Arjun & Riya ARIYA AT: Aurat Ki Kabiliyat

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About The Show Arjun

Arjun is about a rebellious cop with an attitude, Arjun Rawte. He becomes a part of Emergency Task Force (ETF) and solves mysterious crime investigative cases, which no one else can. But he doesn't hesitate to break any rules of the system and only believes in solving the crimes and helping the victims or affected families.

Arjun has earned a bad name for himself in the department and is thought to be the most unlikely candidate to head the ETF. But his ability to solve the case, his skill and technique is uncomparable and so he has been chosen. He is accompanied by an equally capable ETF team and together they will help fight crime and criminals. 



 Sana Khan





Riya is a charming, confident and attractive woman who often gets hurt by any reference to her inexperience on the field work or gender. Even though she has worked many years doing research work in the forces, she is not yet adept at fighting with guns and bullets, but is a trained martial artist. She tries to work far beyond potential. With her sensitive and friendly demeanour she wins the trust of all. Her obsession with hygiene makes her a cleanliness freak.




Arjun Suryakant Rawte is good-looking with a tough, no-nonsense exterior. He is a cop with brilliant analytical skills; Arjun would be a perfect police officer ' if not for his short temper and zero-tolerant attitude towards criminals, which often makes him cross the line, followed by his non-adherence to rules and violent reputation. The brutal murder of his wife right before his eyes changed him. Haunted by this Arjun now lives a reclusive, secretive, and enigmatic life. He is a true son of the soil.



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    This is a thread for Arjun Riya Ariya fans. If you don't have anything nice to say about them or the actors who portray their characters, please refrain from posting here as this is an Appreciation thread. Constructive criticism is definitely allowed. Just no outright hatred and bashing.

Using abusive language, name calling, bashing and plotting against other members will not be allowed.

No quoting more than three times.

No chatting. Keep your personal chatting to the minimum.

Discussing other characters/couples/actors is not allowed unless in relation to Arjun-Riya or general episode discussion.

Follow the IF-COC and Forum Rules at all times.

Everyone is welcome to come.

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sehar mehrotra











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 _.*-.VIDEO GALLERY.-*._


Arjun + Riya // The Clip Chronicles



Arjun FF/SS/OS Gallery


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 Sana Khan Wiki Page:

Arjun Show Wiki Page:

Official Character Sketch of Arjun:

Shaleen Malhotra IndiaForums Page:

Sana Khan IndiaForums Page:

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Congo the AT is now open
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congos for the first AT...Party
me in love with the show, with ETF n with ARIYA...Heart
loved today's epi...but  the last part...arjun scolded riya...Cry it was just a mistake she didn't print the documents on purpose...Ouch
any ways the case solving was fab...
n shaleen/sana my latest crushes...Heart
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