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Posted: 11 years ago
He saw her looking at him with her wide sparkly eyes and smiled and coming near her said in a very serious tone "hey, u r here to work and not stare at me."   "I...IM sorry."Amoli said a bit startled and after composing herself she asked him does he need anything? He smiled and came so close to her that he could smell her hair which unlike that night was all neatly braided but on seeing them tied up like this he had a sudden urge to free them up and run his hands in feel their softness...and to make himself lost in their darkness for eternity but just as he started loosing himself his phone rang and he came out of the trance and looked at his mobile and saw that it was Dhani but before answering it he noticed that Amoli was not standing where she was standing before was sitting behind the desk and upgrading the files on the computer very intently and was concerned by his presence there at all but what irritated and shocked him the most was that he didn't noticed as to when she went behind her desk and started working... for him she was standing all the time before him not moving an inch from her place while he took her charming beauty in,but as his phone was persistently ringing he had to clear his mind of all this nonsense and attend to the matter at hand he thought.Getting out of her cabin and on reaching in his cabin he answered his call "Haan Dhani bolo ,kya hua ?" "Maalik aapko yahaan godown par aana padega chhote maalik ne phir gadbad kardee hai  aur mazdoor sambhale nahin sambhal rahe hain maalik." he said it all in 1 go. "achcha aata hoon,chhote maalik se kehna  ki vahaan se chale jayen wahaan rahenge toh mazdoor unko dekh kar aur bhadkenge." "jee maalik." As soon as the call ended he went into Amoli's cabin who was still busy working and had no idea what was going on around her,looking at her D.V.said "I m going somewhere and by the time I come back finish all the work then we'll have to go somewhere."and turned and went away without waiting for an answer.She was so engrossed in her work that she didn't even noticed what he had said. On reaching the godown he asked Dhani as to what has happened and he explained that chhote maalik has raped a girl who had come there to work as a daily wager and now the villagers are demanding that he should be punished for his sick deed.D.V. told Dhani to gather the villagers in thier village temple.After some time Dhani came back and told him that everything is done as he had wished for and now he must address the villagers as they r all waiting for him.He went inside the temple and sat on his chair and addressed the villagers and asked the girl to be presented in front of him.When she came he asked her what happened and she explained that she came there to get a small labour work and how on the pretext of giving her a job chhote maalik had asked her to come to the room built adjacent to the godown had sexually assaulted her. On hearing everything he gave his verdict that every possible care will be taken of the girl and now her marriage is his responsibility and as chhote maalik was absconding a search will be made by his men and the police and will be caught soon and  will be punished for his crime whenever he will be caught as he will not be spared from the punishment just becoz he is his brother's son.On hearing the verdict the villagers showered praises on him as how unbiased he is... and how great he is who has taken the full responsibility of the girl and is even ready to punish his own blood.On making sure that every 1 has calmed down he sat in the car and decided to go back to the office.
       As Amoli finished her work she looked up and saw that it was already a time of lunch and also to pick Tani up from the school.She hurriedly packed up all the things and switched off the computer and just as she was about to pick up her purse a hand grabbed her hand.Startled she looked up and saw a man standing grinning from ear to ear."Itni jaldi kya hai,tumhein khaana hi toh khaana hai naa woh hum kahin baahar chal ke karte hain naa isi bahaane main tumhein achhei tarhaa jaan loonga,kyun?"he said.Hearing this Amoli almost lost her cool but she controlled herself and said in a warning tone "leave my hand." "Lo chhod diya lekin baahar chal ke khana toh kha lein aur main tumhein achhi tarha jaan bhi loon aur yeh check bhi kar loon ki