take her in


"you should all have slept" Arnav commented casually, opening the fridge and taking out a waterbottle.
"we thought, we will give you a surprise party" Anjali told him
"Its too late now di, may be we should have the cake cutting in the morning..." he told her, winked at kushi and moved upstairs...

"yeah its too late" Akaash commented "we shall see in the morning then. Happy Birthday Bhai! "
"Happy Birthday Nannav, we shall party tomorrow then... "
"Thanks guys"  he called out from the top of the stairs.."Kushi arent you coming? "
Kushi looked at him and then at the family, each of them either smiling or smirking at her... and couldnt stand there any longer and quickly took the stairs following her husband..muttering "Laad governor" while she heard the lot break into muffled laughter.

The end.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi dear abvi nice os,,
poor khushi but arnv na surprize khud hi waste kar diya,,
very smart arnv,,,
nice job,,dear
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Posted: 7 years ago
In the middle of the road!! Tanth's SKD. ROFL

In the backseat of the SUV, my SKD, along with many other REDUXians of course.

Bwahahahahaha! Loved this one abavi.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Arnav being very adventurous here and poor Khushi could even have proper fun bcz of Di and the rest of the family but at least Arnav had a lot of fun on his birthday.
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Posted: 7 years ago
It seems like the 'surprise' was for everyone at RM. :D ha ha

Loved it! :)
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Posted: 7 years ago
amazing work though full of gutter Embarrassed
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Posted: 7 years ago
thouroughly enjoyed it...SUV adventure...and going for it again immediately...wow i can so imagine ASR and kushi ji...hehehe...loved it...please update soon...i really enjoy your writing...
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Posted: 7 years ago
cant believe they actually did it twice in the car
and when he said she is beneath me to his di by mistake
really dude what they hell was that
though she asked for it the way she was eating the ice cream
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