FF: The Thing called Love- Part 23-PG 114

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Anu Darling...As promised here is your FF... (Mera return gift yaad rakhna)

This story is set under different circumstances, though the main protagonists are Ram and Priya but other characters have been changed...

Beads of perspiration formed on Ram's forehead. Still he did not move a muscle. He knew he had to tread very carefully, one wrong move and he could be blown to pieces...His uniform was soaked in sweat, mud and blood...some his own some of the people he had just gunned down..A last insurgent was holed up in the tiny house right across the stretch of land. He motioned his men to lay still, he knew they were exhausted, the combing operation had taken them almost 32 hrs at a stretch, without a break, living off the bare necessities..He knew the one person hiding would have been long dead if the path leading to the tiny cottage hadn't been infested with land mines. He had to cautiously put a step forward.

Ram signaled one of his men to provide cover and fire in the other direction, while he prepared himself for the final assault. Ram put each step slowly gauging the ground. Meanwhile his men had started fire and were engaging the militant in another direction..Ram had almost reached halfway to the house...within no time he was right outside the door. With a swift movement Ram pushed open the door and barged inside willing to shoot anyone that came in his view. He looked around, there was no sign of any movement as if the house was devoid of any human being. Ram was a seasoned officer, he knew from years of training to expect the unexpected and be prepared for the worst..His eyes darted across the room, the last militant should be here and he wanted to capture him alive..Suddenly he heard a muffled scream as if someone was crying out for help..Instinctively Ram strained his ears to pick up the sound. It was difficult to hear it with all the gun shots.

Suddenly out of no where a pair of hands leapt  at him toppling him. Ram struggled a bit as he was being literally choked. His gun had fallen to the side...He could still hear the gun shots coming from the house. That meant that his assumption was wrong, there were 2 people in the house..Ram could feel the strength in him deteriorating, he had to overpower this person and do it fast enough if he wanted to see another day..But his opponent was strong, perhaps the strongest of all the people he had faced so far and it wouldn't be easy to win over him...
Ram heard a cry from inside, the person holding him loosened his grip for a mere seconds. Those few seconds were enough for Ram, he quickly seized the opportunity and packed a deadly punch on his assaulter summoning up all the strength he had. The militant wobbled back allowing enough time for Ram to gather his composure...He aimed the gun at the militant and fired.. The militant slumped to the ground, Ram had deliberately aimed in such a way that it would just graze the body and not pierce it, he wanted the man alive.  Ram threw open the window. He let out a cat call, his signal that all was clear.. Within no time his men swarmed the house catching hold of the militant.

Ram stepped in the inside rooms of the house, he could still hear a muffled cry...The cry became louder as he approached the door...Without second thoughts Ram pushed open the door and stormed inside his gun aimed at a figure sitting in dark..He saw the figure move and get up. The figure approached Ram and said:

Well done captain Kapoor , another feather in your cap.

Ram moved closer and pulled the veil and stood there shocked at the person staring back at him...Ram mumbled something before another wave of pain shot through his legs and he collapsed to the ground...

To be continued...
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Wow!! Ram's a military officer! Too good!
Very interesting.. Can't wait to read the rest of the story!!
Plz update soon..
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Edited : O M G...Ram Kapoor an military officer :O :D loved it...you know i always wanted someone to write a story where Ram would be some officer in army or something...and here i have got that...thanks a lot for starting a new FF...i just love your writing...the introduction is 'dhasu'...haye Ram <3 *drool*Edited by SanRaj.RaYa - 2012-08-07T04:44:57Z
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Posted: 2012-08-07T04:43:47Z
yipeee... new ff...
superb start...
luved it...
thank u for d pm and writin...
plz plz plz continue...
eagerly waitin...
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Wt hpnd there? Very eager to knw.. Thanks!
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whoa...!!Shocked yeh concept kaha se dhoond ke nikali hai yaar?? awesome...!Clap m restless now to knw wht happens next... n where is my princess??Cry thnk u dear for starting itHug return gift pakka... n that too da best one for uHug muuaahh Edited by Anamika163 - 2012-08-07T05:11:18Z
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Posted: 2012-08-07T05:07:48Z
Ram as a military officer... Fab yaar...Thanks for writing a new FF...Very eager to know how the story progresses...Plzzz continue sooon...Thanks for the PM...Smile
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