chaachu ne jis ladki ko rakha hai woh is laayak hai bhi yaa nahin." On hearing this Amoli understood that he is a relative of D.V. and thought to herself that it seems every male in this family is such a pig and consider women as mere playthings and nothing more.She ignored him totally and made a call to Kamaudi that she is going to pick Tani up from the school so she wont be meeting her for lunch today.Hearing this Kamaudi offered to go with her but she refused and told her that she should not worry about her as she will manage.After ending her call she noticed that D.V.'s nephew was still standing there and waiting for her reply but when he saw that she is not uttering a word he himself offered a lift to her to her sister's school but again she refused and this time before he could say anything else she hurriedly went out of the cabin."WAAH,Chaachu bhi kya mast mast cheezein dhoondh ke laate hain,jinhe bina chakhe koi reh hi nahin paata.Waah chaachu aapka jawab nahin."on looking at Amoli go out he said to himself and went towards the junior staff cubicles.
    Just as Amoli went in a autorickshaw to pick her sister up from the school D.V. entered his office and on seeing his nephew there called him in his cabin.When he came into D.V.'s cabin D.V. shouted at him in a very angry tone "tumne aaj yeh phir kya kiya hai us ladki ke saath.?Maa ko pataa chalega toh socha hai kya hoga?" "Par chaachu maine toh ..."  before he could say anything further D.V. again barked at him in anger "abhi meri baat khatam nahin hui hai aur tumhein bolne ke liye nahin kaha hai maine. tumhein pataa hai kitne gaon waalon ko pataa chal gayaa hai tumhari is harkat ka,aur ab woh tumhein sazaa deni ki baat kar rahein hain,woh log ek thakur ko sazaa dene ki baat jinki itni aukaat nahin hai ki woh thakur shabd ko bhi apni zabaan par laayein woh log aisa kah rahein hain sirf tumhari galti ki wajah se.maine tumhein kitni baar samjhaaya hai ...kitni baar lekin tumhari samajh mein nahin aata kyun.maine tumhe kaha hai ki  yeh sab harkatein nahin karte...din ke ujale mein balki raat ka andhera toh isi liye hota hai naa taaki hum jo kutch bhi karein koi naa dekh sake toh tum thoda wait nahin kar sakte the jab andhera ho jaata tab use bulake chahe jo marzi karte tab koi bhi naa tumhein pakad paata.lekin ab tumhari ek bewakoofi ki wajah se mujhe bhi tumhe sazaa deni padegi sabke saamne."keeping his hands on his shoulder he said with all honesty and sympathy towards him."haan lekin ek cheez ka dhyaan rahe tum us gaon ke aaspass bhi mat jaane atleast ek mahine tak baki main sambhaal loonga."he said pressing with shoulder with affection."jee chaachu.Lekin aapki woh naee secretary kya teekhi mirch hai chaachu,lekin aapko toh pataa hai naa mujhe teekha khaana pasand hai." "Galat baat Punit,bad manners.Pehle bade khaate hain uske baad hi toh chhoton ki baari aati hai.waise where is she?kahin dikh nahin rahi."he asked Punit. "Woh toh chaachu apni chhoti bahen ko lene gayi hai school se."he informed D.V.


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Posted: 11 years ago
dear!!!! very  update
As far as Punit Puke is concerned; I don't care...👏 take care
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Posted: 11 years ago
First of all please take lot of care and proper rest dear, please don't strain much and get well soon...

Coming to the update,  tweety I am dead reading ur update  😳 Yaar loved the first part 😉 muaaahhh!!!! Just lovely. Puneeth as negative character again, wah that will be more fun 😃...
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Posted: 11 years ago
 Your update best as always tweetycat  👏 sweetheart. I was in the dreamland reading this part "he had a sudden urge to free them up and run his hands in feel their softness...and to make himself lost in their darkness for eternity"  hayeee!!!!! What a scene... 😳 The last part is just fantastic "Galat baat Punit,bad manners. Pehle bade khaate hain uske baad hi toh chhoton ki baari aati hai"  devil DV...BTW the theekha khanna is DV's pasand hai na?? 😆 On the whole wonderful FF once again...

Please take care and rest tweetycat and will be waiting for the next update
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Posted: 11 years ago
AMAZING PART  tweetycat love it 😉 loved the art where dv is stearing at amolio hole time  so romantic naa: 😍 wowww punit bhi a gaya good  more drama lolzzz he is vorst then his chachu