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hiya.. Life's moments series is back!!! and for those who donthave any idea what this series is about.. these are a series of ArHi OS about their life after marriage! You can find the other One Shots of this series here 51533738  

The topicheme that I have chosen this time has been explored  by many a writers here at IF, but this is my version of how Arnav will handle Kushi's innocence and teach her what art of baby making is all about! or so does it seems

Do enjoy and dont forget to leave comments
The Art of baby making!

"Where is she?" Arnav wondered aloud
Kushi usually took her own sweet time to finish off the pending work at kitchen after everyone finished their dinner. But today she was more late than usual..
Arnav decided to go check out himself as he was running out of patience.. He already started walking towards the stairs to go towards the kitchen when he heard her voice floating from Anjali's room... so he turned to go and see what Kushi was upto at 10.30 in the night at his Di's room..

"Di, If it is a girl.. you should name her poori kumari and aaloo kumar if it is a boy.. ok?"
"Kushi? Poori kumari aur Aloo kumar.. but..." Anjali looked astounded hearing Kushi's suggestions..
"No... I have already suggested those names for Jiji's kids... We have to find some other names for your baby"
"but Kushi.. Payalji is not pregnant yet" Anjali was getting confused by the hour...
"Yeah I got it... Jilebi kumari if it is a girl and pakora kumar if it is a boy... How is it?" Kushi was ecstatic!
"But Kushi.. cant we choose some name more apt" Anjali tried to put some logic into Kushi's mind...
But Kushi was in her own world to listen to Anjali
"Jilebi Kumari will be as sweet as you Di and if it is pakora Kumar... then he should be like Arnavji..."
"Chotey?" Anjali asked "I would love if my son is like chotey... But then Kushiji wont he be more like his own father?"
"Why Di? why cant he be like his mama?" Kushi asked still in her dream land "he should have Arnavji's eyes, his lips... probably his anger too.. then I can call him junior Laad governer too"
"But Kushi.. If you really want a baby looking just like chotey then I will suggest you another fail proof method" Anjali told her
"What is it?" Kushi asked
"Go for your own"Anjali told her mischeivously!
"What?" Kushi stood up clutching her stomach "my baby?" Kushi asked surprised as if this was the first time she was giving a thought to it...
"yeah.. then he will look exactly like chotey..Like father Like son! "Anjali told her biting a laugh "I wonder what you would name him..."

"Probably she might name him golgappe!" Arnav told them
They both jumped around to see Arnav standing at Anjali's room entrance.
"When did you come chotey?"
"When you both were have this weird discussion about naming children after food stuff"
"No chotey actually we were also discussing about you both having children" Anjali told teasingly
"Oh dont waste your time talking about things that go above her head Di..." Arnav muttered "She only understands food"
It didnt go unnoticed by either Anjali or Kushi
"What?" Anjali asked while Kushi stared at him
"Nothing di... Dont you want to sleep its 11 already!"
"yeah chotey good night.. Goodnight KUshi" Anjali told them
"come" Arnav barked at kushi pulling her out of his sister's room and closing the door while a biwildered Anjali looked at them gaping!


