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Hey guys I have started this FF for two very important reason-

1.I couldnt sleep @ night cos ideas struggled in my mind & I needed to express them to public.
2. I have holidays going on & I am pretty much Job lessWink

 So hope you all have a good read and enjoy this FF. Do share your views & comments on my storyline and ideas.

The name "MISSING FILES" might be quite amusing but there is reason why I wanted this to be called so. I wanted to take into account all those times when we fail to relish all the small sweet moments of life and run behind Bigger happiness which we eventually dont find. We never give heed to those small small things that become a reason for a huge change in our lives.We do miss to pay attention to those small NOK-JHOKs those moments of laughter, Those wierd moments of embarrsement,awkardness and those un acountable tears which roll down those eyes whenevr u feel happy or sad. We need to start finding happiness in those moments only then life may start seeming to be so beutiful and exciting.. Take care of those precious files & try not to loose those moments. Your family,friends,colleagues,pears,hubby and children those are the ones that give you those momentary happiness or sadness.. Those save those moments and dont loose those files Wink

A work-o-holic 29 yr old succesful buisness Tycoon in Australia. He was mostly Rude,arrogance came with the name and fame. He hated Lazy people and couldn't bare such people. Attitude was his middle name. But yet he was considerate to the needy. He wasnt really Down to earth yet he helped those who could help themselves. He didnt trust anyone but himself,that was the code of conduct of every buisness man,he thought. He didnt give much heed to the ideals of sacrifice,as he thought if a man desires he must have it there wasnt a point is giving it away just so that someone else could find happiness through your loss. Stuborn,shrewd all are the traits of a guy who spent his time mostly working. 
Born and brought up in Delhi,India but settled in australia with family which includes Mother,Krishna kapoor. He has two sisters,natasha & apeksha kapoor and a younger brother Rishab kapoor.His hobbies were to play Golf with his best friend Vikram, who worked with Ram and had known him since they were young.
His buisness is spread in all regions of INDIA. Branches in Mumbai,bangalore & chennai. The head office @ Delhi. His textile industry is in Delhi. Software company & pharamaceutical industry in Mumbai. Brother rishab is 23 years & looks after delhi branch. Sister apeksha is 24years old n works in mumbai @ the kapoor technology which is a software company. She is the MD there.  26 yr old Natasha kapoor is a designer @ bangalore and is happily married to karthik sinha who runs a food factory in bangalore.
Ram loves his family and only that is his first priority. He was the youngest man to have bulid such a huge empire but was still very lonely without a life partner. But he had not botheration towards such unrealistic ideals of love. and he was pretty happy with his life.

 Upper middle class ki ek Sweet si pyaari si happy go lucky si CRAZY and totally absurd si 26 yrs ki priya is a software engineer and was the college topper. She was Born and brought up in mumbai and was working in Kapoor tech. since two years. She was the head of her team. Her family had a sister,Ayesha an upcoming model who lived in Chennai and priya's father Sudhir sharma worked in a post office and was the head post master in Delhi while priya's mom owned a boutique in delhi and her parentz lived there since 8 years after Sudhir got trnsferred to Delhi. Priya had to stay back in mumbai to persue her education and later joined work there. She lived in a flat with her bestie Neha Choudry and kaadambari Rao aka cady who too worked with priya. Priya had a bachpan ka dost and her best friend and support RAJAT Singh who was her neighbour. Priya stongly beileved in love&  blissful marriage  and like every other gal dreamed of a picture perfect family and loads of happiness. 

RAJAT SINGH aka Rajji-
The coolest guy of his batch @ college. A 28 yr old stud, Known for casanova skills WinkA very happy, out going & good @ heart. He was priya's BFF as they say and had always been there for her throught happy or worse. He had a small crush on priya but had hid it under those cheesy lines n flirty words. Priya was his world. His parentz lived in Dubai But Rajat lived here with priya as her neighbour.. He disliked his parentz who were on the verge of a divorce and he had spenthis life mostly @ boarding as he couldnt bare to see his parentz seperating... He thought that a disfunctional family is a pain to bare so had moved out of his parentz house. He now lived in mumbai. He was a part time singer cum guitarist and also worked in a software developing company which was very close to Kapoor tech. where priya worked.

"Missing files" is a story of how two people who are poles apart yet  come together. There differences become the reason for their love. The two worlds combine too see how these two fall for each other. There love story might not be all very new but there love is surely a new experience for them. Their love is hard to define and harder to imagine.. So grab on to this journey through love which opens up hell a lot of new dimensions of feelings and make you laugh through it as they discover love hidden within themselves and realise to relish every moment of happines and joy !! Dont miss The important files of your life Smile as they would never return back...

