OS: Tere Liye, Hum Hai Jiye...

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Hey guys,

Started writing this OS yesterday but couldnt finish it.  Finally finished it and wanted to post it before I saw the episode but since I already saw it, and nothing even close happened, was really disappointed.  I wasnt going to post it but then decided to anyways.  The ending is kind of blah cuz I got tired and ran out of ideas.  This is just killing me now and I cant get into the FF mode, so sorry for not updating those guys! Will try ASAP k! anyways, hope you guys enjoy it.  Don't forget to like/comment.  


Ram: Agar mujhe aur makhan chahiye parathon ke saath, toh daliye aur makhan. 

Seeing Ram's anger, Bansi Kaka reluctantly puts another dollop of butter on the stack of aloo parathas in front of Ram.  Neha was starting to get worried.  Ram was going overboard now.  And Priya wasn't there to take care of him or stop him.  He would land himself in the hospital before he knew it. 

Neha: Ram, yeh kya kar rahe ho tum? Tum apne aap ko khatam kar ke, apne dard ko khatam karne ki koshish kar rahe ho haan? Yeh kya tareeka hai apne gham ko bhulane ka?

Ram looks at Neha and gives her an irritated look. 

Ram: Kuch nahi karna chahta main ok.  Mujhe na ghar ki padi hai, na un logon ki padi hai, na mere paise aur karobaar ki padi hai.  Agar main Priya ke saath nahi rehna chahta toh mujhe kuch nahi chahiye.  Just leave me alone. 

Neha stands there watching him, unable to say anything else, as Ram polishes off one paratha.  

Ram: Aur makhan daliye.

He breaks off a piece of the second one and is about to put it in his mouth when someone grabs his hand and stops him.  The hand lets go, takes the piece from his hand and puts it down on the plate.  Ram, thinking he's dreaming picks it up again and is about to put it in his mouth when the hand grabs his hand again.  This time, he looks up to see where the hand came from, and sees Priya with anger blazing out of her eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks.  He could feel his eyes filling with tears too.  

Priya, almost yelling: Yeh kya kar rahe hai aap?  Aap ko kya lagta hai, ke main yahaan nahi hoon toh aap jo jee main aaye kar sakte hai?  Agar aap ko kuch ho jata toh? 

Ram stands up, almost yelling: Toh kya Priya?  Toh kya agar mujhe kuch ho jata.  Main tumhare beger nahi jee sakta.  Tumse door rehkar is se accha ke main mar.. 

Priya put her fingers on his lips to stop him.  Then she grabbed his collars. 

Priya, clutching his collars: Aur mera kya? Haan?  Sahi kaha aapne.  Aap bahut selfish hai.  Aap ko hamesha apne hi baare mein khayaal aata hai.  Kabhi mere baare mein nahi sochte.  Yeh bhi nahi socha ke agar aap ko kuch ho jata toh main kaise jee pati.

Ram automatically wraps his arms around her waist to hold her.  His head fell on her shoulders and he started sobbing.

Ram, sobbing with his forehead on her shoulder: Why did you do this Priya? Why?  Kyun itna bada ilzaam apne sar pe le liya Priya?  Tumne mujhse vaada kiya tha ke kuch nahi hoga.  Kyun apna vaada tod diya Priya? Why? 

Priya lets go of his collars and wraps one arm around his back, and another around his neck, gently brushing her fingers through his hair.  She held him tight as Ram continues to sob, and Priya could feel his tears through her saree blouse.  She had tears streaming down her face too.  She couldn't see him so hurt and broken like this.  She continued to hold him until he stopped sobbing.  Even though he stopped sobbing, she could still feel his tears through her saree.  She ran her fingers through his hair again when her eye caught the picture of Niharika with the maala around it.  

She closed her eyes and said a silent prayer.  She knew if she went there, Ram wouldn't be able to handle it.  Ram clung to her and continued to hold her tight.  

Neha was standing there watching them with tears in her eyes when Vikram came and stood next to her.  He put an arm around her shoulders and she rested her head on his shoulder.  He signaled her to leave them alone for a bit and they went into the kitchen. 

Priya lifted Ram's head and made him look into her eyes.  She wiped his tears and shook her head.  He took her hand and led her to their room.  He locked the door and then came and stood in front of her.  She still had tears in her eyes.  He wiped them and then took her into his arms.  Priya had her head on his chest and one hand also resting on his chest, clutching his shirt.  No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop the tears.  He held her tight, his arms wrapped around her, and they stood in another long embrace.

Priya listened to his unsteady racing heartbeats.  They made more tears flow from her eyes.  But she felt them slow down and steady.  She closed her eyes and felt them.  She knew it was her presence that had made them steady.  She knew his heart beat only for her now.

Ram: Yeh dil sirf tumhare liye dhadakta hai, Priya.  Tumhare beger yeh dhadkan nahi chalegi aur yeh saansen bhi ruk jayegi. 

Priya lifed her head and looked into his teary-eyes. 