"How dare you tell her that I wont understand anything?" Kushi jeered immediately after they came out of Anjali's room"
"As if you understood" Arnav mocked
"I know" Kushi told him indignantly
"What do you know" He asked her amused still pulling her to their room
"I know how to make babies"
Arnav raised his eyebrows at her while she bit her toungue but was in no mood to forgive him for putting her down in front of his di.
"Really? then tell me" He challenged her
"why dont you know?" She asked him
"what the?"
"ok ...what will you do if I tell you how?"
Arnav bit back a smile "First tell me then we will decide"
"ok... the art of baby making starts with getting married first.. that we have already done" she started
Arnav rolled his eyes
"and then we have suhaagraat" she continued vehemently "then after a few months.. I will get a baby"
Arnav stopped in his tracks and looked at her
"ok Kushi.. What actually happens at Suhaagraat?"
"you want to explain all that too?" Kushi asked him biting back a mock "you dont really know?"
"me? how dare? " He asked moving towards her. She stepped back
"Ok ok.. You know.. and I know too"
by the time they had reached their room and he closed the door..
"then prove me that you know it"
"we hug eachother" She started.. a slight blush colouring her cheeks
"ok?" he prompted
"and then we.. k..kiss" she told him looking at her toes
"Kushi.. we have already done thse things havent we.. " he asked her moving closer "there is something more than that
"I know.."she whispered
"go ahead then. what do we do?"
"we fall into the bed hugging eachother" she stammered with his closeness "and if we are far away from the bed like we are right now.. you can carry me to the bed"
"Not bad kushi" Arnav told her huskily "and then?"
"then you take off my jewelery" she stuttered
"Kushi do you have any idea what these talks are doing to me" he asked her closing in pinning her between him and the wall
"there is more"
"yeah go ahead!" he told her his hands snaking into her waist and his other hand tucking her hair behind her ears. she was clearly flustered and he loved making her feel like this... how much she was affected by his proximity...
"then we switch off the light and sleep"
"yeah.. then after that we get up in the morning smiling at eachother and I blush a little"
Arnav stepped back a little
"Kushi really?"
"then after a few months I will get pregnant and then few months down the line we will have a baby" she finished with pride
"I should have seen this coming" Arnav declared frustratedly punching the wall behind her
"why?" Kushi asked him
"Nothing Kushi... its getting late..you change and get into the bed" He told her.
"what about you?"
"I will come" He started walking towards the bathroom
"why do you make faces like that? did I miss some step?" she asked him
"Step?"He rolled his eyes "yeah the most important one" he muttered

She sat down at the end of the bed thinking what she would have missed that Arnav was upset all of the sudden while he went to take his cold shower.


A little while later when Arnav came out...
"I know what I missed.. "
"NO thats alright Kushi. I dont want to..."
"you untie my dori...then you remove your shirt"
"what?" he asked her not at all sure where this was going
"then you take off my duppatta too"
he stopped to regard her with amused look
"and then the shirt and duppatta fall into the floor together and remain like that till the morning when we wake up..."
"Kushi where did you get this idea of suhaagraat?"
"in the saas bahu shows ofcourse? where else" she told him without missing a beat
"oh yeah.. I get it now!" he nodded "you sleep Kushi... I have got some work"
he went out to the pool side and opened his laptop.

10 mins later

Kushi was standing beside him wearing his white shirt while she hadnt removed her leggins. His mouth went dry seeing her like that.. what is she upto now? he wondered
"Kushi? you havent slept still?"
"No and if you keep spending your time with your laptop then we might not get any babies any time soon" She told him with a wink..
"Kushi.. Now dont get it all started aga.."
"You really thought I am that innocent?" She asked sitting on the arm of the chair where he was seated
"kushi?" he gasped
"we wont know until we try out my steps..you know?"
"Really kushi.. stop it.. I dont really know where to start it .. with you giving me mixed signals..."
"Oh my god.. I didnt know the great ASR didnt know where to start!" she exclaimed
"I meant that i didnt want to scare u off.."
she smirked..

"ok.. no problem.. the great Kushi kumari gupta singh Raizada will give you ideas.."
Her smirk was irking him
"why dont you start with something that you left unfinished long time ago?"
"unfinisheD?" he was puzzled.
She bent over closing the laptop with a snap and smiled at him
"the diwali missed kiss?" she asked him wiggling her eyebrows at him
Her eyes told him that she was not as innocent as she was portraying herself
"You will pay for taking me for a ride Kushi!" he growled pulling her into his lap -closing the distance between their lips..
Her giggles were soon replaced by moans and the night proceeded to explore their passion with their idea of Suhaagraat..

The end

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Posted: 7 years ago
okay really aloo kumaar why on earth does she only think about food for naming kids really
i was laughing so much my mum thought i had gone crazy what would she know after reading this they can nly laugh till tears start coming out
loved it in the end when she asked him to finish the diwali kiss

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Posted: 7 years ago
awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Poori kumari?? aloo kumar?



That was awesomeClap
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Posted: 7 years ago
awesome os...

thanks 4 d pm
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Posted: 7 years ago
cute...poor babies...what a name...LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
Good one. Liked reading it.

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