Season 1-

~PART 1~







~PART 2~









~PART 3~









EPISODE  23-1st half-

EPISODE  23-2nd half-Last part-





SCENE 1- Apartment me Monday morning ki hulchul..
Tik Tik Tik... the clock ticked on a Bright sunny Monday morning as the Badi waali sui pointed to 12 and the chotti waali to 8 ... It was 8'o clock and the time ran as priya was getting ready for office... 
Priya-Aaj bhi late pohunchungi.. Sab tumhari wajese Neha ..Mera boss mujhe zaroor Fire kar hi dega.. 
Neha-tere boss ki itni majaal ki wo tujhe fire karde.. Tu chill karna yaar... vaise bhi tera boss buddha ho chuka hai.. usse kuch zyada yaad nahi rehta hai... 
Cady{who had just woken up after partying all night with her frnds comes into the hall of their apartment where priya will be hurridly stuffing her tiffin box with tomato rice and sees neha sitting n reading newspaper on the couch and talking to the worried priya}- yaar kyu shor macha rahi ho,priya? iss ghar aur bhi log rehte hai jo shaanti se soona chahte hai..!!! Aakhir hum bhi kaam kar kar ke tak jathe hai... 
Neha-Aacha ? kya kaam karti ho tum ? kal raat ko 1AM ghar pohunchi wo bhi peekar.. Iss ghar ye sab nahi chalega.. aur haan ghar pe baitkar muuft ki rotiyan todne se toh aacha hai tum koi naukri karlo.. priya kuch kaho iss ladki ko... baiten baiten hamare paison se aesh karti rejti hai..
Cady-Chup karo yaaar neha jaise ki tu baada kaam karti hai ?! Wo toh sirf priya hai jo kaam karti hai... Bekaar ke designs banana kaam nahi hota.. Mujhe dekho.. I am a model aur me muft ki rotiyan nahi khaati hun okay ? I pay rent tooo...
Neha-mere designs ko bekaar kaha .. ruk teri toh main...
{neha gets up and chases cady thru the hall... neha while running dashes into priya and all her files drop down,,, Neha stops running}
Priya-{angry}Kya karti ho yaar neha ? poori file giradi.. !!{papers ko sameeth the hue} pata hai kitni important file hai... Aaj australia se Boss aa rahe hai... aur mujhe unke swaagat ki taiyaari bhi karni hai .. aur tum log bhi na.. subhe subhe shuru ho jathe ho bachon ki tarah...
Neha & cady- Sorry yaar priya..
Neha- ye naya boss kaun hai ?
Cady- Australia se aa raha hai ? is he hot ? how old is he ?
Priya-{moving here and there,picking up important stuff and fitting them in her office bag answers there questions}- Mr.Ram Kapoor... Kapoor Tech. ke owner aaj Mumbai aa rahe hai... Wo hamari team se milna chaha the hai... He wants to recruit  few good employees for his new project in mumbai... Wo apeksha Mam ke bhai hai.. aur mere boss Mr.BOSCO ne mujhe unki resp di hai.. sunna hai khaafi smart hai aur bohot young bhi... dekhte hai... aaj milungi toh pata chalhi jaayega..
Neha-wow yaar priya All the best ..
{priya salutes to the small ganesha idol in the temple kinda place made in their apartment and nods to neha and gives a brief thank you smile..}
Cady-Yaar priya mujhe apne boss se intro karva na... Unke toh bohot contacts honge .. so shayad wo mujhe todhi help karde,,,... please yaar... please please... tummeri best friend hai..
Priya-Haan haan dekhte hai.. best friend se yaad aaya yaar ye rajji kaha pe hai ? Its 8.15 aur ye ab tak nahi aaya ...
Rajat-{Rajat enters even before priya could finish her sentence and stand leaning to the door and takes his shades out and gives priya a smirk..and winks @ her } Hii sweet heart ! main toh kabse yahi par kada hun... tumhi ho ki aati hi nahi ho..!!! chalo late nahi ho raha ?
Priya-Ulta choor kotvaal ko danthe ? heights of hippocracy.. !! aur mujhe sweetheart bhulaana band karo.. log kya sochenge.. ab chaliye... {she pushes Rajat out and starts running down the stairs as the lift was out of order}
Rajat- Bye gals.. take care .. muah.. { he waves neha n cady bye and runs behind priya}

SCENE 2-On the bike !!!
{Priya sits behind Rajat as he wears the helmet.. Rajat smiles and starts the bike as priya keeps her one hand on his shoulder}
Rajat-To sunna hai ki Ram kapoor aaj tumhare branch ko visit kar raha hai..
Priya-haan... magar tumhe kaise pata chala?
Rajat- mere boss ne bataya... Itseems he wants to take over our company and merge it with Kapoor Tech... Just imagine yaar.. hum dono ek saat kaam karenge if that happens !! all THANKS to Mr. Ram ... kitna mazaa ayega..
Priya-{fretting and lost in thoughts }- haan haan.. ayega ayega,.. ab tum toda teez chalaoge... mujhe office jaaa kar Mr. Bosco ko report karna hai.. aur saari taiyaariyan bhi check karni hai..
{Rajat speeds up and in a few mins they reach Kapoor Tech.}
Rajat-Lo agaya tumhara office... Jao madam Ram ke swaagat ki taiyaariyan karo... bye..
Priya-{gets off the bike and looks @ rajat and says}- Bhura mat maano yaar magar tum jaante ho ki meri naukri kitni pyaari hai mujhe... Accha teek hai aaj shaam ko 7 ko hum log Vaada pav khaane jaayenge... teek hai ? ab toh smile kardo...
Rajat-{turns towards priya and smiles} teek hai ... bye... all the best ... !
Priya- Pagal.. bye... cya...{ and runs off inside}
Rajat-{stares @ priya for a while and then zooms off to work }