Priya:  Sahi kaha aap ne.  Yeh dil sirf mere liye dhadakta hai.  Aur iss dil ki dhadkan ke saath saath meri apni dil ki dhadkan jud gayi hai.  Aap yeh dil ko khatre mein nahi daal sakte.  Kyun ki main aap ke saath yahaan hoon ya na hoon, lekin main hamesha aap ke dil mein hoon.  Aur meri dhadkan aap ki dhadkan se judi hai.  Please Ram.  Aap ko apna khayal rakhna padega.  Agar apne liye nahi toh phir mere liye.  Main nahi jee paungi agar aap ko kuch ho jayega toh. 

She cups his face in her hands.  

Priya: I'm sorry Ram.  Main jaanti hu aap Niharikaji se kitna pyaar karte the.  I'm sorry ke main yahan nahi rehsakti aap ke paas.  Lekin please Ram, aap ko himmat rakhni padegi.  Natasha, Rishabh aur Ishika ke liye.  Aur mere liye bhi.  Main nahi reh paungi jail mein agar aap aise toot jayenge.  Please Ram.  

He hugs her again, and buries his face in her neck.  She could feel his tears again.  She brushes her fingers slowly through his hair.  She lifts his head and wipes his tears.  She takes his hand and leads him to the bed and makes him sit down.  She goes to the other side and sits up in bed.  She makes him lie down in her lap.  He turns his face into her while she rests her hands on his head, caressing his head and eventually her hair.  She leans her head back and rests it on the wall behind her. 

Ram falls asleep with dried tear marks on his cheeks.  He finally slept properly for the first time in a few weeks.  Priya also falls asleep sitting up, with her hand resting on his head.  

He wakes up a couple of hours later and sees Priya sleeping while sitting up.  He makes her lie down but his movement wakes Priya up.  He lays down next to her and she cuddles close to him, with her head resting on his chest.  He tightens his grip around her waist and pulls her closer.  They lay in each others arms for a while.  Priya looks up at him.  

Priya: Ram'

Ram: Hmmm?

Priya: Jaana hoga Ram.  Sirf kuch ghanton ki chuti mili hai. 

Ram shook his head and held her even tighter.  

Priya: Ram please.  Agar aap aise karenge, toh phir main wahan kaise reh paungi? 

She slid herself up and buried her face in his neck. 

Priya: I love you Ram.  Maine aapse kaha tha na ke main hamesha aap ke saath rahungi.  Main hoon aap ke saath.  Aap ki dil ki dhadkan ban kar.  Aap ko apna dil hamesha dhadakta rakhna padega. 

Ram turned his head and kissed her on the head.  She sat up and stood up.  Ram stood up too.  She hugged him one more time, resting her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat for the last time.  She knew she wouldn't get a chance like this for a long long time now.  He held her tight, tears flowing out of both their eyes.  She stepped back and then held his hand and led him downstairs.  Vikram and Neha were sitting on the couch.  They stood up and Priya walked over to them. 

Priya: Vikram, Neha, Please mere liye, Ram ko sambhaliye. 

They both nodded and promised her.  Neha hugged Priya and Priya started to leave.  She couldn't turn and look at Ram again.  It was too painful.  She just couldn't do it.  But he held her hand.  He came in front of her and cupped her face in his hands.  He wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.  He came close and whispered in her ears.

Ram: I love you Priya.  

Then he took a step back and let her go.  Priya slowly walked to the door and walked out without turning back' 

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Wow Amby! Comments later. COntinue with ur FFs too dear
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wow amby...great one...
i'm totally disappointed by the way the show is progressing...goodness knows what ekta has planned for us...but i wished that in today''s episode she would show something good...hmm another disappointment...
felt good after reading your os...thanku
do try and complete your ff 's...only way to overcome all this...feel relieved by reading ff 's and os...
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Thanks for the OS Amby. Its a balm on the wounded heart. seriously, the way things are progressing.. I feel like banging my head on the wall.

Loved the angry Priya.. how she held him by his collar and told him that they are indeed held together by their heartbeats. Their convo was so apt. Thank you for writing this.

P.S. - Precap looks good. By that I mean, leads in same frame. and having a convo. Prolly sharing a touch too. atlast a Raya scene before that damn accident and all the non-sense.
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Day Dreaming

Why can't they come up with something half as nice as this??? Cry
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Posted: 2012-06-21T11:52:23Z
Originally posted by mem1

Day Dreaming

Why can't they come up with something half as nice as this??? Cry

Shocked Gita Di is that you?! 
Where the heck have you been!??

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Originally posted by sss283

wow amby...great one...
i'm totally disappointed by the way the show is progressing...goodness knows what ekta has planned for us...but i wished that in today''s episode she would show something good...hmm another disappointment...
felt good after reading your os...thanku
do try and complete your ff 's...only way to overcome all this...feel relieved by reading ff 's and os...

Thanks Subu!

I will try and continue the other FFs.. just cannot get into that 'mode' and i dont want to write when im not in it cuz things will come out wrong and mess me up for future updates.. sorry! But ill def try to update everything this weekend! 
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Posted: 2012-06-21T11:55:31Z
Wow... That was grt... Made up for todays episode... It was superb...
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