When I talked to Hussain Kuwajerwala

Posted: 11 years ago

Hello friends…

Everyone knows the extent of my craziness for Hussain. Hussain Kuwajerwala, the only man in this world, who doesn't belong to my family but, is so important for me. But now, I consider him as my family. He is my elder brother for me. I'd my first conversation with him on 30th of May, 2012 at 3:17pm. And just few days back, i.e. on 30th of August 2012, I talked to him again. Wooo….m so happy. Wanted to share my conversation with all my friends, so here it goes.



At 7:34pm

Phone rings. He picks up.

Hussain : Hello…

Me : Hello… (nervous and excited)

Hussain (may be not able to hear me) : Hello

Me : Hey… can you hear me bhai?

Hussain : Yeah!


Hussain : Waleikum assalam.

Me : Bhai, this is Ghuncha here

Hussain : Hi Ghuncha, how are you?

Me : I'm perfectly fine. What about you?

Hussain : I'm absolutely fine.

Me: Oh! I'm so happy talking to you for the second time. (I jumped)

Hussain: Oh no! the pleasure is mine.

Me: Bhai, can you please just hold for a sec, I'll record the conversation…please…

Hussain: Sure!

I adjusted my cell phone in a record mode

Me: Yeah! Oh God! (was very nervous)

Hussain: Hello

Me: OK! (Taking a breathe) yesterday was my little sister's b'day and she was so excited to talk to you and….

Hussain: OK. Wish her Many man happy returns of the day from my side.

Me: He's wishing you (to Aaliya)

She shouts Thank you so much. He overhears.

Hussain: You're most welcome. Have a great year ahead.

Me: And..(was shivering badly) aaahh… my brothers, my uncle, my mom, my dad…everybody are just like mad about you. Everyone loves you so much.

Hussain: Thankyou so much. Give my love and regards to your entire family.

Me: I'll…I'll surely….and… OMG! I'm shivering…

Hussain (smiles) oh no! no need to shiver, its absolutely fine.

Aaliya shouts agar tum baat nhi kar paogi to humko de do, bahut kuch bolna hai. I showed her the hand.

Me: aaa…btw, where are you, I mean in Mumbai or I Delhi?

Hussain: I'm in Mumbai now, we gonna be shooting for idol finale now.

Me: OK… Idol finale…

I was at loss of words…

Hussain: Thankyou so much for calling Ghuncha. Take care of yourself. Nice talking to you once again.

Me: Can you just say a hi to my sister…please… just say Hiii…

Aaliya shouts..not only Hi…and takes the phone.


Hussain: Hello…Hiii

Aaliya: Assalam-o-aleikum

Hussain: Waleikum assalam. Many many happy returns of the day. God bless you.

Aaliya: Thank you so much. Thank you so very much.

Hussain: You're welcome!

Aaliya: Pata hai humko aapka dance bahut achcha lagta hai..aur aap bahut handsome ho sachchi mein…

Hussain smiles : Thank you! (the way he said..hayeee…..)

Aaliya: Indian Idol, most favourite show of everyone in our house.

Hussain : Thanks you…thnk you so much

Aaliya: We call Tina bhabhi, she is very very sweet and very pretty.. and you are very lucky to have wife like her.

Hussain: haha…yeah, I'm..I'm very lucky. No doubt.


He was about to say bye, but my sis, she just kept on blah..blah…😆

Aaliya: Baji (she calls me that) meri behan, unko aap bahut achche lagte ho, din bhar raat bhar bus aapka hi humko sunna padta hai [he laughs] sirf aapke bare mein sunna padta hai. Aur kisi ko yakeen nhi hua tha ki wo aapse baat ki thi. Kisi ko bhi nahi…

Hussain: Haan ab aapke paas yeh phone conversation recorded hain na to aap….

Aaliya: Haan isiliye to record kar rhi hai…taki online dale and everybody..oh Ghuncha you talked to him…

Hussain laughs: Haaan, bus mera number please online mat daal dena nahi to mujhe bahut problem hogi.

Aaliya: Nahi… bilkul nahi.. isilye wo aapko tang bhi nahi karti hai. Bus mere B'day tha to… Thank you so much humko wish karne k liye.

Hussain: Koi baat nahi.

Aaliya: And belated Edi Mubarak also

Hussain: Aapke ghar mein bhi subko kehna mere taraf se eid Mubarak.


And the rest…. Two more sentences… she will kill me if I write…SORRY!!!

Hussain said a very pyaara sa good bye.



Hayeee... had a conversation on 3rd too...but m so sorry can't share it as running lack of time.😳 

P.S. Don't ask me for no or any other contact for him. And plzzz don't overflood my inbox with questions regarding this conversation. I can't help you.😳


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and yes, can follow Tina also on twitter...



P.S.S : Please...please...please... don't tweet Tina regarding this conversation and fix yours with Hussain. She will in great trouble if you do so...

I got the chance just by luck. Pleae don't create problems if you are a true fan...please!!!



thnks and love...🤗



Posted: 11 years ago
wow that s really amazing guncha dear
u r so lucky
and ya m nt gonna ask u about his number and all
i m just happy for u dear
Posted: 11 years ago
i hope one day mujhy bhi mauqa mil jaye hussain se baat karne ka
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by ana56

i hope one day mujhy bhi mauqa mil jaye hussain se baat karne ka
Posted: 11 years ago
thx for sharing Ghuncha😊
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by -Ghuncha-

thnx yaar
Posted: 11 years ago
Lucky Ghuncha Yaar😉

loved the whole convo❤️

Posted: 11 years ago
lucky girl...wen again u call him..send my hi to him😉
Posted: 11 years ago
Sweet..ghudi you are so luckyy..😃

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