SCENE 3-Boss ke cabin me priya !
Bosco-Look @ the time priya ! Do you what time it is now ? Ye tumhare baap ka office nahi hai ki tum jab man chahe tab pahunchogi... !! Did you check all the arragements ?
Priya-Haan.. sir wahi karne jaa rahi hun sorry sir ...
Bosco- Mujhe arragements me koi kaami nahi chahiye... Ye tumhari resp hai.. agar kuch bhi missing hoga toh... I will fire you.. You should take care of everything... Dont screw it up !!! now get out..
priya-Yes sir... 
{saying so she comes out and goes to the dinning area to check for the arragements}
priya- {tells to the waiter }Ye aloo ke paranthe garam kyu nahi hai ? pata hai na Mr.Kapoor ko ye kitne pasand hai ? aap please inhe garam kardijiye... aur do teen clubs ke makhan bhi daal dena...
{moves away from there and begins speaking to herself }
Yaar ek aadmi itne saare paranthe kaise kaa sakta hai ? aur wo bhi itne saare makhan ke saat ? Health ki koi fikar hi nahi hoti innn ameerzaado ko ? aur hogi bhi kyu jab ghar me 100 cook ho aur jo aapke man pasand khaana banathe jaaye.. hum ko dekho vada pav khaane se bhi darte hai... Magar insaan ko apni health ke bare me bhi sochna chahiye na.. Magar mujhe kya yaar ? wo 10 aloo ke paranthe kaaye yaa 20... { saying so she moves out to report to bosco}
{after talking with bosco priya comes out }
kya museebat hai yaar.. ye boss ne bhi na kya nayi resp de di mujhe ?! Ab mujhe Mr.kapoor ko garland bhi daalna hai ? Argh.. ab jaakar ek phoolon ka haar kareedna padega.. { she takes an auto and goes to the near by market }

{Ram is sitting in his private Jet and is eating Aloo ka parantha with fork and is talking his assistant cum secretary Shalini }
Ram-shalini,mumbai me sab arragements ho gaya hai na ? aaj ke aaj hi mujhe waha ke team se milna... aur unko kehe diya hai na ki lunch me waha ke sabse badiya hotel se paranthe chahiye ? aur haan Apeksha ka gift ready hai na ?
Shalini- haan sir.. sab kuch ready hai... Bosco ji se baaat ho gayi hai.. unki company ki best employ Ms.Priya sharma is going to take care of the arragements !
Ram-Priya sharma huh ? whatever ... unko kehe diya hai na ki mujhe flowers se allergy hai ? So no flowers should be seen...
Shalini-Kaha toh tha bosco ji... U dont worry sir !

{The plane lands on the Runway and Ram gets out in that Gorgeous black suit and takes his shades out ... he is attacked by a mob of camera mens and reporters..}
Reporter 1 -{keeps the mike near Ram's mouth }- Suna hai sir aap yaha ek bohot bada project shuru karna chahte hai ?
Reporter 2- Sir kya aap iss baar India me shaadi karne ke liye aaye hai ?
{Ram's gaurds push those media ppl away and makes way for Ram as Ram moves towards the LIMO arranged for him near the gate of the airport and Ram sits in the Limo and heads away to Kapoor Tech. }

Hum hamesha un kuck chote chote palonko miss kar dete hai.. jaise ki for example wo Monday subha ki bhaag dodh... Friends/family ke saat hurry me ki baatein... Apne frnd ke saat bike par baite ke ki gayi convo.. Wo boss ki danth aur Responsible Hone ki feeling... Ye sab files kabhie kabhie Kho jaathe hai... Inhe relish karo yaar..Smile

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Posted: 2012-07-17T03:43:36Z
awesome start...

bichari priya gai ... voh garland lene gai aur ram ne flowers k liye na bola aab...Edited by tasshuu - 2012-07-17T03:58:28Z
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Posted: 2012-07-17T03:52:57Z
intersting n funny so rajat is the flirt master i loved the boss name bosco lol..ab ram &priya ek hi office mein tho thoda office romance bhi Wink
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Posted: 2012-07-17T04:00:30Z
interestin ...
plz plz continue...
eagerly waitin...
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Posted: 2012-07-17T04:14:21Z
interesting yaar... waitng 4 de nxt part...

bechari priya...
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Posted: 2012-07-17T04:29:28Z
Hey its really nice and interesting...Plzz continue...Will be waiting for the next part...
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Posted: 2012-07-17T04:48:14Z
GREAT START...waiting for the next part.
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Posted: 2012-07-17T05:04:33Z
i relly liked the start...very interesting!
continue soon
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